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Nov. 24th, 2008


The universe is change

Character: Padma
Summary: It's time to go...

our life is what our thoughts make it. )

Nov. 17th, 2008


How did we get this far apart?

Characters: Padma, Faelan
Summary: Padma's made a decision, and Faelan's not happy...

I thought this love would last forever )


There's no escape...

Character: Padma
Summary: He's found her...

You're not safe... )

Sep. 29th, 2008


What hope shall we gather?

Character: Padma
Summary: An unrestful morning...

What dreams shall we sow? )

Aug. 27th, 2008


The best way to escape from a problem

Characters: Padma and Faelan
Summary: Padma escapes... and is caught by Faelan this time. to solve it. )

Aug. 23rd, 2008


The greater the fear...

Summary: Padma should never have come to Diagon Alley…

the nearer the danger… )


Interview, who's interviewing who?

Characters: Barty, Padma, Regulus & Gaius
Summary: Barty has an interview with R.A.B.

Are you interviewing me, or am I interviewing you? )

Aug. 9th, 2008


There will be a time we'll get back our freedom

Characters: Barty, Padma
Summary: Barty is having trouble getting a job. Padma offers a shoulder.

From the pain and the sorrow caused by my mistakes )

Jul. 28th, 2008


The artist is nothing without the gift

Characters: Padma, Faelan
Summary: Faelan needs a little inspiration... Padma does what she can to help.

but the gift is nothing without work. )

Jul. 23rd, 2008


I'm Gonna Go To Sleep

Characters: Faelan, Padma
Summary: Both Faelan and Padma are out of sorts

And let this wash all over me... )


The Great Disappointment

Characters: Debi, Padma, a jar of Nutella and a green marshmallow peep
Status: complete

I have never felt so stupid in my life )

Jul. 22nd, 2008


Lunch at the Leaky

Characters: Debi, Padma
Summary: Padma and Debi do lunch...

Lunch at the Leaky )

Jul. 4th, 2008


Makes you want to feel makes you want to try

Characters: Barty and Padma
Summary: A chat with a friend and a step in the right direction.

Makes you want to blow the stars from the sky )

Jul. 3rd, 2008


Don't Look Now

Character: Padma
Summary: Parvati's had a strange encounter...

He's hiding in the shadows... )

Jun. 22nd, 2008


Bound with all the weight

Characters: Faelan, Padma
Summary: Faelan can't bear the loneliness anymore.

Of all the words he tried to say )

Jun. 21st, 2008


I know there's something out there

Character: Padma
Summary: Padma gets another owl, and doesn't make it to the memorial.

I think I hear it move )

Jun. 14th, 2008


Familiar places

Characters: Padma and Oliver
Summary: A chance meeting

Familiar faces )

Jun. 13th, 2008


Don't know what to do

Character: Padma
Summary: Padma doesn't quite know what to do...

Don't know what to say... )

May. 29th, 2008


When I say I'm sorry

Characters: Faelan, Padma
Summary: Faelan has some explaining to do.

Will you believe me? )


Isn't happily supposed to be ever-after?

Characters: Faelan, Padma
Summary: Recent happenings need to be discussed.

It's not always coming up roses )

May. 24th, 2008


If you believe, you'll see in time

Characters: Padma, Barty
Summary: Padma gives a statement to the Aurors, then stops by to see Barty.

that everything will be all right )

May. 16th, 2008


It feeds the dark obsessions

Characters: All shall bow to me.
Summary: I can feel the pull; I will live again.

Of a generation conceived in sin )


I'm going to fulfil what's my mission divine

Characters: Barty, Padma
Summary: Barty is pulled first one way, and then another.

Exterminate annihilate destroy )

May. 12th, 2008


The Order meets under Darkened skies

Characters: Order members
Summary: The Order meets to digest the latest news.

Our worst fears realised )

May. 7th, 2008


Walking a wire between pain and desire

Characters: Faelan, Padma
Summary: An afternoon in the sun

And looking for love in-between )

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