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Mar. 31st, 2009



Unwinding by horseriding was definitely the way to do it, thought Jonas to himself as he rode Ginger through town, Digger trotting alongside. Ginger had thankfully recovered extremely well from her bad experience the day the spiders had attacked the stables, the only visible sign a shiny pink scar on her left front leg.

"Mornin'," he called out to the person walking towards him.

Mar. 9th, 2009



Ever since the trip out to the fissure, Santiago had been using his free time to try to help develop some way of moving the rocks out of the cavern. He'd put his mind and hammer to trying to create some way to shield workers from the intense heat but had not had much success yet.

He was out in the yard of the smithy, staring down at a large sheet of metal when he realized he was no longer alone.

"My apologies," he said.

Mar. 5th, 2009


Mercedes-Evening after the patrol return home

7pm, and Jonas arrived promptly at Mercedes'. He was slowly unwinding from a difficult day, and he was eternally grateful that Mercedes had invited him over. It was just the tonic he needed.

He smiled broadly as he knocked on the door.

Mar. 4th, 2009


Note to Leroy (sent upon the patrol's return)


Just to let you know that your patrol has returned safe and well back home. We had some interesting discoveries along our way, which I would like to discuss with you, if I could beg a moment of your time either tonight or tomorrow?

Your humble servant,

Jonas Wilder (Sheriff)


Note to Mercedes (sent after the patrol arrived home)

Dear Mercedes,

Just a quick note to let you know we have all arrived safely back from our business at the fissure. If you'll forgive my boldness, is the offer of dinner still open? I must confess to a great desire to see you soon.

My love and affection,


Feb. 24th, 2009


Patrol-Open to all those going out to the fissure and anyone watching

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They'd met in the Town Square shortly after 1.30pm.

When it was clear that every one was there, Jonas swung up onto his borrowed mount, called Digger near, and addressed the assembled folk from horseback.

"First off, may I jus' take the opportunity to tell you how grateful this town, and indeed myself and my team are for all your valuable help and support over this last while. Hopefully now we're actually getting somewhere, but I won't lie to you, this situation is still potentially very dangerous. And so I must urge you to practice extreme caution at every turn. Your safety is paramount above and beyond anything we may find. Stick together, no wanderin' off the path. Buddy up whenever you can, even if nature calls, beggin' your pardon. Deputy Charles has your names duly noted, and we'll be checking on folks along the way. Please be aware of everything around you. If you see something out of place, unusual tracks, items, sights, sounds, hell, even smells, please bring them to the attention of either myself, or Deputies Coleman or Charles."

He waited until he was sure everyone had absorbed the information so far before continuing. "Right, we're going to head up to the trail the patrol took and past their shelter from the other night, and up on up to the fissure to the co-ordinates that Sheriff Bowbuck left behind him when he left. If we encounter any strange weather on the way, everyone is to head for that shelter, is that understood?" 

The assembled patrol murmured their agreement. "Good, good. Right. I'll head up the column for now." He looked to his deputies. "Leo, can you take the back of the line, and Andrew, if you could ride out alongside as spotter? We'll be stopping for breaks along the way so that I can check on progress and where everyone is up to. First of these I suggest'll be just up from the shelter. There's a bit of a flat area just up beyond it. We'll stop there."

He looked around the folk gathered, "And I just pray that the good Lord'll be shinin' on us, and we'll find somethin' useful. Everyone got watches to hand?" He took his out of his waistcoat pocket, and checked it against the town clock. "Happen it's now 2pm. Worse comes to worse an' we get separated, everyone's to report back here afore 4.30pm. Any questions?" he finished, looking around. "Speak up now if so." 

His eyes scanned over those assembled to look for any hands, or people shouting out with questions.

Feb. 18th, 2009



Simon was on the front porch of the apothecary again, this time with a book open on one knee and a notepad in the other, writing notes now and then as he turned pages. He was still puzzling over whether or not he thought they'd come up with the best sorts of bait for...whatever sort of menace was composed of gears and metal joints.

"Do you suppose," he asked when a shadow fell over the page, "that a mechanical creature eats the way any other does?"

