Oct. 31st, 2009


Post # 35 (late submission)

Title: Who ate the Thanksgiving Turkey?


Beta [info]etextraordinary

Rating: PG-2 (in dog years)

Prompt: Thanksgiving

A/N: This fic occurs in my animalcrackers!verse in which Brian and Justin are dogs. Emmett is their owner. It's intentional crack!fic and you should try it. All your friends are doing it.

Brian stared at Emmett trying to get him to understand that Justin was gone and so was the turkey. This meant only one thing - somewhere in the world there was a determined, blond dog devouring a 20 pound turkey. Emmett was a fortress, his mind blocked by television noise and the stinky green stuff on his face. Brian snuck out the doggie-door and ran, following the scent of turkey, until he found Justin in an alley. A pack of scrawny dogs was destroying the turkey as Justin sat to the side, waiting for them to finish their holiday meal.