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Jun. 18th, 2014


Cuddle Day 2014 Ficlet: The Liberty Gang Blogspot

Title: The Liberty Gang Blogspot
Author: mander3_swish

Word Count: 578
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Spotted, Brian and Justin cuddling during the Pride fireworks display and a bit of the fallout from Brian being 'outed' as a cuddler.
A/N: Happy Brian and Justin Cuddle Day 2014!!!!

Cuddle Day 2014 Ficlet: The Liberty Gang Blogspot

Jun. 17th, 2014


2014 Cuddle Day

Tomorrow is June 18th! That means it's CUDDLE DAY!!!!
Did anyone else remember?

Jun. 19th, 2013



Thank you to all this year's participants! Please leave them some love!

DEMONS BY [info]xheartrockx

IN THE SAFETY OF THE NIGHT by [info]techgirl

SOME THINGS CHANGE by [info]museme87


NOCTURNAL CUDDLES by [info]mander3_swish


I'M ONTO YOU by xmeganelisabeth

CUDDLE DAY WALLPAPER by [info]michira_70

NO ONE KNOWS by [info]frantic_quest

CATS DON'T CUDDLE EITHER by [info]hounded

KLEENEX!FIC - A CUDDLE IN THE DARK (a snippet) by [info]happier_bunny

Jun. 1st, 2013



It's that time of the year my friends. CUDDLE DAY!

When: June 18...all day

Where: Everywhere & Anywhere. Just be sure to post your link here so I can make a master list.


 photo image.jpg

THANKS to [info]qafmaniac for the banner.

Spread the word...all night long.

Oct. 30th, 2012


Don't Be A Drag, Just Be A Queen

Hi Everyone!
A while back, I had this idea (because it's QEII's Diamond Jubilee) to compile some prompts related to all the ways 'royalty' comes to mind in QaF world. And since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought I'd share them with you all to inspire some costume themed (or whatever) fics and graphics. There's no deadline or anything (however something quick, short, and soon would be awesome), so use the prompts how you want.

Go forth and be merry! :D

Prompt Table )

Jun. 19th, 2012



Please be sure to leave some love for everyone!

VID AND BANNER by[info]qafmaniac

THE GOOD TIMES ARE KILLING ME (fic) by [info]mander3_swish

GRAPICS by [info]michira_70

A TOUCH BY ANY OTHER NAME...(fic) by [info]florida_minxie

DRABBLE by cjoycoolio

TAMED BY A TWINK (drabble) by [info]frantic_quest

FROZEN ASSETS (fic) by moonbrightnites

WHAT BRIAN IS NOT (fic) by [info]sangwin

ICONS by [info]selenebj

COME BACK (fic) by [info]xie_xie_xie

IT'S NOT CUDDLING (drabble) by [info]noteverything

A SHORT COLLECTION OF (NON) CUDDLING CASES (fic) by [info]britin1729

IT'S NOT CUDDLING IF (fic) by [info]sakesushimaki

CUDDLE DAY FICLET by [info]jule1122

SANCTUARY by [info]happier_bunny


Jun. 2nd, 2012



*thanks to [info]qafmaniac for the lovely banner

WHEN: June 18, 2012 - all day

WHERE: EVERYWHERE...insanejournal, livejournal wherever you like but please leave a link here in the comment section so I can compose a master link list - to spread teh love.

THEME: Well Cuddling of course, but this year let's focus on PUBLIC CUDDLING.

Now go forth and spread the word!

Mar. 28th, 2012


PRIDE IN THE PITTS: A QaF Fest at [info]woodys_place on LJ

Pride in the Pitts banner

Are you ready to let your flame burn bright?

Jun. 18th, 2011


Cuddle Fic :: Something Like This

Title: Something Like This
Author: [info]talli_approved
Fandom: Queer as Folk
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Word Count: 276
Summary: Written as the beginning of a 'day in the life' one-shot, but when I heard about Cuddle Day 2011 I decided to use this opening part for the event.

