April 2nd, 2010

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Fandom needs our help!

Our Fearless Leader, [info]happier_bunny asked me to pimp this around. Sorry for the spammage about to happen!

I made a post yesterday over at Get It Here on behalf of one of the archivists of Across The Pond. ATP needs our help. Here's the post:

Just an FYI.

Okay fellow Queer As Folk fans ... UK Qaf, US Qaf, or both!!! ALL

If you want to keep the ATP Archive up and running - please read this

Some of you may know I am an archivist at the Across The Pond QAF
Fiction Archive. It's been many years of hard work, but not a little
pairing drama...lol (just teasing) - but through it all, there has
always been one place that served as an archive for all pairing
choices and all versions of the show "Queer As Folk".

Now we all have our own pairing favs, and in some cases, we may also
have our pairing specific archives. But all of us know that there is
value in diversity, and having a wider selection can yield many

And now, in the spirit of hope, I'm asking for your help to keep the
archive alive. Please read the information below, and know that
ANYTHING you can give is greatly appreciated.

Since our last donation drive in 2006, our failsafe backer(s) have
quietly slipped out of the fandom, and the Archive has literally been
surviving on air for almost a year thanks solely to the generosity of
our host provider. But they can no longer let things stand as they
are. This has come as news to me, and I'm sure to many of you. So
your help is needed, and needed now - if possible. In that spirit -
please share this request with your other QAF communities on
LiveJournal, Yahoogroups, etc.

Remember - No action = no result. And in this case, that would mean
the end of ATP.

And the update regarding monetary goals:

The goal for their fundraiser this year is $500

The money will be used for hosting cost, maintenance for the site, and any overages for bandwidth.

Direct PayPal link

The current amount raised is a little over $270.

If you don't want to donate through Paypal I have a physical address that I can PM you.

Thanks so much guys.

Please lend a hand if you can. The Rizabeau addicts are counting on you!