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May. 22nd, 2008



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Thank you to everyone for making this a successful fest, and we look forward to next year!


Comment Pr0n Day 3

The last of the comment pr0n AND the watcher fics that were previously submitted!

The reveal and winners will be announced tonight! 10 points separate #1 from #4 and, thus, we're doublechecking our figures.

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And the last of the prompts are the art prompts:

Most Important H/D Moment from the Books

May. 18th, 2008


Guess the Author/Artist!

Guess the Author/Artist. Team Rosters have been updated to reflect current participants. Please note that one participant could very well have submitted two works due to pinch hitting status.

Also - Please note that all links refer to Livejournal postings.

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Comment pr0n Day 1

All polls are now closed. We will be tabulating the votes and announcing on the 21st of May!

In the meantime - we are opening the prompts up for comment pr0n! Authors and Artists are more than welcome to fulfill a prompt or three :D.

Today's prompts are:

The Fool
The Magician
The Empress
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot
The Hermit
Wheel of Fortune

To clarify - Artists can respond to the author prompts and authors can respond to the artist prompts!

Finally - a "Guess the Author/Artist" poll will be coming. The coding is 75% done and should go up soon!

May. 10th, 2008


Research and Development - Team Fanon

Title: Research and Development
Team: Fanon
Author: [info]sassy_cissa
Prompt: The World
Wordcount: 17,172
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None.
Summary: Draco comes back into Harry's life just as several of Harry's patients are beset by a mysterious new ailment. Racing against the clock, and their rising passions, can Harry and Draco work together to find a cure... or will they be too late?
Author's Note: Thanks to all my Betas and the Vegas girls! Based on this meaning of the card, with focus on the aspect of ending at the beginning, beginning at the end.

Research and Development )


The Path to the Astronomy Tower - Team EWE

Title: The Path to the Astronomy Tower
Team: Team EWE
Author: [info]stillaseeker
Prompt: The World
Wordcount: 1700ish
Rating: PG/Soft R
Warnings: None.
Summary: 'I can forgive, but I cannot forget,' is only another way of saying, 'I will not forgive.' One step forwards, two steps back. Draco's journey, in the eyes of certain Hogwarts portraits.
Author's Note: The interpretation of the 'World' that I used can be found here. Many thanks to my wonderful beta A and to the amazingly supportive Team EWE — Ewe rock! =D

The Path to the Astronomy Tower )


Unity - Team Epilogue

Title: Unity
Team: Epilogue
Author: [info]confusedkayt
Prompt: The World
Wordcount: 2,097
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Summary: The world is bigger than England. The task is bigger than a hero. And the time is ripe.
Author's Note: Thank you to my lovely beta, S, and to the very helpful N, and L for their zillions of contributions.

Unity )


Even When Things Change - Team Canon

Title: Even When Things Change
Team: Team Canon
Author: [info]wayharshtai
Prompt: The World
Wordcount: 5261
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Summary: Disappointment or completion? The choice is yours, according to The World.
Author's Note: The World can mean coming full circle, having everything fall into place, but if you flip it, you get the opposite—a resistance to change, disappointment.

Even When Things Change )

May. 8th, 2008


Caught Between the Windows and the World - Team Fanon

Title: Caught Between the Windows and the World.
Team: Team Fanon
Author: [info]jamie2109
Prompt: Temperance
Wordcount: 16,950
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Light BDSM
Summary: His hour was rapidly becoming a cherished time of day and Draco felt free to think things he'd never imagined before. These things became a promise, a wish, and a desire.
Author's Note: Thanks to my betas A and A. Based on this meaning of the card focusing on the blending of opposites and tempering a stronger bond together than apart.

Caught Between the Windows and the World )


A Very Cunning Plan - Team EWE

This story has been disqualified due to unsportsmanlike conduct by its author including wanking while under sock.

Disqualified )


Homecoming - Team Epilogue

Title: Homecoming
Team: Epilogue
Author: [info]novembersnow
Prompt: Temperance
Wordcount: Approx. 27,000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Infidelity, sort of (divorce in progress)
Summary: Harry thinks spending two weeks as a guest lecturer at Hogwarts will offer the perfect chance to get away from his troubles. Then he meets his assigned faculty guide: Potions Master Draco Malfoy.
Author's Note: Grateful thanks to my two industrious (and pushy!) betas, who will be named later.

Homecoming )


Second Hands of Time - Team Canon

Title: Second Hands of Time
Team: Canon
Author: [info]sev1970
Prompt: Temperance
Wordcount: 12,000
Rating: R
Warnings: language, frottage, epilogue-compliant, non-linear
Summary: Harry Potter is the quintessential Gryffindor, and Draco Malfoy the perfect representative of Slytherin house. What happens when the latter has to temper the former as they navigate their way through the past?
Author's Note: “How can you mix fire and water?” the Fool finally whispers. Never pausing the Angel answers, “You must have the right vessels and the right proportions.” Thanks to my betas.

