Aug. 28th, 2008



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Aug. 27th, 2008



The tavern had been fully stocked when Marta had arrived, so getting started hadn't been difficult and she was already open for business. She may have to hire extra help at some point, but to start with things were quiet enough she could manage alone.

She was hoping Jonas would come by for that drink they'd talked about at the party, and when she looked up from cleaning glasses to see him walk in the door she greeted him with a bright, beautiful smile. "Good afternoon, Sheriff. What can I get you?"

Aug. 22nd, 2008


Open to All- Early Evening

The market square was covered in a large tent, glittering candles lighting up the green and the cobblestoned area. There was a feast, laid out for all new arrivals from the week before. Not all of the city were there by any means, though all had been invited. Still. The party was some 500 strong, food was readily available wine flowed, and there was dancing, a live band playing lively music.