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Oct. 17th, 2008


Patience Hurst: Tea and Gossip

Who: Patience Hurst
Where: The Hurst’s London home.
Warnings: None
Open to: Olivia Blake
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Oct. 12th, 2008


Grouse Season

Subject: An Afternoon Hunt
Who: Lord Tobias Hurst
Where: Bailston Abbey, The Hurst's Country Estate
Open to: Everyone you would like to come along to the hunt, the Hurst family and friends, including friends of the Hurst children.

Sep. 26th, 2008


Aimé Laurent: The Funeral.

Subject: The Funeral.
Who: Aimé Laurent
Where: The Embassy Chaple.
Open to: Everyone
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Sep. 23rd, 2008


Just Another Day

Subject: A Day in the Park
Who: Constance Mosley
Warnings: none for now
Open to: anyone who wanders by in the park

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Sep. 21st, 2008


Augustus Burnbridge; A Proposal.

Subject: A Proposal
Who: Augustus Burnbridge
Where: The Rochester House
Warnings: None
Open to: Katherine Rochester

Sep. 16th, 2008


Léon Belmont; An Audience with Monsieur Laurent

Subject: An Audience with Monsieur Laurent
Who: Léon Belmont
Where: The French Embassy
Warnings: none
Open to: Augustine Laurent, Jacques Belmont

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Sep. 13th, 2008


Subject: An Evening On the Tiles
Who: Reuben St. John
Where: The Bridge Theatre
Warnings: NC-17
Open to: Evander

Sep. 11th, 2008


Ellis ; A Pleasent Stroll

Subject: An Afternoon's Stroll
Who: Ellis Wetherald
Where: The Streets of London
Warnings: None
Open to: Anyone

Sep. 8th, 2008


afternoon at mother's house.

Subject: Look who's back among the living
Who: Mary Roper
Where: A park near Anna's rented townhouse in the fashionable section of town.
Warnings: none
Open to:  whoever

Sep. 3rd, 2008


beardy lysander

SUBJECT: Lysander is depressed, but what's new right?
WHERE: the Mountford-Miles mansion
WHO: Lysander Mountford-Miles
Warnings: TBC
Open to: Eward Mountford-Miles & Amandine Devereux

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Sep. 2nd, 2008


Item: The Obituary of Lord Laurent.
Warnings: NPC character death.
Open to: Everyone for reactions.

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Sep. 1st, 2008


Dancing in the Dark

Subject: Dancing Lessons at the Theatre
Who: Evander Rycroft
Where: Bridge Theatre, Stage
Warnings: The Theatre Boys, it's hard to say.
Open to: All of Harry's Boys immediately; Harry and Will or anyone else in the Theatre.

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Letter Sent to Mercedes Dupont

Item: Letter to Mercedes Dupont
Warnings: na
Open to: Mercedes

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WHO: Open to anyone!
WHERE: Local market, England
WHEN: Early evening

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Aug. 31st, 2008


At The Old Bailey

Subject: A Luncheon Recess
Who: His Honour Judge Augustus Burnbridge, KC
Where: The Old Bailey
Warnings: None as yet
Open to: Georgina Rochester, and any others who may like to jump in.

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Lady Littlebird's weekly column

Subject: Lady Littlebird shares her secrets
Who: Lady Littlebird
Where: The Sunday paper
Warnings: None

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Aug. 30th, 2008


Subject: An outing.
Who: Delia Slater.
Where: Ranelagh Gardens, Chelsea.
Warnings: None yet, but one never knows with Delia.
Open to: All.

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Aug. 29th, 2008


Subject: Wherein our heroine returns to her old home after a prolonged absence.
Where: The Bridge Theatre
Who: Susan Abbot
Warnings: None as yet.
Open to: Anyone at the theatre.

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Nell Abbot: Waiting

Subject: Waiting for clients
Where: Nell Abbot
Who: The Bridge Theatre
Warnings: TBA
Open to: Anyone who is or wants to be Nell’s client.

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Item: A note.
Warnings: None.
Open to: Harry Fisher.

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