Jun. 18th, 2011


Ficlet: A Cuddle By Any Other Name

Banner by meā€¦feel free to borrow!

Title: A Cuddle By Any Other Name
Author: mander3_swish
Word Count: 230


Cuddle day fic

Title:It's Time
Timeline:5 yrs post 513
Beta:[info]mander3_swish thank you so much, darling.
Word Count: 240
Disclaimer:I own nothing.
Comments are most welcome

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Jun. 2nd, 2011



double thanks to [info]qafmaniac for the banner!

It's here...it's time!!!

This year the prompt is this snippet of video:

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This year thanks to [info]xie_xie_xie (who I made pick a cuddle scene) and [info]qafmaniac (who created the vid for us) we have this beautiful 402 cuddling scene for inspiration.

Drabble away, write away, vid away, graphic away, create away!! Anything and everything is allowed on CUDDLE DAY!

on your mark
get set
go forth and cuddle!

How it works:
~you post your goodies in your journal on June 18, 2011 (unless you want to post at [info]qaf_scavenger
~post as many cuddles as you want
~I will make a post here at [info]qaf_scavenger for you to comment with a link(s) to your treat and then on the 19th, I'll put up a master list.

Questions? Ask away. :)