September 2021



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July 30th, 2021

[info]trash_mouth in [info]spinningcompass

[In the early hours of Friday morning, anyone staying near Kat and the boys or who is particularly telepathic may pick up on one of Richie's nightmares. His shine has gone wonky and he's projecting instead of listening. It radiates out suddenly in a physical shockwave like the last one but lingers this time, since he hasn't woken up.

The nightmare is the inside of the niebolt house, but the walls drip with tar, the words: Wrath. Envy. Pride. Greed. are slashed into the wallpaper and plaster and bleed red. Richie's back and arms ache a little worse every time he reads one of them and his shirt sticks to him, caked with both fresh and drying blood. He can't find any of his friends who are screaming for help. He finally wakes up when he falls down the well hole, but neither Pennywise nor Higgs is there waiting, just the shadows.

He doesn't react to it this time, the connection just shuts once he wakes up. If anyone is in the same room he is they would just see him turn over in bed and pull the blankets a little closer.]

[info]aleonhardt in [info]spinningcompass

Annie and AU Bonnie meet...

Who: Annie and AU Bonnie
Where: Wheel 4 - Main Park
What: A meeting and more...
When: After Annie's Text / Loki cannon update
Rating: Low (violence / cursing)
Open: No
Status: Finished
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