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October 6th, 2014

October 6th, 2014

No damn evil

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Got a few hunts.

Need to have done the classes. Need to have a partner.

1. Nebraska--Hale and Buffy
2. Alaska--Rose and Lois
3. Colorado--Lagertha and Tamsin
4. Delaware--
5. Montana--

Screw Evil

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So the coolest part of my job is some of the stories. I mean, there's really heartbreaking ones, of course. But then there are people who just want someone to talk to and tell the best ones.

Over the weekend, this happened. One of our guests asked why I was sore and I admitted why and she wanted to see it. Turns out she has a very similar one and it looks amazing and she has about five others and each one has a meaning behind them. I explained mine as best as I could without being all "so I died and came back and I dealt with an evil sorceress and then there was the alternate version of my boyfriend trying to kill me the whole Hunger Games issue". And we talked for a good hour over her dinner and I promised her I'd be there when she comes tomorrow night and to make a long story longer, it was awesome!!

Sometimes people need more than food or money. They could use a friend.


Could I talk to you about something?

Much, Ana, and Lydia B

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Would the three of you be willing to take care of Sherwood for the weekend?


Hi there, handsome.

no evil or loud people or judging plz

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What the hell happened last night???

Werewolves and Mercy (no hybrids)

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Just a reminder that the full is Wednesday. If anyone needs a ride out to the grounds I got room.

Also the house construction on the grounds is coming together finally. The outside is all but done but the interior still needs work.

No evil or heavenly dicks. And no Lee.

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Personally I think that this is hands down, the best trip to Vegas ever. 

Hell, it's the best road trip ever!

[Filtered to Stefan]

There's probably something we should talk about, brother.

[Filtered to Ric]

Settling in alright, Ric?

Phonecall to Jenna

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*Ring ring*

Texts to Marcel

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» So I went and got a tattoo over the weekend.
» It's a Phoenix and it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!
» But slight problem, it's on the back of my shoulder and I can't quite reach it properly to apply the aftercare ointment.
» Care to help a girl out?!
» Oh, and by the way, I'm volunteering you for a Hunks of Lawrence calender.
» What can I say, you're hot!
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