Jul. 13th, 2008


Daphne and Daniel converse and what not

Subject: Daniel is downright pissed about Daphne helping with Eward. with sexy results.
Where: Daniel and Daphne's home.
Who: Daphne Wexley
Warnings: TBC
Open to: Daniel Perkins.

I swear I will give you a spongebath! )


A very difficult patient

Subject: Recovery
Who: Daniel Perkins and Eward Mounford-Miles
Where: Daniel's surgery/home
Warnings: Some foul language. And bickering.
Closed Narrative

("The bedpan is there...")

Jun. 21st, 2008


Subject: A visit to Uncle Daniel.
Where: Daniel's home.
Who: Marie Hardwick (and brood).
Warnings: None.
Open to: Daniel Perkins, Daphne Wexley.

Off to the doctor. )

Jun. 20th, 2008


Subject: Doctor, Doctor - give me the news
Who: Daniel Perkins and Katherine Rochester
Where: Dan's surgery
Warnings: none
Closed Thread

(Daniel was not busy, nor was he feeling quite up to his best)


Letters and Engagements

Subject: Ella's disappeared and Daphne is engaged.
Where: Wexley's family home.
Who: Daphne Wexley and an appearance by the note Ella Wexley left her.
Warnings: TBC
Open to: Daniel Perkins and Johnny Wexley

stealing the lime-light )

Jun. 19th, 2008


Subject: Scouting for something to do
Who: Robin
Where: The Bridge Theatre
Warnings: TBC
Open to: Nell Abbot and "Harry's gang"

if he tried to project his voice right now he'd probably faint. )

Jun. 11th, 2008


Sneaky Sneaky

Subject: Apologies, Forgiveness, and Proposals.
Where: The room Daniel is staying in at the Wexley estate.
Who: Daphne Wexley
Warnings: sweetness, sexytime, NC17.
Open to: Daniel Perkins

Seperate Rooms. )

Jun. 9th, 2008


To the Physician

Subject: Tristan goes to the good doctor for opiates
Who: Tristan
Where: Daniel's offices.
Warnings: None as yet
Open To: Daniel

Jun. 3rd, 2008


Daphne and Daniel receive a letter.

Subject: A message of importance.
Where: Daniel's place.
Who: Daphne Wexley
Warnings: none. yet. ;) NC17. their first fight/make up-comfort sex. lots of drama. you know you love it!
Open to: Daniel Perkins

The letter came today. )

May. 31st, 2008


Lord Hurst's Hunt; The Evening's Entertainment

Subject: Lord Hurst's Hunting Party; The Evening’s Entertainment
Where: Bailston Abbey, The Ball Room
Who: Lord Tobias Hurst
Warnings: none
Open to: All

Read more... )


Mercedes Dupont; Trespassers Will Be Shot

Subject: Trespassing at Lord Hurst's Hunt
Where: Bailston Abbey
Who: Mercedes Dupont
Warnings: none
Open to: Aimé, Doctor Perkins, Sabana, anyone at the Hunt

May. 24th, 2008


Lord Hurst's Hunt: The Shoot, and after that, the Picnic!

Subject: Lord Hurst's Hunting Party; The Shoot and Picnic
Where: Bailston Abbey, The Meadow
Who: Lord Tobias Hurst
Warnings: none
Open to: All

Read more... )

May. 22nd, 2008


Subject: The Night Daphne and Daniel met.
Where: Daniel's surgery/home - BACKDATED TWO YEARS AGO.
Who: Daphne Lovering
Warnings: Blood and some violence in initial post, medical mumbojumbo.
Open to: Daniel Perkins

Could you point me in the direction of the nearest doctor, please? )

May. 19th, 2008


Madelene Ambers- Going to the doctor

Subject: Going to the doctor. Backdated.
Where: Dr. Perkins home/surgery
Who: Madelene Ambers
Warnings: None
Open to: Daniel Perkins

May. 18th, 2008


The Day Before Daphne.

Who: Doctor Daniel Perkins
Where: His surgery/home
Warnings: A distressed woman but that's it.
Closed narrative, backdated to a day before Daphne arrived.

Have you ever been in love, Doctor? )

May. 17th, 2008


Subject: A heart to heart.
Where: Daniel's home. Daphne's getting herself settled in for a bit of a stay.
Who: Daphne Lovering
Warnings: none at the moment.
Open to: Daniel Perkins.


May. 14th, 2008


Subject: A visit.
Where: Dr Daniel Perkins home/surgery.
Who: Daphne Lovering
Warnings: none at the moment.
Open to: Daniel Perkins.

a friendly visit. )


Needle: Tummy trouble

Subject: Hurt and hungry, Needle is on the lookout for some food.
Where: The streets of London
Who: Needle Smith
Warnings: Might be mentions of violence and/or underage
Open to: All

He was completely out of money, again )

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