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Mar. 11th, 2009


Open to Singles

The mixer was very well chaperoned, hosted at the hotel by Ms. Sheedy. There was a piano player for music, a buffet against one wall. There were tables for eating and talking, and a space set aside for dancing. Under Ms. Sheedy's beady eye.

Some of the Beloveds at the hotel had arrived early to help set up the room so even by the time it officially 'opened' at 6 pm there was a bit of a crowd of unmarried people.

Mar. 4th, 2009


Sadie (before the day the patrol went out)

Effie wasn't entirely calm about the notion of entertaining her first visitor in Jonathan's house. She'd made sure the parlour was clean, that there was fresh cake, and that the tea was set and ready to come through. All she needed now was her visitor.

And oh, stars, she couldn't just sit quietly waiting. Instead, she sat at her desk, carefully removing pins from a length of edging, and placing them into the pincushion tied to her wrist.

Feb. 25th, 2009


Note to Sadie

Mrs. Effield Ibis entreats the company of Miss. Sadie Blackwood to tea, and begs that she will advise a suitable date.

With kind regards,

E. Ibis

Feb. 19th, 2009


Open -

It wasn't even a day past all the happenings in town, and Sadie found herself still unsettled. Every noise in the workroom, accustomed or not, was making her jump. The thought of little machines (or whatever they were) causing so much damage was frightful. At least, if they'd been animals, she could use the excuse that they didn't know any better. That they'd been acting on instinct. But machines, machines implied intelligence. They implied that someone, somewhere had made them with intent to harm.

Finally, muttering apologies to her assistant, she'd gone outside, letter from her sister in hand but unread. She took a deep breath and tried to settle herself.

Feb. 9th, 2009


Delivery to Sadie

A delivery is made to Sadie's shop. It's a piece of well-woven ivory linen, large enough to perhaps make a pair of gloves out of and have a bit left over for something smaller. The base of a handkerchief, maybe.

The note accompanying the delivery reads:

Miss Blackwood,

I hope you don't find this too forward, but I came across this piece of cloth in my things and could think of no better place for it than with you. I hope that it is of some use to you or can be used to make something nice. I greatly enjoyed our meeting and hope that you are well.

With regards,
Daniel Masters

Feb. 7th, 2009


Open to all Beloveds

Hattie had spent the last two days baking, cleaning the house from top to bottom and decorating it with flowers. She'd brought most of the chairs in the house into the drawing room, set in little groups so people could talk comfortably, each with a little table to put their tea and cakes on. On a bigger table, there was a huge urn of tea and cakes and breads of every imaginable sort. Hattie had had the time of her life baking them!

The fun she'd had preparing could only be exceeded by the joy that filled her as she gazed about at the people filling her drawing room.

Jan. 26th, 2009



To say things were moving fast in Daniel's world was an understatement at best. He'd barely gotten in and settled, hardly started thinking about unpacking and arranging the boxes and crates and barrels waiting in the general store when he had word from Leroy that he had an appointment to keep. So in the midst of other organizing, he dug out the nicest clothes he'd brought with him, cleaned himself up and shaved and made plans to do just that. Go out and meet the Beloved Leroy thought might suit.

Which was how he ended up in the lobby of the hotel, watching the staircase hopefully on a late morning. He'd gone outside long enough to find flowers and rummaged through the stores things to find a decent length of trimming to bind around the stems so that he could make a makeshift bouquet. Then he'd headed back in, sent word up to Miss Blackwood and traded a few uncertain smiles with Gregor Hastings, the chaperone.

Jan. 24th, 2009


Town hall meeting - Open to all

The announcement about the meeting had been cried every day for the past week; every citizen had been strongly encouraged to attend.

Since it had the possibility of running for a long time -- and to give it the appropriate sense of seriousness -- the meeting was held in the cathedral, one of the only places in LeChance that could seat most of the town. Leroy stood behind the lectern, quietly talking to Ms. Sheedy as the crowd gathered. He looked tired but determined.

He invited Jonas and his staff to sit at the front of the space with him, giving them a brief rundown of what he planned and giving them a chance to voice objections or suggestions before the idea was placed before the town. Others at the front of the hall included Father Marks, the judge, council members, a historian and the principal of the schools.

Finally, on the hour, Anastacia Mason, the town crier, stepped forward and called for all to be seated and settled. She read a few commonplace announcements before introducing Leroy and moving unobtrusively to the side.

Leroy stepped up, hands behind his back and took a breath as he ordered his thoughts.