Something Like This )


Ficlet: A Cuddle By Any Other Name

Banner by me…feel free to borrow!

Title: A Cuddle By Any Other Name
Author: mander3_swish
Word Count: 230


Cuddle day fic

Title:It's Time
Timeline:5 yrs post 513
Beta:[info]mander3_swish thank you so much, darling.
Word Count: 240
Disclaimer:I own nothing.
Comments are most welcome

Read more... )

Jun. 2nd, 2011



double thanks to [info]qafmaniac for the banner!

It's's time!!!

This year the prompt is this snippet of video:

Watch here )

This year thanks to [info]xie_xie_xie (who I made pick a cuddle scene) and [info]qafmaniac (who created the vid for us) we have this beautiful 402 cuddling scene for inspiration.

Drabble away, write away, vid away, graphic away, create away!! Anything and everything is allowed on CUDDLE DAY!

on your mark
get set
go forth and cuddle!

How it works:
~you post your goodies in your journal on June 18, 2011 (unless you want to post at [info]qaf_scavenger
~post as many cuddles as you want
~I will make a post here at [info]qaf_scavenger for you to comment with a link(s) to your treat and then on the 19th, I'll put up a master list.

Questions? Ask away. :)

Oct. 31st, 2010


The Authenticity of Illusion

Title:              The Authenticity of Illusion

Author:          Kinwad

Pairing:         Brian and Justin

Rating:          R

Summary:   ”What we have been is what we are” ©D.Theater

Disclaimer:   I own nothing w/QAF   

You think you’re dreaming, but you’re awake and somehow you know this day could last a thousand years if you wanted it to.



Halloween fic: A Perfectly Shaped Pumpkin

Author: bidyke73

Timeline: a few years post-513. It's a one-shot, but it's set in my own post-513-verse where Justin came back to Pittsburgh after a few years.

Warnings: A littly humour, a little fluff, and in the end it's PWP, I guess. This is unbeta-ed because the silly idea just came to me tonight. If it's any consolation for you, it contains a little spanking  and you can spank me for any mistake you find. but nothing too graphic. I hope you like my little treat for you. Comments are love! I want them! All of them!



Fall/Halloween Contest: Halloween B/J vid

Sorry for being late... :/

Happy Halloween!

Title: This Is Halloween
Artist: [info]qafmaniac
Song: This Is Halloween by Marilyn Manson
Summary: Sometimes Liberty Avenue isn't what it seems to be....
A/N: S1 B/J and a few other peiople...and some clips from the MM/Halloween video

Watch This Is Halloween here )

Download wmv file here

Download mp4 file here



Fall Fest Story from jule1122

Title: Here to Stay
Author: [info]jule1122
Beta: Thank you to the wonderful [info]ahaw9913!

Here to Stay )


Cracky Happy Halloween Icons

more cracky icons here )
Comments and Credit is ♥♥, NO HOTLINKING


Cradle to Grave, by Xie...

HI!!! Happy Halloween!

Sorry I didn't post this earlier, but I went to Washington DC for the "Rally to Restore Sanity," and then this morning I got on a plane to visit [info]happier_bunny! We're at a friend of hers home having a wonderful Halloween celebration, and this California girl is LOVING the fall colors...

This is my story for the Fall/Halloween challenge. Thanks to [info]testdog65 for her usual great beta job, and I hope you enjoy it!


Happy Halloween banner

Click for bigger size


Shades of Autumn

Title: Shades of Autumn
Author: frantic_quest
Word Count: about 3,900
Summary: Brian and Justin...under the Harvest Moon...really.
Author's Note: This is a post-513 fic that takes place in the New York State of Mind universe, but can be read as a one-shot as well. However, New York State of Mind can be found here if you'd like to read that first. Happy Halloween fandom friends!

Shades of Autumn )

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