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Mar. 19th, 2009



Surgery hours had finished, and Paul had agreed that Harry and Elspeth should leave early. Something about the look in Elspeth's eye had made him very careful not to enquire why.

It left him sitting in the library, ostensibly reading the latest edition of the Journal of Medical Science, but in actuality thinking more about the dismembered mechanical spider he'd seen, and slowly rolling Scotch around a tumbler more than actually drinking it, waiting for Jay to return from teaching.

Mar. 13th, 2009



She'd already had several shifts standing guard in the "spider room" in the mayor's salon. That wasn't it's official name of course, but what she'd taken to calling it. She'd taken another look at the bits and pieces but couldn't make any more sense of them then she had the first time.

Leo straightened when she heard footsteps and moved away for the new occupant.

"Afternoon," she said.

Mar. 11th, 2009


Open to Singles

The mixer was very well chaperoned, hosted at the hotel by Ms. Sheedy. There was a piano player for music, a buffet against one wall. There were tables for eating and talking, and a space set aside for dancing. Under Ms. Sheedy's beady eye.

Some of the Beloveds at the hotel had arrived early to help set up the room so even by the time it officially 'opened' at 6 pm there was a bit of a crowd of unmarried people.

Feb. 26th, 2009



It was only a short walk from the square to the house, and no signs of it belonging to an undertaker. Effie led the way up the steps and across the porch, opening the door and unpinning her hat as she went into the hallway. "Tis surprised I am that your husband and mine dinna hae closer acquaintance."

Feb. 24th, 2009


Patrol-Open to all those going out to the fissure and anyone watching

[OOC notes: Players, please check ooc post here for more information. The ooc post will be updated as the thread progresses.]

They'd met in the Town Square shortly after 1.30pm.

When it was clear that every one was there, Jonas swung up onto his borrowed mount, called Digger near, and addressed the assembled folk from horseback.

"First off, may I jus' take the opportunity to tell you how grateful this town, and indeed myself and my team are for all your valuable help and support over this last while. Hopefully now we're actually getting somewhere, but I won't lie to you, this situation is still potentially very dangerous. And so I must urge you to practice extreme caution at every turn. Your safety is paramount above and beyond anything we may find. Stick together, no wanderin' off the path. Buddy up whenever you can, even if nature calls, beggin' your pardon. Deputy Charles has your names duly noted, and we'll be checking on folks along the way. Please be aware of everything around you. If you see something out of place, unusual tracks, items, sights, sounds, hell, even smells, please bring them to the attention of either myself, or Deputies Coleman or Charles."

He waited until he was sure everyone had absorbed the information so far before continuing. "Right, we're going to head up to the trail the patrol took and past their shelter from the other night, and up on up to the fissure to the co-ordinates that Sheriff Bowbuck left behind him when he left. If we encounter any strange weather on the way, everyone is to head for that shelter, is that understood?" 

The assembled patrol murmured their agreement. "Good, good. Right. I'll head up the column for now." He looked to his deputies. "Leo, can you take the back of the line, and Andrew, if you could ride out alongside as spotter? We'll be stopping for breaks along the way so that I can check on progress and where everyone is up to. First of these I suggest'll be just up from the shelter. There's a bit of a flat area just up beyond it. We'll stop there."

He looked around the folk gathered, "And I just pray that the good Lord'll be shinin' on us, and we'll find somethin' useful. Everyone got watches to hand?" He took his out of his waistcoat pocket, and checked it against the town clock. "Happen it's now 2pm. Worse comes to worse an' we get separated, everyone's to report back here afore 4.30pm. Any questions?" he finished, looking around. "Speak up now if so." 

His eyes scanned over those assembled to look for any hands, or people shouting out with questions.

Feb. 22nd, 2009


Open (Just after the town crier announcement)

Just after midday, and the town crier announcement, and James had taken the opportunity and meandered down to the shore, taking a hardback book of manuscript paper with him. He needed a mental break from the research, and no one had booked him for teaching, so he had a while to relax in, to work out his brain in more familiar ways.

