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January 11th, 2008

[Jan. 11th, 2008|12:31 am]


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Young Remus, Young Sirius, Jamesy James )
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|01:18 am]


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Alfred )
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|01:40 am]
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Hey Dorkus.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|03:30 am]
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[Current Mood |busy]

This big city life is kind of hard to keep up with. Even for a guy with super speed. So many people that need my help. I'm always all over the place. But here's something that I can't figure out.

Why does the subway cost so much?!
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|01:05 pm]


[Current Mood |annoyed]


Where am I, and why am I naked on the internet?

And a Suicide Girl, no less, whatever that is.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|01:34 pm]
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Okay! Getting sucked up into a huge tornadoey thing- so not natural.

Would someone mind explaining why eating fruit loops suddenly means that you end up somewhere else? Because that cereal didn't belong to me and I totally would have eaten corn flakes if I'd had any left.

Dude this reeks of Alice in Wonderland.

.... And some guy with excessive body hair and a curly mustache just called me a chap.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|02:00 pm]
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Why did I just get a call, wondering when I was coming into the CIA?

More importantly, why do I work for them? This place is fucked up.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|03:34 pm]
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I'll probably never find a place to put my talents to good use.

Maybe I should go make someone see random people explode wherever they go.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|05:53 pm]
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I'm getting to be really terrible when it comes to this paparazzi crap.

ZMT.com posting.

"Dr. Davis was out again without her man candy or her bodyguard, this time in the Sunshine state where she made a couple of stops before heading over to a male "friend"'s house. Her friend has been identified as Shawn Spencer, whom she apparently treated a short while back. Spencer was very friendly for the cameras once he let her inside, flashing a smile and striking a pose. All you Kaleb lovers breathe a sigh of relief, Spencer was off the market long before Davis met him, the two are said to be very close friends. They'd better be for her to travel across the country just to see him!"

Aren't they nosey? They try to post about me and or Caleb every day. It's a good read if you're bored. I'm not terribly fond of the pictures of me on there but they post video too. [Link]
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|07:01 pm]
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Whatsa 'fag'?

And why is it painted on the side of my Daddy's house?
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|07:21 pm]
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Lassy )
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|08:16 pm]
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Well...isn't this special?

What the hell is going on? A mystical tornado? I'm not from Kansas and I don't have ruby slippers so whoever did this needs to find a new Dorothy.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|08:52 pm]
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It feels nice to get back to the job I was doing before I ended up in this strange place that still has a scientific reason for, I'm sure.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|09:37 pm]
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Whoever painted mean things on my daddy's house better not do it again!

No one should call people mean names.

Big meanie heads.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|09:45 pm]
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Bored and dangerous.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|10:33 pm]


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Juno, your family aren't pedophiles. Or criminals. Or addicted to smack. I checked. Feel free to not mooch off my family any longer.

Private )

God )
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|10:34 pm]
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We should probably figure out a date.
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[Jan. 11th, 2008|11:33 pm]
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That... it... just... what...

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