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[Apr. 12th, 2008|04:44 pm]
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For once, I miss my sisters.
For while they do not like                                                me
they understand.


i tire of existence.
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[Apr. 7th, 2008|11:41 pm]
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[Current Mood |ecstatic]

I don't care where I am, I'm just glad it's not Sacramento.
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[Mar. 6th, 2008|11:19 am]
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Son of a bitch.
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[Feb. 2nd, 2008|10:20 am]
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... Huhn.

I reckon that was not quite what was supposed to happen when one dies...
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[Feb. 1st, 2008|06:34 pm]

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Anyone in the vicinity of Kent Memorial parking garage willing to help get folks out?

Meet me at [address]
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[Feb. 1st, 2008|02:41 pm]
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Those involved in the rescue efforts at Kent Memorial, please hurry. My daughter, I just lost contact with her, she's on the ground level, she said there's a lot of rubble there, she's six and a half months pregnant. Please. Hurry.
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[Feb. 1st, 2008|09:47 am]
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Oh God. My head. It hurts so fucking much. Guess that's what happens when a fucking building falls on top of you. This is what I get for going to work early.

Hey uh, anybody out there? You know the parking garage pretty much collapsed, right? There are a bunch of us that need help.

I really hope this posts.

ETA: I found James. His leg is pinned under a beam. He's currently unconscious, but his breath sounds are good, he's moving air and there's still a good pulse in his leg and foot.
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[Jan. 29th, 2008|12:46 am]
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I just read a comic where somebody that looks a lot like me was a fucking zombie. Does anyone else have this? Where they read shit and halfway through go, "Oh shit that's me and I'm doing horrible things!"? Because eating people, that's-that's not something I'd do.

...Last Halloween doesn't count.

Kimber )
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[Jan. 26th, 2008|12:48 am]
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Ya know what's nice?

Booze. Booze is really nice. And no matter how hard you hide it, it doesn't disappear on you.

Plus you can mix flavors. Always a bonus.
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