October 4th, 2007

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I love Halloween and I want fandom to celebrate it with me this year!

Here's how it's going to work:
1. There will be four categories and you can enter one thing in each category.
2. You can sign up for fic, drabbles or ficlets, vids, or graphics.
3. You don't have to submit the same thing for each category.
4. No Mpreg.
5. No Brian/Michael.
6. Brian and Justin must be in your fic somehow.
7. No death!fics.
8. I'll pick a winner from each category.
9. I reserve the right to add to these rules on a whim. ;P

a. Trick or Treat: Brian bribes Justin to take Gus...or Gus wants his dad to help him with a costume...or Mel and Linds are sick and Brian has to take Gus to Deb's for a Halloween Party...shower me with schmoopy IC sugar.

b. Scary Movies: They can watch one. They can live one. Or you can vid to a song from one, like maybe stalker!Justin to the theme from something snicker...surprise me!!!!

c. Halloween at Babylon Hmmmm, maybe some porn would be a good idea...yeah, make us horny. lol

d. Wild Card: Anything Halloweeny. Brian's a vampire. Ted's a zombie. Decorations. Costumes. Be creative!

Sign ups will stay open until Tuesday October 9, 2007.
Submissions are due on October 29, 2007.

[info]happier_bunny in [info]qaf_scavenger


SIGN UP HERE if you want to play. Sign ups are open until 10-9-07. Submissions are due October 29, 2007.

ETA This is just a general sign up so I have an idea on how many people are going to play. You don't have to tell me which category you're going to play with either until you turn it in and I'll give directions for submission soon. :)