Taking off his shoes and stockings out of fond habit, he settled down by the dunes, resting his back against a tussock, his book propped up on his knees. He was soon busy scribbling hard with his pencil, scratching out phrases that he didn't think would work, and rewriting them. He looked like he was listening intently, head bowed over the paper, brow furrowed in concentration, feet digging into and under the warm sand, murmuring occasionally to himself.

Lifting his head briefly, he moved the fingers of his right hand in midair, in obvious imitation of finding notes on a piano. His eyes were closed, his head tilted and he was singing out notes very softly under his breath. He didn't much notice when a shadow passed over him as someone approached, and was startled as he finally opened his eyes to write.

"Oh apologies, please excuse my rudeness, I was miles away," he said with a nod of greeting, a warm slow smile growing on his face.

Feb. 11th, 2009


Gift to Paul- Backdated to the 4th (Evening)

Left on Paul's bedside table so that he'd see it when going to bed:
A tussie mussie, consisting of various decorative grasses, several stems of oats, forget-me-nots, and blue violets, with lace and blue ribbons at the base that Jay has dressed himself.

Message in the language of flowers:
Oats-For music, indicating Jay himself.
Forget-me-nots-For true love.
Grasses-For submission.
Blue violets-For faithfulness.

A small card, handwritten in flowing script is beside the flowers:
"Dearest Ascendant, 
A small gift from me to you. I thought these would go nicely on your bedside table, 
Yours J"

Feb. 7th, 2009


Open to all Beloveds

Hattie had spent the last two days baking, cleaning the house from top to bottom and decorating it with flowers. She'd brought most of the chairs in the house into the drawing room, set in little groups so people could talk comfortably, each with a little table to put their tea and cakes on. On a bigger table, there was a huge urn of tea and cakes and breads of every imaginable sort. Hattie had had the time of her life baking them!

The fun she'd had preparing could only be exceeded by the joy that filled her as she gazed about at the people filling her drawing room.

Feb. 4th, 2009



Wednesday evening found Paul uncharacteristically restless after surgery hours finished. The sun was setting, but the evening remained relatively light, and he went in search of James, pausing in the library doorway at the sound of a violin, not wishing to interrupt necessary practise time. Instead, he leaned against the doorframe, watching the graceful movements of his Beloved's body following the phrasing of the music and the skill of James' fingers moving over the neck of the instrument



James was stood in front of a florists shop, staring confusedly at the labels adorning the displays of loose flowers that were out in front of him. He put on his glasses, and squinted as he tried to make sense of the name on the tub nearest to him. Exhaling heavily, he turned and saw someone else looking vaguely towards him. "Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to know anything about the language of flowers perchance?"

Jan. 24th, 2009


Town hall meeting - Open to all

The announcement about the meeting had been cried every day for the past week; every citizen had been strongly encouraged to attend.

Since it had the possibility of running for a long time -- and to give it the appropriate sense of seriousness -- the meeting was held in the cathedral, one of the only places in LeChance that could seat most of the town. Leroy stood behind the lectern, quietly talking to Ms. Sheedy as the crowd gathered. He looked tired but determined.

He invited Jonas and his staff to sit at the front of the space with him, giving them a brief rundown of what he planned and giving them a chance to voice objections or suggestions before the idea was placed before the town. Others at the front of the hall included Father Marks, the judge, council members, a historian and the principal of the schools.

Finally, on the hour, Anastacia Mason, the town crier, stepped forward and called for all to be seated and settled. She read a few commonplace announcements before introducing Leroy and moving unobtrusively to the side.

Leroy stepped up, hands behind his back and took a breath as he ordered his thoughts.

My fellow citizens... )

Jan. 13th, 2009



Jon was still seeing red every time he thought about Ben's mother's letter to him. How dare she presume to know anything about him or their marriage. Jon could be a decently laid back guy at times, but the way she'd messed with Ben's head was crossing the line.

He was currently sitting at the in, a glass of whiskey between his hands, but the drink was untouched. Jon's knuckles were fair near white from the way he was gripping it.

