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[Nov. 21st, 2010|12:06 am]

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WHO: Gretchen Watkins, Trevor Scabior & Natalie McDonald
WHAT: a ... meeting of the minds, so to speak
WHERE: Scabior Manor
WHEN: Saturday night
WARNINGS/RATING/STATUS: Lots of hot hot sex/NC17/Finished log

There were a number of things that Trevor did not like waking up to, a sexy ginger snogging him was certainly not on that particular the list, more the opposite. )
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[Nov. 13th, 2010|12:07 pm]

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Characters: Natalie McDonald and Roman Watkins, Open
Setting: Thursday evening at the Vault
Summary: BFF bonding time!
Rating/Disclaimer: G-PG or Awesome. Take your pick.

She was tired and sore and at this point in the day she felt it was mostly for good reasons. )
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[Nov. 11th, 2010|11:26 pm]

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WHO: Gretchen Watkins, Trevor Scabior & Natalie McDonald
WHAT: meeting for drinks... and more?
WHERE: The Troll's Head
WHEN: Thursday night
WARNING/RATING/STATUS: Drinkin', cursin', maybe sex/R for now/Ongoing

Gretchen had invited her to get a drink at the Trolls Head and Natalie made it point to not turn down attractive people asking her out. )
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[Nov. 5th, 2010|08:45 pm]

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WHO: Roman Watkins, Gretchen Watkins & Natalie McDonald
WHAT: A meeting between long lost siblings
WHERE: Nat and Roman's house
WHEN: early Friday morning
WARNING/RATING/STATUS: cursing, mentions of sex/PG/Finished

Apparating into the bedroom of the woman she was going to fuck wearing nothing but a birthday crown was a good idea until you woke up and wanted something to drink. )
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[Nov. 2nd, 2010|08:03 pm]

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WHO: Shannon MacFusty & Rolf Scamander
WHAT: adorableness
WHERE: Rolf's house
WHEN: Tuesday evening

Winding her way through dogs, she made her way to Rolf's study. She pushed the door open with her hip, her greeting dying in her throat at the sight that greeted her. )
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[Oct. 31st, 2010|08:13 pm]
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Who: Lennox and Rhydian
What: Having a drink.
Where: Artisan Wine Bar - Battersea
When: Eight o'clock, tonight.
Warnings: TBA

He attributed it to finishing his current book and not having something to replace it... )
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[Oct. 31st, 2010|07:53 pm]
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Who: OPEN to anyone at Hogwarts during or after the Halloween Feast.
What: The Halloween Feast!
Where: Hogwarts, the Great Hall; possibly other places.
When: Tonight
Warnings: TBA / Up to you.
Status: Open - I've put up some subthreads, just to keep things organized for anyone who wants to hop in. If anyone wants to divide them further, do so to your heart's content!

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[Oct. 31st, 2010|07:40 pm]
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Who: Snape
What: A graveside visit.
Where: The churchyard in Godric's Hollow
When: Tonight, after sundown
Warnings: Much, much rambly introspection. Much.

It couldn't mean that he was obliged to leave a part of himself for dead.  )
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[Oct. 29th, 2010|12:18 pm]

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Who: Zacharias Smith and Merlin Toke.
When: October 29th. Evening.
Where: Zacharias's flat.
What: Date.
Rating: TBD.
Status: Incomplete/Closed.

Datey date date )
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[Oct. 27th, 2010|08:43 pm]

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WHO: Verity & Fred Weasley
WHAT: Verity's homecoming
WHERE: Verity & Fred's house
WHEN: backdated to after this

Charlie was asleep by the time Verity got home, the house was quiet and her heart was aching as she walked in through the front door. She'd only been gone two nights, but both had been long, painful and sleepless. She wanted to go up and hug her daughter, even though part of her prickled at listening to Oliver's patronising advice. She hadn't wanted to storm out and leave everything she loved, but she hadn't been able to listen to Fred anymore.

Spending the night at her cousin's house had just cemented her belief that he was no longer a bad guy. She didn't know what it would take to convince Fred of that fact, but she knew she had to try. Or, if he wasn't willing to drop this ridiculous hatred of her cousin, he could at least keep it to himself.

"Fred?" she called, softly, glancing upstairs in the hopes that she hadn't woken Charlie.
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[Oct. 25th, 2010|07:43 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Who: West and Caine
When: Friday night
Where: West's home
What: Taking about stolen necklaces and women.
Rating: TBA

A bloke could dream - but at some point he had to stop dreaming. )
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[Oct. 19th, 2010|06:55 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Who: Jack Sloper and Andrew Kirke.
When: October 19th. Evening.
Where: Their flat ---> Out!
What: A date.
Rating: TBD.
Status: Incomplete/Closed.

