War Is Coming Communications.

February 3rd, 2013

War Is Coming Communications.


February 3rd, 2013

Filtered Against Evil, Jerry, Katherine

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don't want to think about it anymore
can't i just
i thought, after he burned, that I could stop all this but
fucking seal
fuck this

Anyone feel like heading to Lexi's bar for a couple rounds?

I don't think I ever thanked you proper
You killed him and saved me fr
You made me stop and actually look at mys

You busy, mate? I was thinking maybe us two, and maybe Amy and Ginger, if everyone feels like it, should go do something together?

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I can't sleep.

Filtered Against Evil

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That is all. Be home soon.

Filtered to Dick

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The ridiculous paranoid checking in on everyone ever...wouldn't happen to have anything to do with Dark, would it?


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Together. Like we said.

Filtered against evil

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Hey, look, it's Not-Cameron on my tv confessing her love for me. Well. Techincally it's the actual Cameron, but for my amusement's sake, I'm pretending it's Not-Cameron. She IS blonde is this episode, afterall. Which, I have to admit, is the superior haircolor on your face. The brunette just makes you look bland.

[Harry L.]
This show makes me miss torturing Wilson. What are you doing today?


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Where's Dark and his disgustingly perverted carnival? How close are they to Lawrence?

Custom Filter*

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I am sorry.

[ooc: *same filter as last night. Including children, this time; sorry, Henry.]

no evil

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Disguising yourself as furniture when owning a goat is probably not the most sneaky disguise for future reference as they like to try to eat furniture. My couch can vouch for this. Honestly Sherlock?

Also going to Starbucks in your bathrobe is not as funny as showing up at the British government in your robes. Just a warning if Florence ever decides you're going somewhere, you are. Might as well get dressed properly.

no evil

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Nightmares are so fun except when they aren't andI don't even know what to say right now except Kansas sucks.

Filtered against evil and Dark

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Okay. First things first. I am not making this post to start a mass panic and the last thing I want is certain people Jacen and Kon to run head first into trouble and cause more havoc than we need. But people need to be informed.

Cut because boy did this get long )

Filtered Against Evil and Dark

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I refuse to admit that As I wasn't here the last time..how bad will things get if this Dark is in fact back?

I can't stay inside and wait any longer. With everything that was speculated upon last night I'm going to go out and search for him. Do you want to meet me?

Close Friend/Family Filter
I'm going out searching for the young boy Gershom. I'll be armed, I'm not crazy enough to leave unprotected. Should be back in a few hours. You can argue all you want about staying inside because it isn't safe but he is a child whose frightened and I have to at least try and find him.

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[Filtered to Oswin]

Hey you. I sort of heard you last night, and I know it's not the first time you've had sleeping problems. Want to talk about it?

[Filtered to Jack]

You've spent some time with Oswin, haven't you? I'm worried about her.

[Filtered to Eleven]

Doctor, I was wondering what you knew about Oswin. I know she has some trouble sleeping and I want to try to help her.

[Filtered to Rose]

Drive-by hug! Not for any reason, I just decided I wanted to!

Filtered from evil, children, and Loki

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Loki seems to be under the influence of an entity or entities familiar to him, but concerning to him.

They won't allow him to reveal details about them but I was able to ask him which letters DID NOT appear in their name.

He provided the following letters.

b c f i j l n p q t u v w x y z

He said they may not be accurate but they are a start. Has there been anything that has troubled you here in the past whose name is comprised of the ten letters

a d e g h k m o r s?

filtered to Katherine

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Need a little assistance with the runaway kid?

Jules & Ben

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What do you guys think about taking this show on the road for a week or two?

[Sam, Ruby, & Cas]

Vacation. You in?

Screw Evil and this Dark Guy

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Impromptu Super Bowl party at my place! Pizza, wings, and beer, anything else you want, you gotta bring! GO...49ERS! (I flipped a coin, I don't give a damn about either one, I just want pizza, wings, and beer...)


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Hey, Stiles. I'm heading over to a superbowl party if you wanted to come. Lydia is hosting. Not our Lydia.

Pretty Doctor

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So, drugs.


So. Kidnapping.

No evil/Dark

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So are we really dealing with some brenzlit who cannot stand a hug?

[Filtered to Jacen]

So. Finishing him? How quickly do we need to get this done?

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[Filtered to Gershom]

People talking about this 'Dark' and fear, is this like those autumn people you were telling me about?

What's going on? What can actually be done here? I refuse to accept that I can't protect them again.

No evil/Dark

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So a new bad guy who feeds off the bad stuff and can be beaten with hugs and puppies and fluffy kittens?

Sounds sexy, and that would be my cue to go and remind Nick Clegg about the finer points of our deal. Anyone wants me, I'll be in the UK.
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