March 14th, 2010

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Twinkle Toes and Skater Boy Master Post

The genesis of the phenomenon:

One lovely afternoon, brianslave68, innocently posted a group of QAF icons. Little did she know what that simple act would start.

Almost immediately, xie_xie_xie (aka xie) pointed out the ice skater-like appearance of one icon in particular:

In the comments, xie announced that she was writing a skating fic. A *non-crack* skating fic. And fandom squeed.

Peace prevailed in the land of QAF fandom until suddenly, chaos erupted! (I blame Canada.) My flist only goes back skip=180, so I can't document the beginning of the second wave of madness war fun. Let me know if I am missing anything crucial. Thanks! This is mostly a list of links to posts, but I did put in copies of graphics from comments and poetry.

How things evolved into the reigning madness and links: )