June 18th, 2009

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happy cuddle day!

AUTHORS: [info]noteverything & [info]happier_bunny
NOTES: If you have half as much fun reading this as we did creating it, then our job here is done. HAPPY CUDDLE DAY!


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If Only, If Only: A Picspam for cuddleday 09

Picspam for Cuddeday 09! Yay!

Inspired by [info]geckoholic's brian kinney picspam. I was blown away by hers. Seriously.

Also, ok. So originally, this was going to be "yay all teh cuddles!" but it kinda turned into "yay all teh love!" ... I hope that's ok. I tried to keep out the angst as much as my inner picspammer allowed. <3

oh! and if it's not obvious. Minor warning for nudity. ^^ And...and...if it's too much love and not enough cuddling for a cuddleday submission, I'll put it someplace else! :D

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Happy Cuddle Day!

Couldn't let the day pass unmarked, although things are very busy here at the moment, and I'm WAAAAAY behind with my flist.

Thanks for the gorgeous caps!!

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Eight icons for Cuddle Day :D

1. 2. 3.

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