In which Jack and Andrew go on an official date )
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[Oct. 19th, 2010|02:34 am]

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WHO: Gretchen Watkins, Verity Weasley & Trevor Scabior
WHAT: Gretch and Verity bump into each other in the morning
WHERE: Gretch and Trevor's house
WHEN: the morning after this
WARNING/RATING/STATUS: Post sexing imagery and bacon contained within, no kids or jews allowed/PG13?/Ongoing

the smell of bacon wasn't one that woke gretchen often )
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[Oct. 18th, 2010|12:09 am]

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WHO: Verity Weasley & Trevor Scabior
WHAT: Verity's upset and seeks comfort from her favourite cousin
WHERE: Trev's house
WHEN: after this
WARNING/RATING/STATUS: cursing probably, lots of tears definitely/PG13?/Ongoing

Brushing away tears, Verity took a deep breath, trying to calm herself as she walked away from Angelina's flat. Knockturn was out, she couldn't go wandering around there when Alicia had just been kidnapped. It was late enough that Trevor might not be there, she couldn't count that he'd happen along to protect her. His house, well his parent's house really, was the only other option she had.

She closed her eyes and spun in place, against her judgement, just wanting to be away from Fred at that moment. She'd spent plenty of time at the Scabior manor when she was younger, but hadn't been there in many years. Popping into existence, she found it hadn't changed much and wrapped her sweater around herself, making her way up the driveway to the front door.

She didn't hear the guard behind her until it was too late, a slight crunching step, dislodging of the gravel on the driveway and she spun around, heart in her throat. Only halfway through the turn, the spell hit her and she crumpled, unconscious, to the cold ground.
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[Oct. 17th, 2010|09:55 pm]

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WHO: Verity and Fred Weasley
WHAT: fightin'!
WHERE: Angelina's
WHEN: after this
WARNING/RATING/STATUS: fighting!!/PG13?/Ongoing

Verity paced the living room nervously, her stomach in knots. She didn't want to go through this again, didn't think she could bear living in a world like the one the Carrows had come from. Not with Charlie, and the new baby. The thought that Alicia might never meet her new child struck her and she swallowed a sob, knowing that it wouldn't help anything.

"Fred," she started, forcing herself to sit, in the hopes that it would calm her slightly. "What about Ron, did you get through to him?"
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[Oct. 16th, 2010|11:15 pm]

[Tags|, , , ]

Characters: Trevor Scabior and NPC!Alicia Spinnet
Setting: Backdated: Friday Night in the town near Alicia's former place.
Summary: Trevor makes good on his end of the deal with Amycus and gets the Carrows back their 'pet'
Rating: PG, just some stunning and snatching. Unless you are Alicia's friend and then it's rated OMFG?

He didn’t much care about what he was doing, he didn’t expect it to be very difficult and he did so often complain about how he didn’t get to do the field work like he used to when they were starting out. )
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[Oct. 16th, 2010|01:02 am]

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WHO: Gretchen Watkins & Natalie McDonald
WHAT: drinkin' and flirtin'
WHERE: The Leaky Cauldron
WHEN: earlier Friday evening, before this
WARNINGS/RATING/STATUS: girl kissage/PG13/Complete!

Mummies aren’t as fun and exciting as everyone thinks they are though, especially not when you’re trying to take their stuff. )
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[Oct. 15th, 2010|06:50 pm]
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Who: Lyra Moon and Severus Snape
When: Saturday Early Evening
Where: Headmaster's Office
What: Lyra plucks up some courage to ask for some things for the library!
Rating: PG
Open/Closed: Closed to Severus Snape

Why she was so nervous was fairly obvious to her, but her mirror was rolling her eyes and saying things like.. )
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[Oct. 14th, 2010|11:09 pm]
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Who: Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger
What: Vacation!
Where: Starting in London; then Lyndhurst/New Forest
When: Thursday evening
Rating/Warnings: TBA

He'd been looking forward to this for ages. )
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[Oct. 14th, 2010|11:01 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Who: Ron Weasley, Padraig Montague (and open to Harold Dingle!)
What: Auror meeting
Where: Ministry of Magic, Auror Department
When: Thursday afternoon
Warnings/Rating: TBA

The war hadn't left him with an awful lot of objectivity. )
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