Oct. 31st, 2010


Johnny Depp And The Princess

Title: Johnny Depp And The Princess
Time frame: Season 1
A/N: Thanks to the lovely [info]later2nite for the beta!

Johnny Depp and the Princess )

Oct. 21st, 2007




I'm getting so excited about all the

that you guys are preparing for the contest.

They're due on October 29, 2007 and I'll be posting them on October 30, 2007. On November 1, 2007 I will announce my winners. :D :D :D After the announcement you guys can then put your submissions in your own journals.
Send them to me (ready for posting w/ html coding) at: happierbunny @ gmail. com w/ the following information:

AUTHOR/MAKER/CREATOR (whichever fits):D
CATEGORY: trick or treat OR scary movies OR halloween at babylon OR wild card

Any questions, let me know!