[video | open]
12 July 2010 at 11:57 pm

[Clink clink clink and then he picks up a cute little biology text book he found while browsing the library so he can show it to everyone! GIR can read, actually, yes! ...Though he's holding the book upside down. He flips to a page and starts to point to one he's been very interested in!]

Does anybody know where I can find one-a THEEEESE???

[And, ta-dah: a picture...of a penis.]

((ooc: s-sob. I'm so sorry.))
09 July 2010 at 08:29 pm
I think a little girl's coming to kill me.

[from this. matter of fact. not at all like someone who should be freaking out right about now.]
[voice that is accidental for a good cause!]
09 July 2010 at 06:44 pm
[there's just this loud smacking noise as a communicator gets thrown at Lero's head - pushing the button as it hits the poor umbrella in the face.]


Be quiet Lero. [lots of clanging - and is that the sound of something burning? Dear God it is]

[Road huffs.]

This is stupid. I don't - [pause as she slams something down violently] It's green. Is it supposed to be-?

[sizzling- and Road yelps in pain.]

Road-tama should be more careful, lero! What would the Earl say if he saw Road-tama like this, lero-

[and it gets cut off as Road picks up something else to fling at the poor umbrella]

I said be quiet!

[ KO ]

ooc: Road is cooking! because who else is going to do it? and trying very hard not to show that she is obviously affected by the absence of the Earl. sob. Action's always open for Tyki.
08 July 2010 at 11:33 am
[It has been the longest morning, Marina. Longest. And it finds Jun at the observation deck, sitting on a bench and curled around his knees. He's fiddling with his communicator, and eventually, he speaks.]

Hey, question...for everyone, really. When you've had a...bad day, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

[He's good at making this sound like he's just idly wondering, we swear.]

[ooc: Anyone at the observation deck can totally poke the moessiah! You know you want to.]
07 July 2010 at 08:25 am
[Although the post is directed to Jennifer, it is not private at all! Why should it be private if it's such bright news?]

Jennifer-san, it looks like I'm going to need your help, ahaha!

[For someone asking for help, he doesn't sound unhappy at all! It's because he has such happy news. In fact, he can hardly contain himself as he says the following words:]

I'm getting married, ahahahaha!
[Action | Slumber Party Event]
02 July 2010 at 05:58 pm
[Evening is quickly approaching in Marina. The artificial sun is slipping away and the shelter has been outfitted with lots of snack foods for lovers of sweet and salty alike, board and card games, movies from the families of guilty pleasures as well as the spooky, pillows, blankets, and even some sleeping bags. They were not easy to find!

This can only mean one thing. It must be time for....


And, yes, as requested a few doors to unoccupied rooms have been marked private.]

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[Action | Open]
24 June 2010 at 06:44 am
[Fire festival...

There were no festivals in Tokyo-3. The simple task of staying alive was enough to fill every second, and once the Angel attacks began, no one knew when it was safe to be outside and when a state of emergency might be called without warning. Still, she misses Tokyo-3 sometimes. At least everything there was familiar. She feels she's dealt well with all the changes, but that doesn't mean she's always appreciated them.

Currently, she's sitting by the bonfire, watching the flames lick their way higher and higher as though reaching for the top of the dome. She's got a lot on her mind, which is one of the changes about this place that she doesn't appreciate - she never had anything on her mind in Tokyo-3 but work and survival. A simple, cyclic pattern of days occasionally broken by moments of extreme stress, rather than this constant low-grade gnawing at her thoughts. Which is better?

Which is more human?

She curls her knees to her chest and continues to watch the bonfire, the firelight turning her pale skin almost bronze and causing her red eyes to flicker strangely. A festival. Another first.]
Mood: pensive
22 June 2010 at 04:47 pm
Creepy video ahoy! )

((ooc: Possible trigger if you are a big fan of dogs. Or animals. Also note no 'puppies' are hurt in the making of this post.))
[action // open]
21 June 2010 at 01:15 pm
[Hikaru was in the common room, playing a board game by himself. He had a nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep, or didn't want to. He wasn't even sure which it was, but nevertheless, he brought with him Chanel, he and Kaoru's white ferret, for company. As much as he wanted to wake Kaoru, he couldn't do that to his little bro. Even though it was days ago now, he was still freaked out by that whole thing with Kaoru having gotten as sick as he did.

It was really quiet at this time of day. It made him feel a little restless.]

King me.

[Hikaru said quietly to Chanel, deciding he was now playing with the ferret.]
[ Voice ]
15 June 2010 at 11:09 am
I believe I've let you all go long enough without a word from me! So here we go.~


If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?~

How are you different now that you've been here? Has there been any change? Do you like it? Do you regret it?
[video | open][action | open to housemates]
14 June 2010 at 07:23 pm
So, I guess that explosion in my dream was an actual explosion then. I kind of got used to them with Anissina's lab not that far way in Shin Makoku. [Sheepish laugh] Acumen said it was just terrain and buildings. That means everyone is okay, right? He wouldn't just skip the part where someone was hurt.

...Would he?

Does anyone know what happened?

Oh, and to all new people! You should join the baseball team! Or cheerleading I guess...

[Fail private to Joshua]
Hey Josh, so dinner tonight then?
[action / event?]
12 June 2010 at 08:44 pm
[Just a little past midnight, the sky in Sector 1 explodes, a roiling sphere of black and red flame billowing out in eerie rings, crackling with dark electricity. The thunderous sound and the shaking of the ground can be noted all over the dome. Several buildings near the graveyard crack or outright crumble under the pressure of the explosion, but it buffets the dome walls to no effect. The flare of fire fades after a few long seconds, and leaves behind only still silence.

