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Aug. 28th, 2008


A little spoiling, a little talk

Characters: Severus, Remus
Summary: Remus plans a surprise for Severus, then Severus gives him an even bigger one

La Diva has spoken )

Aug. 27th, 2008


Checking In and Intervening

Characters: Severus, Serenus, Tybalt
Summary: Severus is requested to pay a call at Azoth House to discuss important matters.

Checking In and Intervening )

Aug. 25th, 2008


I heard the news today, oh, boy...

Characters: Severus, Regulus, Remus, Cymbeline, Lysander, Gaius, Sekhmet, Winslow, Cyanide
Summary: Regulus drops by to introduce his new friend, and give news about an old acquaintance

...about a crazy man, back from the dead... )

Aug. 21st, 2008


A Little Brotherly Advice

Characters: Severus, Serenus, Gaius, Regulus
Summary: Severus sees the signs.

A Little Brotherly Advice )

Aug. 13th, 2008


Snips and snails and puppy-dog tails

Characters: Remus, Severus, Serenus, Tybalt, Cymbeline, Lysander, Gaia, Etienne, Serafino
Summary: The family convenes, the children play, and Severus is the beautician in demand by toddlers.

That's what little Snapes are made of. )

Aug. 6th, 2008


Clearing the Air

Characters: Gaius, Regulus, Severus, Serenus
Summary: Regulus only stops in Alchemy & Ecstasy because he has some news to share, but he ends up having a couple of unexpected Deep Conversations instead.

Clearing the Air )

Aug. 4th, 2008


A Little Fraternal Attention

Characters: Severus, Serenus, Gaius
Summary: The Snape twins give their little brother some special attention

Brothers are supposed to share )

Aug. 1st, 2008


I Get By With a Little Help...

Characters: Gaius, Serenus, Severus
Summary: Gaius is depressed, which means it's time for a Snape intervention.

I Get By With a Little Help... )

Jul. 27th, 2008


No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat...

Characters: Gaius, Regulus, Serenus, Severus
Summary: The truth is uncovered at last.

...and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch. )

Jul. 5th, 2008


Changes and Comparisons

Characters: Severus, Remus, Cymbeline, Regulus
Summary: Regulus runs into part of the Snape clan, with unexpected results

Black and White )

Jun. 23rd, 2008


Days go by I'm hypnotized

Characters: Serenus, Severus, Gaius
Summary: Gaius asks for understanding, and his brothers give it.

I close my eyes and fly out of my mind... )

Jun. 16th, 2008


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal...

Characters: Remus, Severus
Summary: Remus is grieving; Severus tries to help. leaves a memory no one can steal. )

Jun. 13th, 2008


Bearer of Bad Tidings

Characters: Remus, Severus, Serenus
Summary: Serenus has to explain. Follows this scene.

Bearer of Bad Tidings )

Jun. 2nd, 2008


Lust for Life

Characters: Severus, Serenus, Remus, Tybalt
Summary: A little family bondageing time

Hot tubs, hot Snapes... what more could anyone want? )

May. 18th, 2008


This and That...

Characters: Remus, Severus
Summary: Severus changes; Remus rejoices. Immediately follows this scene.

... and everything in-between )

May. 16th, 2008


It feeds the dark obsessions

Characters: All shall bow to me.
Summary: I can feel the pull; I will live again.

Of a generation conceived in sin )


Toucha toucha toucha touch me

Characters: Severia, Remus
Summary: Cuddling and a bit more
Note: Occurs before this scene.

Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me, creature of the night... )


An Unwanted Summons

Characters: Severus, Minerva, possibly Remus
Summary: Severus feels the pull anew.

An Unwanted Summons )

May. 14th, 2008


Woman to Woman

Characters: Minerva, Severus
Summary: Minerva wants to have a woman to woman chat. Follows this scene.

This isn't the birds and the bees talk, is it? )


Goddess on the mountain top

Characters: Severus, Serenus, Remus, Tybalt
Summary: Dinner, dancing, and cuddling. Just a typical family evening for a very atypical family

The summit of beauty and love. And one heck of a dancer, too )

May. 12th, 2008


Love Put Me Wise...

Characters: Remus, Severus, Serenus
Summary: Serenus plays Agony Aunt, and Remus and Severia hope an evening out will help get things closer to normal. her love in disguise )


The Order meets under Darkened skies

Characters: Order members
Summary: The Order meets to digest the latest news.

Our worst fears realised )

May. 7th, 2008


It's Interfering with the Cuddling...

Characters: Remus, Severus
Summary: Remus attempts to overcome his fears.

...and that's unacceptable )

May. 6th, 2008


Owl Post to Regulus Black

Characters: Severus, Regulus
Summary: Severus checks in. Follows this scene.

Owl Post to Regulus Black )

May. 5th, 2008


Marked Anew

Characters: Remus, Severus
Summary: Severus finds he's a Marked man again. Follows this scene.

Marked Anew )

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