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Feb. 24th, 2009


Patrol-Open to all those going out to the fissure and anyone watching

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They'd met in the Town Square shortly after 1.30pm.

When it was clear that every one was there, Jonas swung up onto his borrowed mount, called Digger near, and addressed the assembled folk from horseback.

"First off, may I jus' take the opportunity to tell you how grateful this town, and indeed myself and my team are for all your valuable help and support over this last while. Hopefully now we're actually getting somewhere, but I won't lie to you, this situation is still potentially very dangerous. And so I must urge you to practice extreme caution at every turn. Your safety is paramount above and beyond anything we may find. Stick together, no wanderin' off the path. Buddy up whenever you can, even if nature calls, beggin' your pardon. Deputy Charles has your names duly noted, and we'll be checking on folks along the way. Please be aware of everything around you. If you see something out of place, unusual tracks, items, sights, sounds, hell, even smells, please bring them to the attention of either myself, or Deputies Coleman or Charles."

He waited until he was sure everyone had absorbed the information so far before continuing. "Right, we're going to head up to the trail the patrol took and past their shelter from the other night, and up on up to the fissure to the co-ordinates that Sheriff Bowbuck left behind him when he left. If we encounter any strange weather on the way, everyone is to head for that shelter, is that understood?" 

The assembled patrol murmured their agreement. "Good, good. Right. I'll head up the column for now." He looked to his deputies. "Leo, can you take the back of the line, and Andrew, if you could ride out alongside as spotter? We'll be stopping for breaks along the way so that I can check on progress and where everyone is up to. First of these I suggest'll be just up from the shelter. There's a bit of a flat area just up beyond it. We'll stop there."

He looked around the folk gathered, "And I just pray that the good Lord'll be shinin' on us, and we'll find somethin' useful. Everyone got watches to hand?" He took his out of his waistcoat pocket, and checked it against the town clock. "Happen it's now 2pm. Worse comes to worse an' we get separated, everyone's to report back here afore 4.30pm. Any questions?" he finished, looking around. "Speak up now if so." 

His eyes scanned over those assembled to look for any hands, or people shouting out with questions.

Feb. 16th, 2009



Ben was still in his work clothes when he came to Jon's office late in the afternoon. He locked the door behind him, climbed onto Jon's lap and bit his throat under his chin and over his collar. "Hello."

Jan. 27th, 2009



Ben very deliberately came home from work just a bit early, taking off his boots at the door and putting them on the boot jack and starting a pot of tea before moving through the house and searching for his house, hoping his husband had done the same, "Jon?"


Letter left for Ben.

Dearest Beloved,

I have heard from my family requesting that we visit them soon and although I do miss them terribly and want nothing more than to introduce them to the wonderful man I've married, I feel that perhaps now is not the best time for us to be leaving LeChance.

With all that is going on around town, I believe we are needed here. I realize that sounds quite arrogant, but I think we can help with what is going on here and that need is more important than my desire to show you my home.

I hope you don't find that to be too selfish of me and if you have objections, we can begin planning that trip right away. After your recent letter from your mother, I worry that you'll think perhaps I'm delaying meeting my family because of any number of reasons, but that is not the case at all. I simply feel that if we leave now, we'll be abandoning our responsibilities to this place that we've chosen to make our home.

I do hope this makes sense and I'd like to claim your time this evening as my own so that we may discuss this and spend some time together.

All my love,

Jan. 24th, 2009


Town hall meeting - Open to all

The announcement about the meeting had been cried every day for the past week; every citizen had been strongly encouraged to attend.

Since it had the possibility of running for a long time -- and to give it the appropriate sense of seriousness -- the meeting was held in the cathedral, one of the only places in LeChance that could seat most of the town. Leroy stood behind the lectern, quietly talking to Ms. Sheedy as the crowd gathered. He looked tired but determined.

He invited Jonas and his staff to sit at the front of the space with him, giving them a brief rundown of what he planned and giving them a chance to voice objections or suggestions before the idea was placed before the town. Others at the front of the hall included Father Marks, the judge, council members, a historian and the principal of the schools.

Finally, on the hour, Anastacia Mason, the town crier, stepped forward and called for all to be seated and settled. She read a few commonplace announcements before introducing Leroy and moving unobtrusively to the side.

Leroy stepped up, hands behind his back and took a breath as he ordered his thoughts.

