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[Apr. 25th, 2008|03:30 pm]

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... I should stop humming songs from the Abarat. People are going to think I'm crazy.

I miss John Mischief and his brothers, and Malingo, and even the women of the Fantomaya so much it aches.
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[Apr. 22nd, 2008|07:08 pm]

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I did it! I did it! I summoned a glyph all by myself and piloted it out to the ocean. It's not quite the Abarat - the sea smells different - but I'll take it.

It's nice being alone. I didn't realize princesses had so many people around them constantly.
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[Apr. 22nd, 2008|03:53 pm]
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I could create an army of these suits for small children.  The test flight of Sophie's suit went very well, despite what my significant other has worried herself to death over.  The suit is controlled through voice activation and recognition through mine so it's not as if I gave a two year old the controls to it.

Though I might have killed Remy at work when the two of us flew by her office window and waved just before going to get ice cream.
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[Apr. 21st, 2008|06:49 am]
[Tags|, ]

Where am I? Clyde Barrow, if this is a trick by you or your rotten brother.. What the sam hill is that thing?
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[Apr. 7th, 2008|11:41 pm]
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[Current Mood |ecstatic]

I don't care where I am, I'm just glad it's not Sacramento.
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[Apr. 7th, 2008|06:33 am]

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