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September 26th, 2011

September 26th, 2011

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He's back where he should be he will NOT approve of what I started in his galaxy.

That said. I never want to return there. Or be that kriffing deluded.

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It's fascinating the different presences within the Force. People who should be dead, people who should not be born... It seems that the chaos of this planet is overwhelming for some. Order is needed.

Brother, it has been years since we last fought. How does it feel to be alive again?

filtered against evil. and kids as an afterthought

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So, I found a random woman near the complex dressed as a fucking nun. Who knows about demons and deals. First Mark, now this woman. What do I do, attract those who need

So uh, anyone have an idea? I've got a theory but hey, I'll hear everyone else's as well. I could use a laugh.


But since my theory involves your wife, you get to hear it. I think the seal switched Ruby out. The woman is definitely from a long fucking time ago and knows too much for it to be a coincidence.

filtered against baddies

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So how does this work exactly. Are we just supposed to sit around and wait out these 'others' of our friends? Some are okay, but obviously there are the ones that really fucking suck. Anybody any idea how the hell to fix this? Who do I gotta hurt to make it right?

Added so I ain't explainin myself several times. When I say the sucky ones, I mean the ones killin people. Some o you I actually like.

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This place would be a lot less annoying if I had a good bottle of wine and didn't apparently live next to some angsty wannabe rock star. And what is this guy, a hobo? His wardrobe is appalling! For pity's sake, at least wear something that isn't polyester blend.

Please tell me there's a social scene here. Or at least a classy bar where I can get myself drunk enough to not care that any of this is happening.

Filtered to non-psychotic "others" of friends of people here

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We're going to have to figure our way out of here ourselves, aren't we? They want to sit back and bitch because boo-fucking-hoo we're taking up space that their buddies used to embody? Okay, so sit back and bitch. Like any of us chose to be here and leave our other lives behind for a bunch of misfits who apparently hate us for no good reason

Someone told me that some Biblical Seal or some stupid shit pulled us here and that we don't exist outside. I don't buy that, because that's not even possible. So. What say we start pooling our skills and putting our heads together so we can get out of dodge and make EVERYONE happy? Any takers?

Filtered against evil.

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Will someone please remind me why I thought vowing to avoid emotional drinking was a good idea?

Filtered against the bad peeple

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i wish my dad wuz heer, cuz then i wood never wanna leev! its so cool here and its got superman and florence and jedis and the road howse and i like it heer i just miss my dad and my frends and my bed. and rex, i miss my trex cuz he helped me sleep at nite.

did nebuddy find my dad yet? maybe he wood let us stay heer if florence and me ask rilly nice!

[added in as an afterthought]

and hay freddy or chuck or cade or sumbuddy thats a grown up boy cood sumbuddy teach me to play tball?

[Filtered against baddies and kids]

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How did one beer turn into 5...7...10? A lot of Jaegerbombs and I don't even remember what happened after I should really be concerned that my name is actually carved into the wall down at the drunk tank. Fun fact: When waking up in the drunk tank, the first words out of one's mouth really shouldn't be, "Hey, who forgot the mint on my pillow?" Apparently when cops hear it, they think you mean, "Hey, I really want to stay here all day, can you forget to come check on me until 8:30 in the fucking night?". This has been your Educational Minute With Dan Ketch. At least the mechanic was too freaked about me knowing he beats his wife to press charges for the busted fac Speaking of which. I think Ghost Rider needs to make a house call.

[Filtered to Pete Dunham]
So how much of last night do you remember? Also, please tell me you know where my other shoe is.

filter against stupid mean bad people who are bad

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Filtered against evil.

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So. I found your fed. He was surprisingly easy to trap once the words "murder" and "bloodshed" were thrown around. Who knew?

He's a little beat up, but hey. I brought him back in one piece. Didn't even shoot him. Batman would have been proud. Not that I give a

I played fetch, but I don't do babysitter. Who wants him?

Text to Clark

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» How are you feeling...? I haven't heard from you in a couple of days and I just wanted to check in.
» I worry about you sometimes...

Filtered against evil

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Right...I ought to get off my arse and get a job; I'm running a bit short on bees and honey these days. How does one go about getting the legal paperwork? 'm a teacher so...I imagine it'll be harder...

friends of Jess + Martha (coworker solidarity!)

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A police team brought in a burn victim's remains today from [address]. She was wearing the necklace that Jess found outside her apartment recently, one of Jess' counterfeit IDs was found on the scene, and that, along with the physical markers that remained, are indicators enough for me to feel confident identifying her. The fire is believed to be arson.

Some guī érzi left her identification like a calling card in that place. Sam, you're the hunter. What would do that?

Filtered to Connor

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How are you doing?

Filtered to Brady.

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Congratulations. You've just found your way to the top of my priority list.

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[Filtered to Guys with girlfriends/wives/kids that are not Country Hopping Girlfriend Stealing Commie Bastards]

So...alright. How do you know when your girlfriend is broody? Because I'm fairly sure my girlfriend is broody and this is a terrifying concept.

How do you tell them no when its the thing they want most in the world


How's the kid?

You're really good with him. Better than I'd ever be
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