My fellow citizens... )

Jan. 13th, 2009



Jon was still seeing red every time he thought about Ben's mother's letter to him. How dare she presume to know anything about him or their marriage. Jon could be a decently laid back guy at times, but the way she'd messed with Ben's head was crossing the line.

He was currently sitting at the in, a glass of whiskey between his hands, but the drink was untouched. Jon's knuckles were fair near white from the way he was gripping it.

Jan. 3rd, 2009



Ben came home from his walk on the beach soaked to the skin, having decided to throw himself in the ocean to rinse the worse of the alcohol off and to sober himself up a little. He was still wet when he walked in, and still smelled a little like rum and molasses.

He called out as he came in, uncharacteristically tentative, "Jon?"

Dec. 17th, 2008




Nov. 21st, 2008


Open to all

Late in the afternoon, a small crowd gathered in a field to participate in the gathering of the final harvest of the season. They loaded it into a decorated horse-drawn wagon and followed it into town, singing songs and waving sheafs of hay.

More people followed along as the parade passed them by, leading them into the square that normally held the merchants but had been cleared earlier for the celebration. There were still a few booths set up but they'd been converted to homes for games. The growing crowd was invited to march to the cathedral for a short service or to stay at the square to help set up for a feast.

Lanterns were lit all around the buildings and the square, casting a warm glow. There was just the slightest nip in the air but that would be dispelled when the dancing started later. Enormous amounts of food were heaped on a banquet table and long tables were set with glittering china and strewn with bouquets of late-blooming flowers.

Nov. 11th, 2008


Letter to Jon, left on the kitchen table

I wake up early just to watch you sleep. Isn't that funny? The way your mouth tilts when you dream, the curl of your hair over your forehead, the fall of your eyelashes on your cheek. These are the things that mean morning to me. Safety and contentment and home. I hadn't thought I'd like those things much. I never have before.

I've not been one for traditions or protocols or ritual. But it's different with you. I waited for you. I probably always will. Just a little further up the path, tugging at you to hurry, but you get to me eventually. I hope.

I wake up early in the morning to watch you sleep because I want to watch you frown in your sleep, move to try to touch me again when I move out of your arms. You reach for me in your sleep, Jon, and I'm not entirely positive I know how to respond to that. You reach for me in your sleep because I'm part of you now and you're part of me. You know when we're not touching, bodies pressed together under my grandfather's quilt. I'm colder for not touching you, but I take it. I want to feel the loss to know I miss it. That I miss being entwined with you, so close we're damned near joined, even when our bodies aren't.

I didn't expect to want to be married. I didn't expect to want you. To need you. Expectations are funny things. Because I think I do. It's both so wrong and the rightest thing I've ever felt in my life. We're very different, but we blend together like the interlocking parts of a puzzle. My stomach's full though I haven't even and it's full of warmth and my back itches, high up, just under my hair. I don't know what that means, really, but I suspect it means I love you. That as much as the law says I'm yours, I am. but more than that, you're mine, because I can't not have you. I'd be incomplete. It almost hurts to feel this way, but in the best possible manner. My skin's too tight because I feel too much to keep it all inside.

I didn't expect you, Jon. But I'm so glad to have you.

All my love,
Always yours,

Oct. 31st, 2008


Ben-Wedding day

Jon couldn't stop running his thumb over the red band around Ben's wrist and smiling. His hand was still holding onto his husband's and didn't that feel grand to think. He was beyond happy and couldn't even think of the words for it. Kissing Ben's cheek lightly, Jon whispered, "Is it time to go home yet?"

Oct. 26th, 2008


Telegraphs-Backdated to Wednesday-Open for reactions

Wednesday daytime, and Jonas sends out personal telegraphs to the following people, either to their own residences, or addressed privately via the Hotel:
Santiago de la Vega
Simon Belgrave
Julian MacKallister
Benjamin Simoneaux
Daisuke Shimada
Missy Lee
Jonathon Stanton

The message reads:

'The Acting Sheriff of this town, Mr Jonas Wilder hereby invites you to an informal meeting to take place on this Sunday the 26th of October. The meeting will commence at 6pm in the Sheriff's Office. This meeting is to gather together a consultancy of sorts to discuss ongoing and current reports of unusual activity received by the Office.

Light refreshments will be available, and appropriate chaperones will also be in attendance.

