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February 17th, 2013

February 17th, 2013

Evil free zone

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I know it's kind of silly, but the sentiment needs to be put out there, so just remember....
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Do you believe in destiny? Because I think maybe this is mine.

Filtered Against Evil

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Seems it's that time again. We've been given a group of new arrivals (on Valentine's Day, no less, wtf Seal??), some new and some returning. So...welcome!

My name's Rose Tyler and I lead a sort of orientation class here in Lawrence that we've dubbed, well, Welcome to Lawrence. Newbies get a brief tour of some of the city's hotspots, a list of places that are displaced friendly, information on how to find work and who to contact to do so, and most importantly, a list of who teaches which classes to help you learn to defend yourselves.

The next meeting will be Tuesday night at 7pm at the city's Youth Center. [directions here!] If you need any help finding the place, just let me know.

Of course, attendance isn't mandatory, but if you want to be more capable of wrapping your head around what goes on here and why you've been brought here, it couldn't hurt.

Filtered against evil

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Just a heads up as I am typing this from JFK airport, Clark and I are going to be in Egypt for the next week. We’ll be back on Friday if everything pans out correctly. And if I don’t strangle him on this next bit of flying in a commercial plane to damn France with another layover before finally landing at our destination.

Anyone got any suggestions on what to do with a sulky four year old on a plane ride? Because seriously, he’s acting like one so I figure activities to entertain one might be worth a shot. Or something strong enough to knock him out so he'll sleep through the next 8 hour ride...or is that too mean?

And just a reminder, Abby and Connor’s now-wedding reception and not engagement party is this Saturday! 7pm at the Bed or Roses.


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Wheeeeeere are you?

filtered from eeevil and mmmuch nd ccrolwy

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got itnow

good atit

beeeng human feells wrm

sall goingbaddown

Text to Lois

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>>Kansas sucks.

filtered to Ginger

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Hey, have a good time last night?
I should ask
I wanted to ask you
Did you think that

no evil

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I finished carving my flute and about ten new arrows but now I'm out of ideas for carving.

filtered from evil

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A woman told me I looked confused and that I wasn't alone. Can anyone fill me in?

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[Filtered to Becker]

Come on. We're going out. I don't care where, but it's time you got out. Yep. And I need a drink and you need to not dwell, k? K.

[Filtered to Kon]
Look, I'm sorry, okay. But eloping isn't a crime here. We were already living together, it isn't like much has changed. She just has my last name and we wear rings, that's it.

[Filtered to Allana]

If he hasn't already gotten you to, get your asses back to Lawrence. Dark is dealt with and gone and you two still have two months of school to finish.

H.G. & Oswin

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It's quite intetersting the things you see come across the screen when working security at the complex.

no evil

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Huh, it's Sunday. The only thing I did was watch hockey. It used to mean more to me.

Filtered against the usual

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Nothing like a couple dates to recharge the batteries. I thought that under 21 club would be lame, but three phone numbers was maybe enough to convince me that I miiiiiiiiiiight be capable of being wrong. Sometimes. In especially unique circumstances.

Thunder Ale is a go, dude! I figured out the magic thing. Like, I don't think I could do any spells but I've got the channeling energy part down. I also secured the kit (side note: invoking the Bro Code here to say that you can never EVER ask me how I did that) so we are good to go! When do you get back from the set of LOST?
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