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October 11th, 2013

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wiho llet the flotty angel ting in here? tel him i don't want hiscokies and tht he isnt me so h e neds to stop lokng likeme


ben iss are oyiu okatgy?

didd we get the demonthingg outa julels?

[ooc: Deen is on drugs. Carry on.]

October 10th, 2013

Filtered against Lucifer.

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I'm headed out there now. Anything you guys need me to do, I'm on it.

Has anyone seen my brother since...? What about Ben?

September 29th, 2013


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Are you and dad fighting or something?

You haven't been around lately and stuff. And stuff he said It's not because of me, right?

No evil, no known/visibly suspected possessed

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Everyone, keep holy water on you at all times if you're going out. If you don't have the anti-possession tattoo, maybe carry a couple amulets, instead of just the one visible one. Be careful.



Are w
What d

[Sam & Ruby]

Jules doesn't want to get married.
I think she broke up with me entirel


Good news, no school. Bad news, Armageddon.

Also, you're getting a tattoo.


I need something for headaches. Stronger shit than what I can get my hands on short notice.

June 19th, 2013

FN vamps

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I've been propositioned. I'm not stupid, it's probably a set-up. I'm meeting Beth Turner at the warehouse at [street intersections], 9pm, tomorrow night.

What do any of you know about Beth?

Peter, you're in charge of everybody else. I want you on standby in case they ambush.

Perry, Ben, you follow Peter's orders.

I think there's a bloodbath caming.

There's still time for you to change your mind, you know. Before the real trouble starts.

June 18th, 2013

Auto filter by River (FN Vamp, Evil, Demon, ETC)

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Winchester adults 1 | Ben 0

Guess you were all right. Whoops. Too late now, though.

On the plus side the new teeth are fucking cool as hell.

Can vampires get grounded? I'm guessing a big fat no.

June 7th, 2013

Filtered from Evil, FN Vamps and Henry

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Crowley's hounds turned up nothing. Not a thing.

And not even magic can block them from getting their target. They always, always get their target. One thing in all the world can do that and his name is Lucifer.

Douchevamp made a deal. 

Lucifer is Lucifer and would make a deal with someone he deems less than even demons for one thing. So I'm gonna make this very clear. If Sam gets hurt in any way by this I'm going to stake them. All three of them. Fancy stake would be nice and save lives and all that adorable jazz but I'm not gonna hang around if there's a threat.

Might wanna step this up a gear if you want your friends back

May 15th, 2013

Sam & Ruby

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You guys maybe wanna let me out of here? Nice touch with the trap, but locking the door would'a been enough. I'm me.




Hey kiddo.

April 21st, 2013

Kids & Teens (Minus anybody who might snitch, no snitch bitches)

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Anyone else feeling like all the adults think we're fucking helpless?

Even though some of you can do more stuff than the adults can.

I'm kinda tired of people thinking I'm helpless. And like I 'm a baby.


When can I start hunting? And learning more.

April 19th, 2013

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Black president. Teleporter can't change that. Haven't even left New York, have I? I'm trapped in my own head. One of you psychic pricks locked me in here with a bunch of stuff built from my memories of my parents and dad's journals and I guess the time I snuck into Deep Impact. Fine, whatever, you win. Just let me out already. I'll leave. Didn't even want to come to your crappy school anyway.

Sam & Cas

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Can you two maybe go a week without doing the whole self-destruct thing? Please? I can't
I don't know how the fuck to fix this, and

You guys are seriously starting to piss me off.


I'm driving out to Bobby's to get the dream root. I was gonna wait for him to bring it down with him, but I'm not waiting. Figured we'd be able to manage things until then. Not getting that vibe anymore.

Also not so sure throwing Cas into the mix is going to work, which means you'll probably be the only thing between Sam and Luci, if he gets past me, which doesn't really make me super comfortable. So that's fun. Still the best plan we got so far, unless you can think of something else or a way to make this work better.

If you can keep the two of them from jumping off a bridge for a weekend, I'd be eternally grateful.

[Jules & Ben]

Sorry, I wasn't gonna leave again this soon. Gotta head to Bobby's, and get something. I'll be back quicklike.


Strike the waiting thing. I'm coming up there. I'll see you tomorrow.

April 14th, 2013

Jules & Ben

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We got the Wendigo. We'll be home soon. Probably tomorrowish.

You guys doing all right?

[Sam & Cas]

Celebratory beers. I'll grab the beer, one of you bitches order pizza. I'll be back at the motel soon.


Good shot, man.

...That didn't look right, did it? Sam, I mean. Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks that line about it being too fast was shit.


We might have a problem.


I think something's up with Sam, Bobby.

February 21st, 2013

Filtered against evil and the thorn lady

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You want to learn about being a hunter, put your name down.
Same rules as before. Over 18. No bullshit.

[Sam, Dean, Ruby, Juliet, Ben, Casti Cas]
Everyone still breathing?

December 20th, 2012

Filtered against evil

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I've seen a few posts about a camp and various classes that are being offered to those of us misplaced here. Are any of them for those my age? It seems people are under the misguided belief that it is better to keep the "children" in the dark concerning what is happening around us in order to "protect us". I would like to point out that all you're doing is making it infinitely easier for someone my age to be harmed. After all knowledge is power and having more than the minimum basics about what we are up against can be quite useful.

It's not as though I'm planning on going out and tracking Lucifer down, but I don't see the harm in being taught what to do if I find myself face to face with one of this world's monsters without access to my magic again. It happened once and I dare say we'd all be foolish to think it won't happen again.

November 25th, 2012


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No school 'till whatever this crap coming is blows over, kiddo. Your winter break just got longer. You're welcome.

...and we should probably work on your shooting some more. You don't get to go out there, being proactive on this, but if something comes after you, you should be sure you can get it.


Can you take off work for... as long as it takes for this to blow over?


You should come crash with either me or Sam. And by should, I mean if you don't I'm camping out in your living room, so.

[Ruby & Sam]

I invited Adam to one of our places. Just throwing that out there. Figured you wouldn't care, but, you know. Heads up.

So, any bets on what Lucifer's gonna do this time?

October 23rd, 2012

Filtered Against Evil

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This is about how I feel right now. My teacher sucks. I've got like a big ass pile of stupid homework. There's no way I can get all this shit done. Even the smart kids couldn't get this crap done by tomorrow.

Can I frigging quit? Seriously, my teacher might be a demon trying to kill us with homework. Or maybe she's something else?

September 25th, 2012

Filtered against Lucifer.

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He will have you. There is little you can do to stop him. All you may do is fight.

Anti-evils filter.

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Do you imagine you can save him, you who task me more than any known? Let him go.

September 16th, 2012

Filtered against Evil Bitches

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Grandma bitches isn't that bad of a word
Dad doesn't care
I forgot how funny my grandma was. I missed her.

Makes me miss Grandma Mary too, though. And my mom


These ghosts aren't evil bitches right? I mean, there's no way my grandma could be evil?

Who do you have? And Jules? Jules is acting weird again.

August 2nd, 2012

Filtered Against Evil

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Okay so sometimes. Tony is just amazing

We found this place with an outdoor pool


And sometimes he decides while I'm sunning myself at the pool to go to a casino. And this happens


Its possible I slapped some skanks, its possible he found this the best thing ever.

Not sure if I won this round or not :p
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