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Jan. 28th, 2009


Edward-Backdated to Tuesday.

3pm Tuesday and Mr Jones arrived promptly at the Beloved's Hotel to pick Edward up to escort him to Delilah's studio. He sent up Delilah's card and waited patiently for him in the foyer.

Jan. 26th, 2009


Simon - Courting

Santiago had acquired a new suit since the last time he'd called on Mr. Belgrave. New suit, new shoes. The chaperone, however, was the same. He sent his card up to let the other man know he'd arrived and kept his hands behind his back as he waited. He'd found something he hoped the other man would appreciate.



To say things were moving fast in Daniel's world was an understatement at best. He'd barely gotten in and settled, hardly started thinking about unpacking and arranging the boxes and crates and barrels waiting in the general store when he had word from Leroy that he had an appointment to keep. So in the midst of other organizing, he dug out the nicest clothes he'd brought with him, cleaned himself up and shaved and made plans to do just that. Go out and meet the Beloved Leroy thought might suit.

Which was how he ended up in the lobby of the hotel, watching the staircase hopefully on a late morning. He'd gone outside long enough to find flowers and rummaged through the stores things to find a decent length of trimming to bind around the stems so that he could make a makeshift bouquet. Then he'd headed back in, sent word up to Miss Blackwood and traded a few uncertain smiles with Gregor Hastings, the chaperone.

Jan. 24th, 2009


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Jan. 19th, 2009


Letter to Edward-delivered to the Beloved's Hotel (Backdated to Friday)

(A card with the address of Delilah's Studio on, and the following letter are delivered to the Beloved's Hotel)

Dear Mr. Parsons,

Further to our conversation the other week, I wondered if you were still available for afternoon tea? If you're agreeable, I could arrange for a myself and a chaperone to call at the Hotel, at say around four in the afternoon this coming Monday? Or alternatively, I should be free from work from around two in the afternoon on the same day, if you'd prefer to meet at my studio instead? Please let me know what would best suit yourself, as my work and home hours are quite flexible.

It was delightful to meet you the other week, and I hope the New Year is seeing you well thus far.

Delilah Morgan

Dec. 14th, 2008


Sunday, James

Sunday afternoon. The third banns had been read, and neither of them had decided to refuse the match - a fact that Paul was surprised to find himself relieved by, having thought he was sure of James' commitment.

At 3 o' clock, he was waiting in the library. A fire was laid, but not burning, in the grate, and paper and ink lay waiting on the table in the window. Two chairs were positioned by the fireplace, and Paul was seated in one of them, leafing through the day's newspaper when the door opened to reveal Harry's grinning face, and then James beyond him, bringing Paul smartly to his feet, both hands held out.

Dec. 8th, 2008


Monday afternoon, James

Paul had checked his appointments for the afternoon, made certain that Elspeth would know where to send for him if necessary, and was waiting by the front steps of the museum. Despite the clement weather, his long coat was buttoned smartly over his suit and his hat, of course, neatly on his head. Thin leather gloves covered his hands, which he pulled from his pockets at the sight of James and Harry approaching, going to meet them with a smile.

"Harry, thank you. Mr. Warren, I trust you are well this day?"

Dec. 1st, 2008


Monday Morning, In the Square

Outside the church, as it ended, as an elaborately dressed woman with a large piece of paper rang a bell and stepped into the middle of space. Her red and gold robe, white breeches, black boots and a tricorne hat caught everyone's attention.

"Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!" she shouted in a voice that could be heard throughout the square. "These are the notes of importance for the City of LeChance for the week of December the First, in the year of our grace eighteen hundred and seventy-three, the right and honorable LeRoy LeChance, mayor, and spoken by your most humble servant Anastacia Mason on this first day of that month."

She paused to catch her breath and to make sure all were paying attention, then glanced at her paper. It was a short announcement and to that end, she smiled. Even though it was off a day, it was still a good thing.

"In his office and capacity as yenta, the honorable and worthy LeRoy Lechance would have these Marriage Banns read and announced for the first time:

Mr. Paul Roberts to Mr. James Warren
Mr. Obediah Jones to Mr. Charles Carmichael

If there are those among you who know reasons why these matches should not be allowed to progress, they are commanded to present themselves to the yenta to give such information as is right and proper."

A few more minor announcements and the woman rolled her paper and made a final salute before moving through the crowd. She would repeat the news throughout the town all day but she knew most of it would be spread before she got to her next post.

Nov. 28th, 2008


Forward dated to Saturday-Paul-Courting

James was pacing the floor of the foyer of the Beloved's Hotel on Saturday morning. He had his red leatherbound journal under his arm, feeling a bit selfconcious about it, as if a casual observer was about to stop him and ask about it's contents. 

He was dressed slightly more casually than on the previous courting call, charcoal shirt and black pants, long black loose scarf and long black coat. His hair was swept back into a ponytail, once more, this time with a black ribbon.

When the bell rang at 11am, announcing Mrs. St. John's arrival, James nearly yelped in anticipation, before calming down, waiting for the staff to bring her through.


Backdated to Wednesday-Note to Paul

A note is delivered to Doctor Paul Roberts early on Wednesday afternoon:

Dear Paul,

A quick note to assure you that I did indeed get the Apothecary to make up the sleeping draught as per your scrip. It is now in my grateful possesion, and hopefully it should grant me peaceful sleep as planned. Thank you again for your care in this matter.