Feb. 16th, 2009



Leo was still trying to wrap her brain around everything that happened. Of everything, she thought the tiny gears and leg that had been found were the most intriguing and the most mysterious. She couldn't remember when she'd seen work so small and so fine -- or if she ever had.

She'd checked in with the members of the neighborhood watch, checked on her horse and then wandered back through the town. She was off duty and just sort of meandering.

Feb. 14th, 2009


Open. Backdated to Tuesday morning.

Mid morning, and Jonas was doing a walk around town, with Digger in tow. The weather was pleasant, and problems were being shared and organised, lightening Jonas' workload and stress. Both were in playful mood, each wrestling either end of a branch. It wasn't clear who was winning just yet, but when Jonas nearly tripped into the path of someone coming their way, Digger definitely counted it as a win, yapping loudly.

"Humble apologies," Jonas half-laughed, as he tried to keep his hat on his head. "High spirits."

Feb. 6th, 2009



Late night, and most of the town were in their beds. Sheriff Jonas Wilder however, wasn't.
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.... He awoke in the early hours, still seated and slumped over at his desk, having finally exhausted and drunk himself into a restless sleep. Papers were still sticking to his face as he stirred at the cockcrow of early morning. He groaned as he unfurled his body, standing finally to clear things away. Papers back in the cabinets, books piled on his desk, cigar ash brushed away, and the decanter refilled and replaced. All before anyone else should awaken to the new day, and suspect what he'd been up to.

Jan. 26th, 2009


Mercedes-Backdated to Wednesday

Jonas arrived promptly at 5pm on Wednesday at Mercedes' place. He'd brushed up well, his hair slicked back, shoes polished, and he was wearing a smart new red shirt, along with his dress trousers and waistcoat. Clutched in his right hand was a small posy of unseasonal but very pretty wildflowers that hed collected this morning from the fields, and in his pocket in a small bottle was a tincture, carefully procurred from the Apothecary.

He took several long breaths to settle himself, and knocked firmly on the door

Jan. 24th, 2009


Town hall meeting - Open to all

The announcement about the meeting had been cried every day for the past week; every citizen had been strongly encouraged to attend.

Since it had the possibility of running for a long time -- and to give it the appropriate sense of seriousness -- the meeting was held in the cathedral, one of the only places in LeChance that could seat most of the town. Leroy stood behind the lectern, quietly talking to Ms. Sheedy as the crowd gathered. He looked tired but determined.

He invited Jonas and his staff to sit at the front of the space with him, giving them a brief rundown of what he planned and giving them a chance to voice objections or suggestions before the idea was placed before the town. Others at the front of the hall included Father Marks, the judge, council members, a historian and the principal of the schools.

Finally, on the hour, Anastacia Mason, the town crier, stepped forward and called for all to be seated and settled. She read a few commonplace announcements before introducing Leroy and moving unobtrusively to the side.

Leroy stepped up, hands behind his back and took a breath as he ordered his thoughts.

My fellow citizens... )

Jan. 20th, 2009


Letter delivered to Jonas

Dear Mr. Wilder,

It's been quite some time since our last meeting; a fact that has been much lamented. I have, at long last, been released to leave my home and have visitors once again. I hope you do not think me too forward if I ask you for the pleasure of your company. Your presence has been sorely missed and remembered fondly.


Jan. 13th, 2009



Each morning, Paul held open surgery hours from ten until twelve. Each afternoon, he received appointed patients from two until five. Each Tuesday he paid visits where necessary, which meant that Tuesday late morning found him walking home for lunch, pausing with a smile to raise his hat to the person approaching along the sidewalk, and moved to the roadside to allow them to pass. "Good morning to you."

Jan. 7th, 2009


Open--Backdated to the morning of the 31st Dec

Jonas was rattled, and incredibly uneasy.

Nov. 29th, 2008



Early Saturday morning. 

Jonas had been up early to the stables to muck out and feed Ginger, putting a extra blanket on her to keep out the chill. He'd got a brew on when he got back, and was currently trying to warm *himself* up, his hands curled around his coffee cup attempting to leach some heat from it. It may well have been cold out, but the morning was clear and crisp, and Jonas was out front of the Sheriff's office. He was enjoying watching the town gradually wake up in the early morning sunlight, and he was in bouyant spirits.