Jan. 12th, 2009


Letter to James

Letter )


Paul- Backdated to Tuesday Evening (30/12)

(Followed on from this thread, Tuesday Evening.)

James shivered nervously despite the fire to the side of him, and flicked a glance up to the mantel clock. Five minutes until Paul was due to finish. Please God, don't let him be delayed.

He'd banked up the fire well in the library as requested, and it was giving off enough heat to last for some time. Harry and Elspeth were long gone home, and James felt quite safe, despite his exposure, naked and kneeling in front of the fire. The rug was warm too, but he soon felt the weave starting to dig into his knees, the more time passed by. He'd got up and paced awhile, before he panicked slightly, and knelt back down again quickly.

Two minutes, and James heard Paul's footsteps coming down the hallway. He was here. He tried to steady his breathing, taking large deep breaths to calm himself, before he bowed his head, eyes closed. He held his hands behind him, one hand encircling his other wrist.

Dec. 31st, 2008


Paul-Backdated to Tuesday lunchtime.

James shifted nervously from foot to foot. He felt like this was a first courting date, instead of a stolen luncheon. He was trusting that Paul had seen his note, and was anxiously awaiting his arrival by the bridge at the end of Ilen Street.

He'd packed them both a decent picnic lunch into a covered basket. Bits and pieces left over in the pantry from the festive season, potted meats, spreads, cheese, a couple of slabs of cake, a couple of bottles of Ginger Beer, and some fresh bread that he'd picked up this morning. He was actually quite proud of himself for having put it all together, despite the fact that no cooking hadn't actually been required.

As Paul had mentioned, the weather *was* warmer than he'd expected, and with the clear morning they'd had, he'd thought a picnic might be a fun break from the day's work, if a little unseasonal. He jigged up onto his toes, squinting into the middle distance to try to look for Paul.

Dec. 30th, 2008



Ben was having a hard time staying still.

A really, really hard time staying still.

He was sitting in the sand by the sea, shoes off, pants rolled indecently high, near to his knees. He was restless, leg moving in uncertain time, making the sand shift, stick to him. The crabs scuttled far from him, disturbed by his motions.

He started singing, low, accent thick, blurring the words enough that it wasn't clear what he was singing- it was Cajun, too thick too even be clearly a French dialect. His eyes were glassy, absent and he was very much other where. He smelled like oranges. Molasses, cooked slow and sweet. Rum. Definitely rum.

Dec. 22nd, 2008


Sunday, James

Sunday at last. The week had lasted forever, days stretching out, Paul's only full time that which he spent with his patients or his papers. Elspeth and Harry had moved out, and his house sat waiting, as he was waiting, for James to come and fill it with his energy, his music, and his warmth.

The contract had been finalized, signed, and witnessed, and Paul wasn't even trying to hide the pride in his expression as he fastened the slim band around James' wrist, lifting his hand to kiss the place the band rested before offering his own for James to seal the union.

Dec. 14th, 2008


Sunday, James

Sunday afternoon. The third banns had been read, and neither of them had decided to refuse the match - a fact that Paul was surprised to find himself relieved by, having thought he was sure of James' commitment.

At 3 o' clock, he was waiting in the library. A fire was laid, but not burning, in the grate, and paper and ink lay waiting on the table in the window. Two chairs were positioned by the fireplace, and Paul was seated in one of them, leafing through the day's newspaper when the door opened to reveal Harry's grinning face, and then James beyond him, bringing Paul smartly to his feet, both hands held out.

Dec. 12th, 2008


Backdated to Tuesday 9th- Letter to Paul

My Sir, my beautiful Ascendant, my love, my Paul,

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Yours always,

Dec. 8th, 2008


Monday afternoon, James

Paul had checked his appointments for the afternoon, made certain that Elspeth would know where to send for him if necessary, and was waiting by the front steps of the museum. Despite the clement weather, his long coat was buttoned smartly over his suit and his hat, of course, neatly on his head. Thin leather gloves covered his hands, which he pulled from his pockets at the sight of James and Harry approaching, going to meet them with a smile.

"Harry, thank you. Mr. Warren, I trust you are well this day?"

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