Nov. 15th, 2008


Spanking Contest entry #1

Sorry for the inconvinience but I had to repost this because the poll in the first entry didn't work.

Spanking - a form of communication?

The subject of today's discussion is communication....oh ok, forget the lecture, let's get down to the fun!

311 is a popular episode, and if the recent discussions of "climate controlled" vs "stuffed pillow-like objects on the floor" are anything to go by, we've all watched it a few times.  Ahem! Ok, lots of times.  The first two scenes provide a real contrast: from the cold, blue trailer where the guys are very verbal but physically inhibited, to the warm (ok hot) orange setting where their movements are unrestrained and virtual silence reigns. 

But that doesn't mean there's no communication!  There is, after all, a very noticeable thigh smack.

Just in case you've forgotten, [info]qafmaniac has kindly made this visual aid

It's clearly an important moment, so what does it mean?  Of course we need a poll to decide!

Poll #2711 311 spanking poll
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What does the smack mean?

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17 (42.5%)

12 (30.0%)

17 (42.5%)

I'm coming!
19 (47.5%)

Hurry up!
6 (15.0%)

I love you!
10 (25.0%)

OMG! I forgot to set the timer to record Gay as Blazes!
4 (10.0%)

13 (32.5%)

Um..what was the question again?
8 (20.0%)

Thank you to [info]qafmaniac for making the video and [info]besamislabios for the encouragement!

Nov. 14th, 2008


Spanking Contest entry #7/last entry

Title:Spanks Spanks Everywhere
Artist: [info]qafmaniac
Media: icons


2 12 19

Spanks Spanks Everywhere )


Spanking Contest entry #6

Title: What Justin Wanted
Author: [info]xie_xie_xie
Notes: Season One, sometime after 110. Sadly not beta'd due to the fact that time is not, actually, in the least bit relative.

What Justin Wanted )


Spanking Contest entry #5

Title: Hanky Panky
Artist: [info]qafmaniac
Media: vid
A/N: It's a crack vid. lol

Hanky Panky aka Justin wants a good Spanky!


Spanking Contest entry #4

Title: Spank Me Baby
Artist: [info]morgan_is_randy
Media: vid
Rating: NC 17...totally NC 17!
A/N: Um...cold shower? ;)

Spank Me Baby!


Spanking Contest entry #3

Title: Spanking
Artist: [info]maybe742
Media: icons and graphics

This way to the Spanking!


Spanking Contest entry #2

Title: Lessons
Author: [info]morgan_is_randy
Timeline: Takes Place After 210 when Brian walks off with the “ooh scary trick”. Why was everything suddenly back to normal between Brian and Justin in the next episode?
A/N: Huge thanks to [info]happier_bunny for encouragement and to [info]tweedygal for the huge fast beta job.Any other mistakes are due to the author’s overactive mind.

Lessons )


Spanking Contest entry #1

Title: The tigh smack from ep. 311 and its meaning
Author: [info]nerilka24
Media: poll

The tigh smack from ep. 311 and its meaning )


Spank Me!!!!

Welcome to our first Spanking Contest on InsaneJournal!

I hope you'll have a lot of fun here.

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Spankings will follow soon and please don't forget to leave some good spanks for the authors and artists.

Wishing everyone a Happy Spanking!♥