"Good Morning", he called when someone caught his eye as they walked nearby.

Nov. 21st, 2008


Open to all

Late in the afternoon, a small crowd gathered in a field to participate in the gathering of the final harvest of the season. They loaded it into a decorated horse-drawn wagon and followed it into town, singing songs and waving sheafs of hay.

More people followed along as the parade passed them by, leading them into the square that normally held the merchants but had been cleared earlier for the celebration. There were still a few booths set up but they'd been converted to homes for games. The growing crowd was invited to march to the cathedral for a short service or to stay at the square to help set up for a feast.

Lanterns were lit all around the buildings and the square, casting a warm glow. There was just the slightest nip in the air but that would be dispelled when the dancing started later. Enormous amounts of food were heaped on a banquet table and long tables were set with glittering china and strewn with bouquets of late-blooming flowers.

Nov. 16th, 2008


Open-Saturday Afternoon

Jonas was in his office and was idly looking through some of the information he'd collated from the meeting a few weeks back. He was casually reviewing it, trying to spark inspiration, as he was no further towards a conclusion. He sighed deeply in frustration as he heard a knock at the door.

"Come in. It's open," he called out loudly.

"Sorry to disturb you. There's someone out in front to see you, sir."  said Deputy Jones, peeking his head around the door somewhat nervously.

Jonas sighed again.

"I'm coming out, tell them I'll be out in a minute." Ifan nodded, and went to go and do what Jonas had asked.

Jonas put the papers to one side, and stood up.

Straightening out creases, he shook himself down. He picked up the cup that contained the last dregs of his coffee, and drained it, wincing when he realised it was stone cold. Putting the cup back down, he walked out into the front office, clapping his hands loudly once, declaring as he came through the doorway, "Now. How can I help?"

Nov. 12th, 2008


Mercedes-Backdated like woah-Tuesday Supper

(Backdated to the evening after this thread)

Paperwork had been finally dealt with, and was well out of the way. Staff had been dismissed for the evening, the office locked up, and even Mrs. Andrews had been bustled home to her husband. Jonas sighed happily, put his hands on his hips and smiled. He'd dressed the kitchen table plainly but neatly. A crisp cotton tablecloth lay over the wooden slats, with fresh cut flowers (and a matching small posy next to the vase), bread, cheese, sliced meats and various pickles all laid out on top. Thick white candles stood on wooden candlesticks, and the whole effect was warm and welcoming.

Jonas had scrubbed up, his skin feeling on the edge of sensitive-clean that was most refreshing. It made him ultra-aware of how he moved under his clothes, and he felt that set a good precedent for the evening. He wore a dark red crisp shirt, a black waistcoat and clean dress trousers to match, and he'd swapped boots for polished black shoes.

He took his pocketwatch out for about the umpteenth time, as he paced the floor again. It was edging towards 7pm, the time Jonas had invited Mercedes around to join him for supper. He was that focussed on ticking down the seconds that he jumped near on out of his skin when he heard a soft knock at the back door.

When he'd recovered, he exhaled long and low, and headed to answer the door. "Well, here goes nothing, dog," he murmured in the general direction of Digger, who was curled in front of the stove. As Jonas slid back the lock, the dog took a brief flicker of interest, before settling back. Jonas chuckled. "Great guard you are," he murmured as he opened the door.

Oct. 27th, 2008


Ms. Mias, Jonas, Courting

Paul called at the sheriff's house on the way to the Beloveds' hotel. His suit was still a little creased from being folded in his traveling trunk, which annoyed him, but he hadn't had time to let it hang any longer to allow the creases to drop out. It was, at least, smart and clean.

It was his first courting call in nearly eighteen years.

Arriving at the hotel, he took a deep breath, summoned a smile for Jonas, and went to the desk, requesting that his card should be delivered to Ms. Mias to announce his arrival, then turned back to Jonas. "It's really terribly kind of you to do this," he said, quite sincerely. "For a newcomer, as well."

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