[The graveyard is in ruins, and the nearby buildings are not in much better shape. There are small scattered fires, and debris everywhere.

[Allen Walker is lying on the ground here, clothing torn and skin bloodied. He is unconscious. No one else is around...]

((ooc: This is OPEN. Comment here to arrive on the scene and thread amongst yourselves. Allen will not be directly responding to anyone who doesn't actually attack him, and he may in fact NOT still be there when you arrive, so please focus on each other, NOT on him. More combat may break out, so be warned that the situation may change rapidly if you tag.))
Video - Action
07 June 2010 at 09:56 pm
[The video clicks on to show a well-groomed man in a black suit, with a extremely irritated expression on his face.] What is this nonsense... [Sounding very agitated and looking very agitated;] Grell Sutcliff, what kind of joke is this? I have had enough of your games.

…Putting me in here and saying that this is a prison--it is unacceptable. [He motions around himself- he's in the park in Sector 4, so anyone walking by might notice him wandering around, muttering to himself.] And what is worse, my Death-Scythe is gone. [He took the welcome message as a complete joke, too.]
06 June 2010 at 11:08 am
360 Kick Flip!

[It's late and not exactly the time that most people would use for skateboarding, but Kid was bored and found it hard to sleep so that's exactly what he's doing. It was nice to be able to move around freely without that horrible ball and chain attached to his leg. With that thing on, he found that he couldn't move around very freely and with not much to distract him, his thoughts had been drawn to the situation at home and worrying about his friends. Now that it was off, he could do this to distract him from those thoughts. Not to mention the park made for a great place to do some awesome tricks.]
[Action | Open]
05 June 2010 at 06:14 pm
[Another night without sleep. Rei's too restless, too upset by the news she's received from Tieria to even consider sleep. Once she's determined that Tsukasa is safely in bed, she leaves her new house and wanders the streets of her sector. She considers going to visit Ribbons, but Hilling will likely be there as well, and they must discuss this privately.

What grave acts has he committed? What was he willing to sacrifice to achieve his goal? How much is he really like Ikari Gendo?

And how could she not have known?

She finds herself at the opening to the Butterfly Pavilion, but cannot enter. Too many of those memories have been bathed in darkness. Instead, she heads for the park and sits beneath one of the trees, staring up at the endless sea of fake stars. He said he missed the sky. Will she ever be able to forget these little details of their conversation, which are still so fresh in her mind?]

((ooc: late night wanderers can find her in Sector 5, outside the Pavilion or in the park!))
Mood: melancholy
04 June 2010 at 05:24 pm
It appears I have a slight problem.

Is there any brave soul that might be willing to help me out?~
[Video | Action | Open]
04 June 2010 at 12:31 pm
[Grell is sitting outside of the clothing store in Sector 5 with an incredibly bored look upon his face. The guy just can't catch a break. Despite the fact that he hails from the late 19th century, he feels as if there was far more to do back in London... especially since he had a great job and his Death Scythe with him then.]

So, tell me~ What is there to do around here~!??

I've been incredibly bored for the past couple of weeks and that just will not do! It seems as if there is nothing worthwhile to occupy my time~

[Brief pause]

And my hair... my HAIR!!! It looks terrible!!! The ends are in shambles and it is getting just too long for my taste! I can't go on like this!

Can anybody recommend a stylist? Is there anybody that can help me with this??!

I cannot go on looking like I've been neglecting my appearance!
[voice/action open]
19 May 2010 at 07:25 pm
[Anyone out in the rain near Sector 5 will see a young girl with an annoyed expression on her face. So very unamused. Feels like she's been sleeping for a long time...that and did she really have to wake up outside with all this rain? Flatly-]

My dress is wet.

[lmao my fail Grumpy Noah girl with a raging headache is a go]
[Action, Open]
18 May 2010 at 04:30 pm

[Sakamoto's cheeks are red and his aimless, not entirely in one direction, walk is back again. Earlier that morning, after realizing that everyone was healed and that things were alright, he had downed as much alcohol as possible in order to get himself drunk again. This was probably the longest stretch of days that he had gone being sober... Ever, really. But now that the ordeal was over, he could go back to being silly and reckless and happy!

....And then he bumped into a wall.

Ohp! Did that really happen? I didn't feel it! I guess I'm drunk again, ahahaha!

[But a grin spreads over his face and he pumps a fist in the air- He's just so relieved that everybody's alright again! But he wanted everyone else to be just as happy as he was- So he decided that the best thing to do would be to spread his cheer to everyone else by giving them hugs! It didn't exactly occur to him that some people weren't very fond of those...]

((OOC note: Hey everyone! In this post, Sakamoto will be giving hugs to every character he runs into! We need so some super happy spectacular cheer after that emotastic event.))
16 May 2010 at 05:31 pm
[Orihime plays with her communicator a bit until it turns on. She's looking much better, smiling into the communicator, wearing pajamas and without the pins in her hair, for once. She's also curled up with her back to the wall and her legs to her chest, on the floor of her new house. There are no lights on.]

I picked out a house...! I thought it would be kind of cool to have one, since -- ehe, Tokyo real estate is so expensive, maybe I won't ever be able to afford a house. There's all these rooms and all this space! I have an entire floor just to hang out on, and then there's bedrooms upstairs...

[She trails off a little, and glances back at the house, smile dimming slightly as she considers it. Still pleased, but something's still bothering her.]

But it's so much bigger than my apartment, and kind of quiet... I can't get to sleep now.

So, um. [sheepishly] What's everyone else's living situation, I guess? Did you move in with friends, or with friends you made here...? Do you have a house or an apartment or live in the big underground shelter thing...?