My fellow citizens... )

Jan. 6th, 2009



Sadie was sitting outside her shop becase the light was better. There were two baskets of cloth at her feet and a worried expression on her face. She sighed, snipped the edge of a brilliant blue silk and then tore it down to the other side with a loud sound. The bulk of the material was refolded and placed in the second basket then she cut off a portion of the smaller piece.

"I don't know if you're going to be usable at all," she said, not realizing that the person coming down the walk could probably hear her.

Dec. 20th, 2008


Open to All - Set Sunday night/Monday

The main gathering hall had been decorated with swags of greens and candles, lending a soft, romantic glow to the space. Tables were scattered throughout the hall and along one side there was an elborate buffett spread. Musicians had set up unobstrusively next to the large space left open for dancing.

In one corner there was a large evergreen tree decorated with more candles, preserved flowers and fruits, strings of cranberries, small paper doilies, and ribbons and tied to tree branches. But the center of attraction was the yule log burning in the huge fireplace at the end of the hall.

Before the festivities began, Leroy made a short speech thanking the residents of LeChance for the hard work over many months, congratulating the newly married and affianced, wishing everyone happy holidays and set the party in motion.

Dec. 9th, 2008



Sadie had been feeling a little under the weather. She'd come home early from the store, ate very little at dinner and ended up her evening curled on a divan in a quiet parlor, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea at easy reach.

She looked up when someone entered and smiled. "Hello," she said. "How are you this evening?"

Nov. 27th, 2008



Delilah was stood out front of her studio, hands on hips, scrunching her face at the display in the window. 

She had rescued some of the nicest flower arrangements left over after the festival had ended, and the window was full of a lovely late Autumn display. Rich strong colours of reds, deep browns and oranges in an array of dried grasses, leaves and long lasting flowers and fruits. The foliage surrounded a couple of her newest artworks, a pair of large Autumnal-themed oil paintings of LeChance buildings. Sepia-touched portraits ran around the edging of the window, reminding passersby of her main trade.

"Hmm," she said, thinking out loud, "Too much?"

Nov. 21st, 2008


Letter to Sadie

Dear Ms. Blackwood,
Would you care to accompany me to the Harvest fest?
-Catherine Lenoy


Open to all

Late in the afternoon, a small crowd gathered in a field to participate in the gathering of the final harvest of the season. They loaded it into a decorated horse-drawn wagon and followed it into town, singing songs and waving sheafs of hay.

More people followed along as the parade passed them by, leading them into the square that normally held the merchants but had been cleared earlier for the celebration. There were still a few booths set up but they'd been converted to homes for games. The growing crowd was invited to march to the cathedral for a short service or to stay at the square to help set up for a feast.

Lanterns were lit all around the buildings and the square, casting a warm glow. There was just the slightest nip in the air but that would be dispelled when the dancing started later. Enormous amounts of food were heaped on a banquet table and long tables were set with glittering china and strewn with bouquets of late-blooming flowers.

Nov. 19th, 2008



Letters to Ascendants )

Beloved )

Nov. 13th, 2008



Sadie finally had taken a break from all the sewing she'd been doing. She got a wrap and took a seat outside the shop where Mrs. Haggerty could see her and get her attention if something came up.

She had a letter from her sister that she'd already read once but wanted to read again. She paused when someone approached from down the street.

"Good afternoon," she said pleasantly.

Oct. 19th, 2008


Sadie (backdated to Saturday)

Hattie entered the seamstress' store excitedly, carrying a bag with the beginnings of Sadie's shawl and some of the fabric samples Delphina had showed her.

"Miss Blackwood? Are you here?"

Oct. 18th, 2008


Note left for Miss Blackwood

Dear Miss Blackwood,

Mr. Ibis and I have agreed that our wedding shall be on November 1st - will this give enough time for a dress? Please do let me know!


Effield Gallehawk

Oct. 14th, 2008



It was after dinner, a bit late perhaps to be calling but Sadie needed to talk to Effie and she didn't think that the other woman would mind some company.

She left her room at the hotel and sought out the lacemaker, looking for her first in the sitting room and, not seeing her there, heading up to Effie's personal rooms. She knocked lightly on the door, not wanting to disturb her if she'd already taken to bed.

Oct. 13th, 2008



Sadie was chatting with Mrs. Haggerty about some of the new fabrics they were considering for when the weather got cooler. The bell on the door twinkled softly and she looked up with a smile.

"Miss Salas!" she said as she came around the corner and dropped a little curtsy. "It's lovely to see you. How are you this afternoon?"

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