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25 March 2011 at 12:14 am
[She's taking a break from other research and reading, so for once, she's not back in the stacks of the heavier sciences; instead, there's an unusually quiet and calm eight-year-old girl browsing the fiction section.]

[She's currently browsing around the fantasy section, with a couple romance novels tucked under on arm.]

[Feel free to disturb!]

[Yes, they are awfully thick books for a second-grader.]
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19 March 2011 at 03:07 pm
[So they'd waited to pull the meeting they'd concluded was probably needed - to be honest, as much as she'd said she was in favor of filling her ersatz roommate in before he got too curious? She still valued her privacy, and every extra person that knew who she was, was another way she could end up dead very fast when they eventually got back home.]

[Still, Conan had a point - they could use all the help they could get in the absence of their usual (if mostly unwitting) support structure of Agasa, Ran, and the others.]

[This is why Saguru would be coming home that evening to a few of the lights on, and two small children that were waiting in stony silence with expressions entirely too serious for eight year olds.]

[Post is basically joint - thread order Hakuba -> Conan -> Haibara]
[Video/Open -- Action/Closed | Sector 4 Gardens]
15 February 2011 at 02:23 pm
[Action/Closed to Alucard | Gardens | A few hours before the morning announcement]

[Despite the closed environment, preventive measures are needed for critter control. A section of the park with delicate flower beds and bushes are roped off, allowing Ken to spray pesticide. Good thing it has to be done at the rarer hours of the day so the fumes will not affect too many people.

Then again, he had not been able to sleep properly, what with what transpired the night before.

A solo tree was part of the enclosure however, and little did he know he was not alone...]


[Video/Open | Park | Daytime]

[Guess who seems glad to be assigned to gardening (again) today? Lightly humming a random tune as he went along, taking out surprise weeds, and getting a feel of the soil through his fingers. He had a notepad with him though...]

Say -- you guys know how long we have 'til spring?

And while we're at it -- any flowers or plants in particular you'd like to see in the gardens?

(( OOC: Ken's second & last day of being restrained! Thread with Alucard's closed, but those who still have their restraints on and are assigned to garden duty can also make their own threads here! :D ))
[video feed]
12 February 2011 at 10:28 pm
[HELLO MARINA, it is night time and we hope you're sleeping well. It's been such a quiet night, hasn't it? Well, maybe not quiet, but it could certainly be louder than it is right now!

No? Well that's too bad.

Vriska has the video feed on this time, even if it's just black at first. That's because her headset is in her hair as she tries to turn it around to where it's supposed to be on her face. This takes about five minutes, interrupted every minute or so with a small fit of giggles.

There we go! The feed is now situated properly on her now. There is a light coming from the side (looks like someone replaced her lamp) that illuminates half of her.

Does she look a bit... uncharacteristically giddy to you?]

Okay... Okay, so. Thissssssss is really, really important. Okay? Okay.

[Pauses for a good 15 seconds, trying so hard... not to laugh.]

My arms... My arms are noodles!

[And then she breaks out giggling again. Oh dear.]

[As of this thread Vriska is now unable to respond to any more responses. ♥]

[ooc; TL;DR vriska dislocated her ankle and the hospital bots gave her medication to deal with the pain. she's just a little loopy and frighteningly excited about nothing in particular.]
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12 February 2011 at 01:49 am
[Saguru and Haibara have taken over one of the residental suites in the shelter, Saguru figuring that Haibara would be glad to be out of eyesight while wearing a restraint and both willing to rest while they figured out their next plan. Saguru had returned from the dining hall not terribly long ago with tea and biscuits for he and Haibara, and he was enjoying them while thinking everything over.

It was there that they heard Euphemia's initial post and the warnings that follow soon after, and after a glance at Haibara's fake name-- Sherry? that certainly fit a naming trend he was familiar with-- Saguru very calmly went over to the door, made sure it was securely closed, and then pushed the sofa over to block it. Just in case, you know; it pays to be prepared.]

That should hold, assuming she doesn't find a gun.

[and then a small bit of video, filtered to Kid relatively well.]

We've barricaded ourselves inside our room in the shelter, for now. If you should want to hide with us, you're welcome to it, but I imagine you still have tricks up your sleeve as far as disappearing outside goes. If you hear before we do that Euphemia has been restrained, the mention would be nice, although we're equipped to last out a few hours. I don't imagine it will take longer than that.

[and then a public video, so this post isn't completely locked orz-- but filtered pointedly away from Euphemia.]

I'm afraid that a time of crisis seems like a poor time to make an introduction, but all the same. I met a few of you earlier, but it seems there's quite a few more people to meet and a much more I should know about this.

I'm Saguru Hakuba. I'm a detective from England. [not Japanese at all, why do you ask?] Any extra tips you could provide to the situation would be appreciated.
11 February 2011 at 05:20 pm
[strained voice post, filtered from Euphie]

As I'd like to hope I don't need to tell anyone after that post, stay away from Euphemia if you are Japanese! She is a teenage girl with long pink hair, and she's under a spell -- a curse that forces her to attack and kill anyone she knows or believes to be Japanese. She's currently in the shelter and is heading for Sector 4, so if you're in that area, avoid her at all costs! She can and will attack anyone who gets in her way.

I need the defense force to take her into custody immediately, she is a danger to herself and others in this state, but her condition can be fixed! We just need to stop, disarm, and restrain her before she hurts someone, or engages someone who will hurt her.

[Video/Action] Never a quiet moment....
08 February 2011 at 08:58 pm
[Haibara is sitting on the edge of the koi pond with a cup of coffee - typical disposable-type cup.]

[She is distinctly unamused, and the camera is carefully angled to be shoulders-up; she's not feeling like advertising the stupid ball and chain.]

There's a friend of mine - I don't know if he's here, but if he is, I need to find him... he's a little boy my age with black hair and large glasses... He asks too many questions and he's in trouble a lot -

[abruptly there's a second voice, deeper and older as a young man with tea-colored hair comes into the video frame.] --Are you looking for someone, miss?

[She looks up, has a processing pause, and a blink of recognition-] Yes - aren't you ... Hakuba-san? The detective that chases Kid? [Well, this should make things easier, she's heard about him.] I'm looking for Conan-kun....

[Saguru responds with an affirmative nod] I am. I just arrived here, as well--

[And just as abruptly as Hakuba's entrance into the video there's another interruption, this time in the form of a white blur falling into the video from above (and coincidentally right on top of the poor detective who was speaking). He lands off screen, but after a few seconds of silence a third voice can be heard mumbling very irately, 'Well, that didn't work...' A second after he finishes speaking, the feed finally clicks off.]

[ooc: everyone who voice/video tags gets three-teamed with responses! Enjoy.]