I write to also let you know that further to our conversation yesterday afternoon, I have become inspired to start journal-writing once more. I bought a most lovely looking book this morning for the purpose whilst I was in town. I am looking forwards to it, as I found it to be a most enjoyable experience in my younger days. Many thanks to you for your inspiration!

I do hope most sincerely that you enjoyed our meeting yesterday as did I, and to further more continue with courting if it suits?

Your servant,

Nov. 25th, 2008


James Warren

It was 2pm precisely when Paul arrived at the Beloved's hotel on Tuesday afternoon. His best suit was freshly pressed, his tie doubly checked, his hair smoothed back and his friend and chaperon torn between teasing and delight. Paul bore with Harry's teasing all the way to the steps outside the hotel, and finally warned him to silence as they passed through the doors to the lobby.

The faint sound of familiar piano music suggested strongly that James was in a nearby parlor, but Paul resisted, supplying his card to the lady at the front desk and requesting that Mr. Warren should be notified of his arrival.


delivered to James on Tuesday morning

A printed copy of the soloists part from Beethoven's first piano concerto, and the attached note:


May I call upon you this afternoon?

Ever yours,


Nov. 24th, 2008


James (Courting)

This time it was Mr. Jenkins who was accompanying Obediah to the Beloveds' hotel. The missus was tending the Black Sheep and had practically pushed them out the door. Obediah had brought his guitar and, after he'd sent word that he'd arrived, leaned against a wall and checked its tuning. Mr. Jenkins was relagated to holding the case.

When James appeared, Obediah played a complicated riff that matched the timing of his steps.


Sunday afternoon, Simon

After lunch on Sunday, Paul checked his appearance, put on his coat and hat, folded gloves into his pocket, and pried Harry away from his wife to act as chaperon again. He had decidedly mixed feelings about making a courting call upon Mr. Belgrave when his mind ran so upon James, but he'd intended to make an appointment to meet the apothecary anyhow, and therefore he had agreed with Mr. Belgrave that they would meet for an afternoon walk to the beach.

At three o' clock precisely (now having a better idea of how long it took to reach the Beloveds' hotel), he arrived in the lobby, sent his card up to Mr. Belgrave, and waited, wondering if he might catch a glimpse of James there, wondering if he truly wanted to when he was there to pay a courting call upon another man.


Michael - Courting call

After an exchange of letters, it was arranged that Santiago would call on Michael on Monday afternoon. He showed up promptly with chaperon in attendance, sent word up with one of the servants and waited for the other man to join them in the parlor.

Nov. 19th, 2008



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Nov. 16th, 2008


A letter to Obediah

A letter containing hand written sheet music and lyrics to 'Travel the Country Round', and a small, neatly folded note written in black ink on manuscript paper, are sent to Obediah via The Black Sheep. The return address on the back of the envelope indicates the Beloved's Hotel.

I am a jovial ranger,

Note attached:
Dear Mr Jones,
I hope this note finds you in fine form and fettle, and that the day has been kind to you.

Please forgive the forward nature of this missive. I wished very much to express to you how much I enjoyed our talk the other day, and how much this stranger to LeChance enjoyed the tour you provided. Thank you kind Sir!

Regarding the attached broadsheet. I heard this song played recently in a tavern, and excuse me for saying so, but it very much reminded me of your good self. I thought it suited a tavern owner, with a previous career as a travelling musician quite well.

I was wondering mayhap whether you'd had further thoughts as to the likelyhood of a courting call with myself? You mentioned that this may be a possibility that you may wish to take up, and that you were still receiving visitors. I do not wish to impose, nor offend, and so I urge you to please ignore this request if you find it not to be to your taste or desiring. The virtue of patience was never one I was much good at I'm afraid!

Your humble servant,
James Warren

[signed with a considerably large flourishing autograph]

Nov. 1st, 2008



Three o'clock Saturday afternoon saw Patrick making his first call to the Beloveds' hotel, his arm tucked around a rather extravagent bouquet of California fuschia intermixed with wild grasses for bulk. It might be a little over the top he realised, as he waited in the parlour he'd been shown into for Michael to appear, but it was too late now. He'd wanted to impress. Especially as his one suit was old and worn and not really up to the job of impressing anyone at all.

He was clean and as smart as he could be, though, unruly hair combed and slicked back as much as possible. And he had his smile to rely on. He always had his smile.

Oct. 31st, 2008


Calling card for Michael (backdated to early this week)

It wasn't actually so much a calling card as a sheet of white paper culled from the supply in the parlour of the Ascendants' hotel. Patrick hadn't had any money left for such frivolous things as calling cards. And if he was honest, he hadn't expected to be courting anywhere near this soon.

The writing on the letter was a neat script, unfussy and easy to read.

Dear Mr Rickard,

I would be honoured if you would accept my visit this coming Saturday afternoon. Would three o'clock be a good time for you?

Yours sincerely,

Patrick O'Sullivan

Oct. 29th, 2008


Edward- Backdated, last night

Cathy arrived at the hotel at 7pm, wandering around with flowers and looking for Edward before she got smart and sent a maid to locate him. She settled in a parlor and waited, fingers tapping lightly against her skirt.

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