Mar. 4th, 2009


Note to Leroy (sent upon the patrol's return)


Just to let you know that your patrol has returned safe and well back home. We had some interesting discoveries along our way, which I would like to discuss with you, if I could beg a moment of your time either tonight or tomorrow?

Your humble servant,

Jonas Wilder (Sheriff)

Jan. 24th, 2009


Town hall meeting - Open to all

The announcement about the meeting had been cried every day for the past week; every citizen had been strongly encouraged to attend.

Since it had the possibility of running for a long time -- and to give it the appropriate sense of seriousness -- the meeting was held in the cathedral, one of the only places in LeChance that could seat most of the town. Leroy stood behind the lectern, quietly talking to Ms. Sheedy as the crowd gathered. He looked tired but determined.

He invited Jonas and his staff to sit at the front of the space with him, giving them a brief rundown of what he planned and giving them a chance to voice objections or suggestions before the idea was placed before the town. Others at the front of the hall included Father Marks, the judge, council members, a historian and the principal of the schools.

Finally, on the hour, Anastacia Mason, the town crier, stepped forward and called for all to be seated and settled. She read a few commonplace announcements before introducing Leroy and moving unobtrusively to the side.

Leroy stepped up, hands behind his back and took a breath as he ordered his thoughts.

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Nov. 25th, 2008


Note delivered to Mayor/Yenta LeChance


I understand that your time is most precious and that you have a great many matters to occupy you, however, I should be most obliged if you should grant me audience in the near future to discuss a matter that occupies me greatly.

Hoping that this finds you in health, I remain,

Your humble servant,

Dr. Paul Roberts.

Oct. 17th, 2008


Closed Third Person

The telegraph came to the telegraph office at noon, Friday, October 17th, 1873. It was immediately forwarded to Leroy Lechance's private telegraph line.

By 1 pm, the Town cryer was spreading the word throughout the town that La Rosa, 50 miles inland, had been ravaged by a fire and needed aid, quickly. Certain professions were needed urgently to help with the repair: sheer labor, doctors, nurses...the quicker the better. Despite everyone who volunteered, Leroy would not empty the town and made some stay.

The train left by 7 pm.

Oct. 10th, 2008


Open to all for reactions

Notices with the below information are posted around the town on the morning of the tenth of October by the Sheriff's deputies, Deputy Andrew Charles and Deputy Ifan Jones. These appear at the following places:
The Court House
The Library
The Town Hall
The Museum
The Hotel Lobby
The Post Office & General Store
Leroy's Salon


The town crier rang a loud bell that demanded passers by paid due attention, as she walked into the centre of LeChance town square.

"Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!" she shouted in a voice that could be heard throughout the square. "This is a notice of importance for the City of LeChance on this, the tenth day of October, in the year of our grace eighteen hundred and seventy-three. Prepared and requested by Acting Sheriff Wilder, servant of the town of LeChance, overseen by the right and honorable LeRoy LeChance, mayor of the same town, and spoken by your most humble servant Anastacia Mason.

Let it henceforth be known that the Sheriff's office now seek applicants for the position of Sheriff's deputy. Those persons seeking application should be of sound mind and body, honest and true citizens. They are also to be of the age of twenty one or above, and to have completed all life path training, as is right and proper for one seeking such a position.

All applicants should present themselves in the first instance to Acting Sheriff Wilder at the Sheriff's Office.

Furthermore, anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of William Bowbuck, the erstwhile Sheriff of this parish, or any persons having any information pertaining to his disappearance, should present themselves immediately at the Sheriff's Office for inquiry. Investigations as to the disappearance of Sheriff Bowbuck are ongoing, and any and all assistance towards the resolution of this matter is greatly appreciated."

The woman turned and made a final salute before moving through the crowd. She would repeat the news throughout the town all day, then nailing the notice to the Town Square noticeboard.

Sep. 9th, 2008


Closed Third Person - Plot

It was southern California. In a way, it couldn't have been much of a surprise when the earth moved in the early hours on Tuesday morning. Walls trembled, pottery shook, but, for the most part it was simply frightening, not actually damaging.

Except for the blue streak Leroy was swearing in the street outside of his house in the minute aftershocks.m

Sep. 6th, 2008



There had been no reply to his calling card, for which William could think of only a few reasons. The color of his skin he could do nothing about. A possible lack in his training when it came to courtship etiquette could certainly be rectified in theory but, though he knew pride to be a sin, he could not bring himself to ask for more training. The credentials of his profession he could certainly train for - the finer points of metalworking definitely needed to be added to his skill-set if he was to continue being of use to Mister MacKallister - but that was a long term plan. That left one other point of disfavor, his continued lodging with the other unhoused Ascendants, and that, at least, had a short term solution. A house had already been offered. He merely had to pick one.

Except that even this fell down, for William found himself unable to decide what exactly he was looking for. Something in the center of the town? Something further out, where town houses became country houses, became farm houses? Certainly a small garden or a plot to grow his own vegetables on would be appreciated, but he had grown sick of wide open spaces in his travels across America. The beach-front properties were out of the question, of course. This still left a number of options. Should he look for somewhere small and move (if and) when matched? Should he look for somewhere larger to keep? How many rooms did he need and of what sort? Was it better to be convenient for work or for groceries, for church or the library? Just how far could his wage be spread for necessities and upkeep?

Each time he thought he'd refound his decisiveness, a dozen extra questions occurred to him until, by mid-afternoon, he could be found wandering slowly around the streets, eyes drifting from empty house to empty house, lost in a haze of possibilities.

Aug. 28th, 2008



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