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Oct. 13th, 2013


contact post

As a couple people may have noticed, the former moderators of oldschoolrp have decided to step aside, but they were keen on having the community continue after their departure, so you have some new moderators. This is a new contact post for a new generation so that we are not spamming their emails with comments for a community they are not currently running, though it is identical to the old one in content! If you need to get in touch for any reason, this is the place to do it.

Contact Your Mods )

Oct. 6th, 2008


Comment the mods.

Questions? Concerns? Pleading a case for an RP? Need a tag removed? Wanna affiliate? Just need to talk to one of us?

Comment here!

Before asking a question, check to see if it's already answered here.


  • Why hasn't my game gotten through the queue yet?
    There are several reasons:
        1. We simply haven't gotten to it yet. We are busy people and have plenty other things to do.
        2. Is this a first time post? It takes us longer to go through the comm and such to be sure the game fits the criteria.
        3. Is it a Harry Potter game? Due to the sheer amount of HP games submitting here, they will be making it through the queue a lot slower than other games. We will be staggering games so that we don't see eight HP games in a row. So this means we may have to keep your game in the queue until a non-HP game comes through. Sorry to those of you with HP games, but it's getting a bit ridiculous the sheer number of them out there, and we don't want this ad community completely overrun by them.

  • Why was my game rejected?
    We give reasons in the rejection, but it's usually because you didn't add a subject, or your game doesn't fit the criteria. Be sure to read the rules before posting.

  • If my ad's rejected, can I resubmit?
    Sure, as long as you fix what was wrong. As in supply a subject, or whatever was missing. You cannot resubmit Twilight, celeb, or games with excessive subcomms.

  • Why was my ad deleted?
    The most likely reason is that the ad coding was b0rked, thus screwing up the community layout. Another reason is that it was mistakenly accepted. We will comment you to let you know if your ad's being deleted, and you are free to resubmit with it corrected, if that applies.

  • Why was I removed/banned?
    You repeatedly submitted celeb games, Twilight games, games with storyline comms, or anything else that goes against the rules. Three strikes and you're out. If you rejoin to post again, you get banned.

  • Why don't you accept celeb or Twilight games?
    Honestly, because we don't like them and it's our prerogative what rules to lay down here. There are plenty of other ad communities out there to advertise those kinds of games. We're up front about it though so you don't waste your time submitting only to be rejected for subject matter.

  • I forgot to tag. Will my ad be rejected?
    You don't have to tag your ad, and we won't reject you for neglecting to do so. We can do that, though it's better if you do since you know your game better than we do. Tagging your ad does get it accepted faster though, since it's less work for us to do. If you are going to tag it though, don't simply make up your own. Use the ones created for the community so there is order. If a tag you want isn't there, drop us a line here to create it. If you accidentally put the wrong one and need it removed, you can ask us to do that there too.

  • It's been a week since my last post but I'm still on the front page. Can I post again?
    Yes, we will just delete your older ad when we go to approve the new one. We like as much diversity as possible so people can see a variety of things. Keep in mind there are only 15 entries per page so this shouldn't have to happen. Just don't submit more frequently than one a week. If you've got more than one mod, coordinate.