May. 31st, 2020


what's this, another post?

I can't even say why I've been feeling chatty lately. I'd blame it on not going out as much due to the virus, but even when I was doing work and theater both, I wasn't chatting about things to people offline. And I honestly don't feel an urge to be in contact with offline people I know. So. I don't know.


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But! Today. Today was good. After yesterday's fussing with the plants and quick chores, today all I had to do was nothing.

Which is to say that I did repot the lavender so she's all set. I used her old pot to try restarting bell peppers. That pot is in my room right now high up away from the cat and once it gets to a good size I'll move it outside. I finished off yet another bag of dirt. I'm nearly sure I've gone through 4 cubit feet of dirt now, but it might be more. There are...11 plants I'm tending to right now and they all recently needed dirt either because I was starting them or because they needed fresh dirt as in the case of my spider plant. I know some of these babies are going to hibernate for the winter (such as the vegetable plants; I'll do the end of season seed collecting and just bury it for the winter to restart next year), but the others I'm needing to research a multi shelf thing for them in the bathroom I think as that has the space and window big enough. I just need to figure out what exactly and how to keep the cat from eating any of them. Which he'll try to so I need to be clever about it.

I baked bread this morning -- nom nom fresh bread -- and made oatcakes for the first time in ages. I apparently didn't write my recipe down anywhere (I made up my own years ago) so I just...threw what I thought was right in the bowl. They came out alright, but I know what to do next time and I'll write it down.

I finished the book I started Friday and have a new one to start this week. Luckily some of my stimulus went to books so I should be set for a little bit.

End of week is my first CSA box, very exciting. I'm supposed to be getting a notification tomorrow of what is likely to be in it so I can plan for anything I'll need to complete it (if it's a lot of leafy greens it means I'll need yogurt to make smoothies because even I can only eat so many salads). And a friend of mine will have eggs to share again this year so if nothing else I'll have veggies and eggs for a while. And honey; the farmer I got my CSA from teamed up with a bee keeper so for a prepaid $30 from June to October I'll be getting a pound of honey each month.

I'm considering looking into canning -- I've done canning before but for storage in the freezer. We don't have a big enough freezer really between buying meat in bulk from the local farm I found and my sibling's bags of frozen produce and big bags of chicken items. If I can at the least I'd like to have some preserves and applesauce on the shelves. Maybe potatoes and salsa or tomatoes. The salsa and tomatoes if nothing else can be mixed with beans and rice for a nice meal in the winter.

Definitely have to doing some research and making a shopping list, between plant storage for the winter (and ideally be one that I can dismantle in the warm months) and canning supplies!

May. 30th, 2020


My first SCHITT Fic

I wrote my first Schitt's Creek fic. Posted on AO3 naturally. Feels weird not to be posting here.

I still love this place.

All the fandom activity seems to be on Facebook or Tumblr these days. And I hate facebook. And I don't know how Tumblr works.

Le sigh.

Also. I don't have any schitt creek icons, and I'm pretty sure I don't remember how to make them happen. Ha!

Here is the link: The Rona


Gardening post!

Got some proper time this morning to look in on the plant babies. (I've been doing a small peek and quick watering when I get home from work because that's all the energy I have.) So far we have:

Tomatoes which are very tall right now and already flowering. I'm a bit worried because I know they're more of a chill weather plant -- they're likely doing so well because April was colder than usual -- but we'll see what happens!

So. My roses are. The flowers on them I had to dead head and I only dead headed the only flowers it had because these leaves were so healthy! Usually when I get bad flowers on a whole plants, the whole plant is done for. But the leaves are not only healthy, it's growing more! So I don't know what this plant is doing, but it's doing something. I guess it's a surprise?

Peas! ...I had originally only three vines of peas. Three! There are now seven babies and because I don't yet have poles for them to climb, I improvised kitchen twine. Tied it over the railing and then gently tied it to part of the vines. We'll see how this goes.

And this is the flower my neighbor gave me. There are new buds!

So all in all I guess I'm doing alright by these babies? I don't have a photo of our hot pepper plant -- we had to move her inside because April was too cold for her and then she decided to just wilt! But then we removed the dead leaves (which ended up being most of them, she looked quite naked once I was done!) and taking out some bad soil on top and she's been getting full sun on the porch so she's reviving. Standing proud again and growing new leaves. I did put holes in the railing planter and those flowers look good (plus the marigold seeds are finally taking root -- something was digging in the soil in the planter which is why I got some already flowering plants. It stopped whatever was digging in the soil and now the marigolds are getting in good growth). Another hole went to the pot for the roses and she's grown new leaves since. I'm going to have to repot the lavender into a bigger pot soon; she's getting too big for the one she has!

May. 24th, 2020


Two more things

First is that the postcards I got I understood to not need stamps so if you haven't gotten yours in like. Two weeks? Let me know and I will order more to resend. (Getting nervous that they haven't arrived yet!)

Second, I think it's completely valid for all of us to want things to go back to normal while also feeling like it's too soon. Thoughts? It isn't really something I'm seeing talked about. Like. Of course we all want things back to normal. But we're also scared. But no one seems to be saying (at least that I've seen) that it's ok to be feeling both. And frankly I wouldn't want to be a politician right now, having to make the choice of funding running out to keep people safe in social isolation and reopening while risking new outbreaks. But I think it's ok if we're feeling like it's soon while feeling that it's necessary to return to normal. I dunno. I'm just. Conflicted. I think we all are. And it's ok.


So far...ok?

The blessing is that. At least I haven't had to deal with the public yet.

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I'm glad we get a three day weekend. I need it. Not only because I went from not working to working, but because of the work load, between actual work and then home stuff.

BUT AT LEAST the cafe is cleaned and my house is clean and my car has what it needs and my cat's nails are clipped and he got his flea medicine and we have groceries and the plants are doing alright (they even got liquid feed this week). And I finally got in a book care package I ordered ages back.

If all I do is sleep and read tomorrow no one can blame me.

May. 20th, 2020


The 100 and Schitt's Creek and My Birthday

Today is my birthday. It was lovely.

Wife went out and got us breakfast, we both had taken the day off. Then we spent most of the day watching two very different shows with one very important thing in common.

Schitt's Creek and The 100.

What do they have in common? Multiple characters, including leads, who are part of the LGBTQ+ community AND universes where Homophobia doesn't exist. All love is on equal footing and no difference to be found between straight and same sex relationships.

Unfortunately on The 100 this means that the LGBTQ+ characters aren't immune to horrible dark fates. But in SC it means the opposite, the LGBTQ+ characters aren't immune to beautiful loving futures.

SC has already finished its run. The 100 started the beginning of its end tonight.

This means 2020 will bring me COVID and the end of two of my favorite all time shows. FUCK 2020!

I hope this is a new beginning though. I hope more shows will look like this in the future. :)