Please feel free to bring along any persons you may feel will assist. Your help and assistance in these matters would be much appreciated.'

Jonas also talks to his staff, including new employee Leo Coleman, to inform them of the upcoming meeting, and to request their attendence also.

Oct. 20th, 2008



Jon was sitting outside his office trying to enjoy the weather. He was smiling, but despite that he looked worried. He was now a married man and he toyed absently with the black leather band around his wrist. The week had been absolutely amazing. Ben was perfect and he couldn't have been happier.


Except for an odd occurrence on Friday night when muted voices had distracted the newlyweds from being..well, newlyweds. The voices got louder in the basement, but neither of them could find anything causing them. Jon had tried to play it off as someone poking a bit of fun at them, but something about it had set him on edge. He wondered if he should talk to someone about it. Maybe the Sheriff?

When someone walked by, Jon smiled and nodded his head. "Good morning," he said politely, "How are you this fine morning?"

Oct. 16th, 2008



Jon was as excited as he was nervous. Yes, Ben had faith in him, but this was likely to be one of the most important discussions of his life and unlike most important discussions he had, he couldn't just put his lawyer face on and do it. This was the rest of his life and Ben's life and everything and yes, he wanted that. More than anything he wanted that, but it was still such a large thing that it felt monstrously huge.

The kitchen was clean and he'd gotten groceries for Ben. At the table were pens and ink and parchment. He was as ready as he'd get. Jon had actually dressed down though and was in trousers and shirt sleeves.

Oct. 12th, 2008


Jon Stanton

Ben actually leapt onto Jon in the square on Sunday afternoon, wrapping around him with a total lack of decorum but a lot of enthusiasm. "Three more days!"

Oct. 6th, 2008



Jon saw the last of his guests out with laughter and promises for another game before he locked the front door and turned to Ben. He reached for his betrothed, hands going to Ben's hips. "I do believe I should make a habit of this and I hope Mr. Ibis returns and is able to recoup some of his losses this evening." Smiling, he brushed his lips over Ben's. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

Oct. 1st, 2008


Open to those that want to play poker

The inquiries had been discreet and almost unnoticed until each person got a formal invitation, hand delivered.

Mr. Jonathan Stanton IV
cordially invites you
an evening of cards and socializing
at half past eight in the evening
on the first of October.
Refreshments will be provided.

Your company is eagerly awaited.

Jon had the back patio readied, the screens were open and lamps were lit. Several varieties of whiskey, cordials, wine and tea were ready on a table along with trays of pastries. The cards and chips were already sitting at a round table covered in a soft gray brocade cloth.

He was dressed down slightly, no jacket, although his shirt sleeves were down and his vest was on and buttoned. When he heard the first knock, he hurried to the door with a bright smile.

Sep. 23rd, 2008



The trouble with Ben was, mostly, that he was trouble. He had a bad habit of ignoring the rules when they didn't suit him. Not just the societal rules, but also the ones of common sense, decency, and a few that were just laws.

For instance- breaking and entering.

Ben had snuck out of the hotel late at night, the moon high above the town while he walked to Jon's house. He shucked his boots and jacket outside the window in the back of the house. There were no locks on the windows so it was a matter of a few moments and a slim strip of metal between the frame and the window to slid it up and crawl inside silently. Half a lifetime of practice from a childhood of sneaking in and out of his bedroom window had given Ben the ability to enter or exit without a sound. Especially when someone wasn't expecting it.

He wandered through the house, searching for Jon's room. Which was easily located. He took off his bracers, then trousers, leaving on his drawers and large shirt when he crawled in bed with Jon, the bed shifting under his weight.

Sep. 22nd, 2008



Ben closed up shop early, changed to look neat and clean and brushed his hair before he went to Jon's law office around 4:30 in the afternoon. He had a stack of papers to make it look as though he had legitimate business there though he suspected that would hold water for roughly, a couple of days.

He entered without knocking or announcing himself, managing to get into Jon's office itself with only a little bit of sneakiness. Then he sat on Jon's desk and studied the office.


Delivered to Ben's shop

A boquet of Johnny Jump-ups along with a copy of Jon's favorite flower dictionary. The dictionary has a book mark on the page explaining the meaning of the flowers in the boquet. The bookmark itself is heavy ivory card stock with the following poem in careful calligraphy.
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