Oct. 30th, 2007



Title: Man in Black
Author: [info]tweedygal. No beta on this one...it was a last-minute thing!
Category: In Babylon

"Halloween at Babylon! Such a gay affair," gushed Emmett, adjusting his bustier.

"That's just life for you, Em," remarked Ted.

"Hallelujah and amen!" smiled Emmett, prancing off.

"Where's your costume?" Ted asked Brian, who slouched sullenly against the bar.

Brian gestured to himself, wearing his obligatory black. "Right here. Hottest man in Pittsburgh."

Ted rolled his eyes.

Justin sauntered up; a black eye mask his only concession to a costume.

He grinned. "Let me guess. Hottest man in Pittsburgh?"

For the first time that night, Brian smiled.

"You got it." He kissed Justin hungrily. "Now, let's get out of here."


Title: Save a Horse

Author: [info]not_yet_defined

Warning: rated R

Category: Halloween at Babylon

Save a Horse )



Title:Backroom Halloween
category.Halloween at Babylon


Happy Season of the Witch

TITLE: Save a Horse
AUTHOR: [info]faile02
CATEGORY: Halloween at Babylon
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Thanks to [info]rissa_jennings, because
without her this porn would never have gotten written. Love you,
darling! Totally not beta read, but I've got a decent understanding
of the English language, so it shouldn't any glaring mistakes. Don't
feel bad about correcting me if there are, though!

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AUTHOR: Doppelganger44
BETA: Girloftheburbs (You are so wonderful! Thank you for all your help! Hugs!)
CATEGORY: Halloween at Babylon