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October 29th, 2013

October 29th, 2013

No Evil, GTFO Harry Yorke

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YOU GUYS! I totes just watched this whole documentary type thingie on what would happen if the Earth legit stopped spinning. Guess what? Kansas would so be the center of the Earth. Like, there would be one major continent and Kansas would be the one place running things because we'd be by the ocean and everything. I am so not even making this up.

You can't tell me this is a coincidence considering hi, Apocalypse, meet Lawrence, Kansas. Whaaat?? For reals.

BTdubs, the great Lydia Bennet has no Halloween costume yet. FIX IT. Suggestions, begin making them!

Texts to Peter V.

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»Hey, doll
»I kinda need to sort something out with you
»Nothing too serious or life-altering or anything
»Just something the other night got me thinking.


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I don't really intend on daily contact, but I kinda need to know... Scale of 1 to compel me to stab myself repeatedly... thoughts on me using what tiny bit of advantage I may have in the Moriarty situation to get information from him?

Keep it painless and I'll agree to being compelled for the truth to make sure I'm not planning a double-cross. But he needs to be taken down as soon as possible and I was kind of a pet of his before, so there's a slightly greater chance I could get something useful from him.

I'll do whatever will keep me ali you think is best.

Filtered From Evil, Lord Harry & Moriarty

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I still do not quite understand the point of Halloween. Rose has graciously tried to explain it, but I still do not see the reasoning behind it. Things were very different in my time. Though I have heard there will be sweets, and I suppose any occasion to indulge my sweet tooth must be good.

[Lydia M.]

It seems as though it has been ages since we have seen each other, or spoken to each other. Perhaps you would care to join me for dinner this evening? I apologize for pushing you away but I have had much on my mind and I needed to sort things out.

Filtered to Rose, and Freddie now apparently.

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Yeah, I'm going to pass on the party. Sorry Rose.

Filtered to Marvel

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Rose's thing.

We're all going.

Either as someone else from Marvel. Or our DC counterparts...though that totally did not work out well for me and Tony last time we did it. Ridiculous emobat

Who even is your DC version Spider?

[Filtered to DC's]


We're all very aware we all basically have otherverse counterparts. I have Selina. Who is clearly MY counterpart. Tony has some hillarious Batman/Oliver Queen hybrid of snark and gadgets.

Who's Spider?

Any ideas DC?

Texts to Katherine Pierce

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» I've waited long enough!
» You have an hour to respond.
» If I don't hear from you, I'll assume you are as you so eloquently put it "more dead than the usual."
» And then I'll make good on what I told you would happen if that occurred.
» The clock is ticking, dear.

No evil or Lord Harry

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So, I have a completely random and not remotely important question for magic users & potion makers & the like. Is there a spell or a potion or anything that could make my hair change color, like, at my will? I was just thinking it'd probably be easier than dying my hair as much as I tend to. Idk. lmao

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