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November 12th, 2009
12:43 pm


Starro's next move and Sinestro's next GET
this week on REBELS, Vril Dox has to deal with both Starro the Conqueror and the Blackest Night.

The latter's participants, he has a particularly low opinion of... )

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November 4th, 2009
01:59 pm


The Great Ten #1
The Great Ten are the Chinese superhero team DC introduced in 52.

Each issue of their 10-part maxi-series will apparently focus on a different member of the team. The first issue puts the spotlight on the Accomplished Perfect Physician.

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October 9th, 2009
10:25 pm


Starro vs Despero

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04:37 pm


Voices of a Distant Star(ro)
so, as has been said multiple times, Starro's got a brand new face.

And REBELS annual 01 explains it all...  )

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September 11th, 2009
11:26 pm


Our weapons are useless against Starro of Space!
so, Starro is a starfish who is from space and makes people his mind slaves.

Over in R.E.B.E.L.S, he's been having a lot of that kind of fun, same as he always does... )

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August 25th, 2009
08:07 pm


Arrows in BoP
I was flipping through the Birds of Prey: Platinum Flats trade, and happened upon my favourite panel with Ollie ever:

And thought I'd scan a couple more bits from that book.

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June 24th, 2009
11:25 pm


Starro the... Ares?

basically, Brainiac 2's automated space police force has been subverted by a mysterious entity, leading him to... do stuff like turn one of the current-day members of Dawnstar's people into a bootleg Wildfire.

but who did it?

Exposition, courtesy of flying brick Astrild Storm-Daughter, should tell us...  )

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June 6th, 2009
09:34 pm


Living with SIN (part 2)
Previously, I posted about how Dinah went to Asia to learn to be Shiva and instead remembered who Black Canary is. She also met a little girl named Sin who was going to be trained as the next Shiva. Dinah instead brought her back to the US as her daughter. Here I post Sin's next four (and last) appearances in Birds of Prey. From #96, #98, #100, and #109.

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