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Wanted Characters:

What types of characters would you like to see in the game? Comment here and tell us either the types of characters you’d like to see (i.e. more revolutionaries) or specific characters (i.e. my characters brother/lover/best friend) and we’ll build a list to put up on the profile. This is also the place to request a PB hold.
Please note there is a limitation of the number of characters you can have in game. That number is 10, so choose carefully.

Character types:
English Lords
Embassy staff
Secret Policemen
Harry's gang
Prostitutes both male and female
Children from the orphanage
Characters from non-European nationalities and non-Catholic or Protestant religions.
Characters from the Merchant classes.

Specific Characters:

• Madame Marceline Belmont - The Ambassador’s estranged wife who still resides in Paris. Possible PBs = Anne Parillaud, Annette Bening

• Hugo Baudet - Léon’s secretary – A man dedicated to his work, he dislikes England and longs to go home. He is also undervalued by his boss and is using his position to get revenge on those who he disliked before the revolution.

• Emilie's fiancé - a handsome, cruel Lord who spends way too much money that he doesn't have, is violent but many ladies love him. He is very in love with Emilie but hates the idea of being so controlled by his emotions that it makes him cruel to her sometimes. He has even resorting to hitting her now and again when she won't give in to his demands. - Dominic Cooper as the PB

• Needles’ two friends - a young man aged 17 and a young woman aged 19.

• Duchess Rebecca Hurst, the 35 year old wife of Lord Tobias Hurst, Duke of Kent. She is mother to four children. She likes match-making, although whether she's very successful or not is completely up in the air. - On Hold

• Crispin Hurst – youngest child of the Hurst’s, aged around 11 years old. Will only be accepting extremely good applications for child characters such as Crispin.

• Jacob Byrnes, Lord Hurst's manservant and friend.

• Lord Fitzwilliam: Eliza's quasi-lover, a moral, respectable man with a position in the government Cabinet. Rather inwardly smoldering and somewhere in his twenties to thirties. Colin Firth pb requested.

• Theodozja large family back in Poland specifically, her father Aleksander and her brother Michal.

• Honor Avery (new married name is player’s choice)(34) is married with several children. She takes it on herself to interfere wherever possible and stick her nose up at her less-godly relatives. She has an ear for gossip and loves to criticize. She’s in London presently to help Makepeace find a suitable wife- and by suitable she means Quaker, meek, young, Quaker, and trained in all necessary house-hold skills. Suggested pb Laura Fraser.

• Prudence Avery (new married name is player’s choice) is six years younger than Makepeace (32), now married to a London preacher. Although still shocked at some of the goings-on in the Big City, she has become somewhat more used to life in the capital, and does her best to spread Christian good-will among those who need it. She does, however, manage to get herself into bother when she takes the streets at face-value. Suggested pb Mary-Louise Parker.

• Chastity Avery – (28) sees her eldest sister Honor as the ultimate embodiment of a godly woman. She too has taken offence to Makepeace’s choice to leave and not take up the position of preacher, and she believes him disrespectful to the family, but also, and more importantly, to god.

• Endeavour Avery – (37) A Quaker religious leader. Married, dutiful, and still very glad that Makepeace ran off to join the Navy. But that doesn’t mean that he approves of Makepeace’s return, especially for such selfish and sinful reasons as promotion, especially in an institution dedicated to war.

• [First Name] Worthington, Lord [Titleplacething]. Age 19-24. Son of the earl of Huntingdon, older brother of Lady Marie Angélique Thérèse Zéphyrine Worthington. Like her, he grew up mostly in Versailles and Paris.

• The housekeeper/head nurse. A formidable and strict older woman who keeps everything in line and prevents Fabian from becoming over-excited (or having any fun!) Maggie Smith pb requested.

• A younger, newer maid who wishes to change the way Fabian’s care is delivered and is at odds with both Judge Augustus and the housekeeper, who has the possibility of losing her job hanging over her head if she isn’t careful.

• Fabian’s father. A scoundrel and waster who has come back only upon hearing that his son will inherit the family title, but only if the judge doesn’t marry. He wants to take advantage of the young boy’s good nature and prevent any other heir from being born. He plans to live off the inheritance through his son.

• Lillian Redgrave(22) – the niece of Louisa Beeton and Hector Redgrave, Lillian has been sent to London to live with her aunt and immerse herself in society. Her parents hope while there she will receive any number of marriage offers. Mother is Margeret Redgrave nee Beeton and father is Jeremy Redgrave. - On Hold.

• Gordon Fairchild – The son of a wealthy industrialist he took over the company making rifles when his father retired due to ill health. Set in his ways he resists the pressure to modernize, fearing if he takes a chance he won’t make his money back.

• Benjamin Fairchild – Second eldest son of a wealthy industrialist, now a major in the British army. He brought his commission with the help of his family’s business. Weather he is a good solider or not is up to the player.

• James Fairchild – Third son of a wealthy industrialist. James likes gambling and loose women or young men and is slowly frittering away his inheritance even before he’s received it.

• Joanna Fairchild – The youngest child of the Fairchild family and the only girl. Joanna is a serious and intelligent young woman with many ideas on how to modernise the family factory but her brother Gordon refuses to listen to her because she is a girl. Especially close to her older brother Meredith.

• Mr. Fairchild – an industrialist who built up a flourishing arms factory selling rifles to the army. He adores his wife but as his health has failed he has withdraw from public life and grown bitter and dictatorial towards his five children.

• The owner of the local gentleman’s club frequented by Lords/very rich merchants. This is not a brothel but a place for drinking, gambling and business deals.

• Young women and men who work at the gentleman’s club serving drinks and running the roulette and card games.

• Sarah Chadwick nee Sarah Ernest-Jones, the wife of Lord Thaddeus Chadwick who has run off to Europe with her younger male lover. A socialite interested in money and enjoying herself. Only she knows the true parentage of her son Oscar.

• Ella Wexley – the youngest daughter of Lord and Lady Wexley. She has plans to stop her older sister marrying a man she perceives as boring. - Jena Malone pb requested.

• Diana-- (age 26-ish). Married to a placid country squire, but remains close to her childhood sweetheart David Hale. Known to love shopping and shiny things, but is not as shallow or as flighty as she lets on.

• Lord Hurst’s illegitimate children from past mistresses/prostitutes. There are about five of them at playable age between mid-twenties and fifteen.

• Polly [Last name] – The maid of Louisa Beeton. Helps her to run the household and is her only servant.

• Mrs Amanda Wetherald (54) widowed mother of the four Wetherald children. Something of a matriarch, she rules her household in partnership with her eldest son's wife. She's given up Ellis, and is very disappointed with him.

• Benedict Wetherald (32) Earl of Banbury, and an MP. He's stern, strict and desperate not to have any scandal affect his family. He is great friends with Gordon Fairchild. He has two young children (under 4).

• Eleanor Wetherald (26) is the wife of Benedict, mother of his two children, and sister-in-law to the other Wetherald siblings. Once upon a time she had a romance with Ellis Wetherald. She rules the household hand-in-hand with her mother-in-law.

• Florance Wetherald (25) is engaged, and much like her eldest brother- hardly impressed with Ellis whom she was never keen on in the first place. His romance with her maid (and friend) is still something she has not forgiven him for.

• Annabelle Wetherald (16) a friend of Patience Hurst. She, quite naively, still believes that Ellis could do no wrong.

PB Holds:
Rupert Penry-Jones
Imogen Poots
Lee Pace

Unless there is a reason and you have contacted the mods PB holds will last a week.

Also, unless a character is on this list they have been taken! Do not apply for them!

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