Second Hands of Time )

May. 6th, 2008


Who Can Stand? - Team Fanon

Title: Who Can Stand?
Team: Fanon
Author: [info]oldenuf2nb
Prompt: The Chariot
Wordcount: 22,000
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, slash, sexual situations, adult language, angst
Summary: The Chariot: Opposites, one light, one dark, learning to work together for Victory, then coming to realize that Victory is not the end, but a new beginning.
Author's Note: Special thanks to beloved team members (you know who you are) and betas K, W, S and E. Couldn't have made it without you!

Who can Stand? )


Wheels of Fire (The Official Autobiography of Harry Potter) - Team EWE

Title: Wheels Of Fire (The Official Autobiography of Harry Potter)
Team: Team EWE
Author: [info]captain_tulip
Prompt: The Chariot
Wordcount: 9,468
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Alternating point of view, offensive language.
Summary: Harry's been wanting to publish an autobiography for years; only problem is, he can't write for peanuts. Enter Draco Malfoy: broke, surly and the best ghost writer in the business.
Author's Note: Big thanks to my wonderful team, our lovely team captain and my two marvellous betas; ewe guys rock! A big apology to Harry — I hope he'll forgive me. :-)

Wheels of Fire (The Official Autobiography of Harry Potter) )


Love in a London Tube Stop (Under Construction) - Team Epilogue

Title: Love in a London Tube Stop (Under Construction)
Team: Team Epilogue
Author: [info]klynie1
Prompt: The Chariot
Wordcount: About 18,400
Rating: NC-17-lite
Warnings: Infidelity (but in an open marriage, which should probably be another warning, I suppose), Open marriage (see?), Cheating (for readers who are hopelessly honest), A Very Tiny Bit of girl-kissing-girl action
Summary: A Romance, In Diverse Parts, Involving Champions, Cheating and Chariots in Various and Sundry Combinations.
Author's Note: A literal translation of my card, as a tribute to the Chariot many ride: the London Underground. Hugs and love to Team Epilogue. Any mistakes you notice are my own.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and all associated characters from the Harry Potter universe are the property of J.K. Rowling and those to whom she has licensed her creations, including without limitation Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoat Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No copyright infringement is intended. The author is making no profit from this story.

Love in a London Tube Stop (Under Construction) )


Wall of Glass - Team Canon

Title: Wall of Glass
Team: Canon
Author: [info]waterbird
Prompt: The Chariot
Wordcount: 13,400
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After the war, Draco Malfoy finds that some battles are just beginning.
Author's Note: The Chariot can represent perseverance, triumph over obstacles and the merging of opposites. Many thanks to my beta readers.

Wall of Glass )

May. 4th, 2008


A Caller in the Storm - Team Fanon

Title: A Caller in the Storm
Team: Fanon
Author: [info]me_midget
Prompt: The Hermit
Wordcount: 8,200
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Harry has left the Wizarding World for good and is living in a hut in Lake District. Life is calm and good, and Harry thinks he finally has everything he needs, but a caller in storm that rages one night might change everything.
Author's Note: I'd like to thank the amazing Team FANON. Special thanks goes to F (I wouldn't have managed to do this without you!) and to Y, who was wonderful beta-reader!

A Caller in the Storm )


To the Sheer Love of Madness - Team EWE

Title: To the Sheer Love of Madness
Team: Epilogue, What Epilogue?
Author: [info]winnett
Prompt: The Hermit
Wordcount: 23,000
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Summary: Voldemort was gone. The Death Eaters were gone. Unfortunately, Harry Potter's mind was gone as well.
Author's Note: The Hermit signifies that each person must find his own way and own truth, governing the search for self and identity. Thanks so much to my betas and Team EWE!

To the Sheer Love of Madness )


Equal Vows - Team Epilogue

Title: Equal Vows
Team: Team Epilogue
Author: [info]lesyeuxverts00
Prompt: The Hermit
Wordcount: 21k
Rating: hard R
Warnings: infidelity, forced bonding (of a sort)
Summary: Harry learns to act without Dumbledore's guidance. Draco is lost without Snape, and will do anything to get his mentor back.
Author's Note: I used the literal meaning of the prompt and the Tarot interpretation, the hermit as a guide or mentor. Huge thanks to my betas, who made all the difference.

Equal Vows )


The Hermit - Team Canon

Title: The Hermit
Team: Canon
Author: [info]ravenna_c_tan
Prompt: The Hermit
Wordcount: 16,000
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Warnings: Explicit sex
Author's Note: The Hermit: "Withdrawal, acting alone... Difficulty connecting with the world or other people," i.e. 6th year Draco, carried forward into this story, while Harry is reversed: integral to his society

The Hermit )

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