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January 20th, 2013

[info]dream_bigger in [info]spinningcompass

Loud talking: A-Block (Michigan Ave) – Lower tier (end cell)

[Eames is in his usual position, sat against the bars of the cell and looking up the corridor towards all the other cells. The diet of cold water and slowly-going-stale bread isn't doing him any favours, and neither is the fact that he's permanently cold - it's bone-deep by now, has been for ages, and most of his old injuries aren't reacting well to it. His fingers are more than a bit raw from where he's been poking and prodding at the lock on the door almost constantly, and he's even tried to get at what's inside the crappy mattress on the bed in case he can find something useful inside it.]

Anyone awake? Dean? Carl? Anyone?

[His voice is pitched loud enough to be heard if anyone's awake, but hopefully not too loud that he's waking people up]

[info]ourmutualfriend in [info]spinningcompass

Who? Desmond Hume
Where? Physically, the hospital. Mentally, all over the place.
What? Jigsaw-puzzle flash-forwards.
When? Physically now, some time before Charlie is discharged. Mentally, some time in the near future.
Rating? Moderate-high.
Status? Complete narrative.

Imagine you are trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle. You bought the puzzle at a garage sale and all the pieces are there, but the lid to the box with the picture of the puzzle is missing. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, to put this puzzle together. )

[info]spire_master in [info]spinningcompass

Walking up Broadway (B+C Blocks) - under cut-off. Open to shouts.

Who: The Man. Open to shouting from anyone in that area of the prison.
Where: Walking up Broadway between B and C Blocks. Under the cut-off.
What: The Man stalks through the prison on his way to investigate the recently vacated cell.
When: Backdated to after Q and Caroline break out.

(OOC Note: He is just passing through this section, but he may yell back depending on what's thrown at him. Feel free to yell at him (and each other!) as much as you like though, even if he chooses not to respond.)

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[info]spire_master in [info]spinningcompass

Shouting: Broadway (B+C Blocks) - over cut-off.

Who: The Man. Open to shouting from anyone in that area of the prison.
Where: Broadway between B and C Blocks. Over the cut-off.
What: The Man examines the recently vacated cell and has some questions for the surrounding cells.
When: Backdated to after Q and Caroline break out.

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[info]sh_rl_ck_d in [info]spinningcompass

Who? Sherlock Holmes (possibly John if he's home)
Where? All over the island, starting at the prison and ending up at the beach via no one knows where.
What? Sherlock tries to get home.
When? After The Man goes wandering around through to Sunday night.
Rating? Low
Status? Complete? Or not? /vague

“Coming home from very lonely places, all of us go a little mad: whether from great personal success, or just an all-night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen.” )
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