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May. 23rd, 2009


Sometimes there is

Character: Harry and Oliver
Summary: Harry's a little consumed with his project, Oliver's a little hacked off dinner keeps going to waste

Too much of a good thing )

Apr. 1st, 2009


Up against a wall

Characters: Harry, others
Summary: It's happening again.

and breaking through )

Mar. 13th, 2009


Friday night is date night

Characters: Oliver and Harry
Summary: Even when you're not really dating

Yet )

Mar. 10th, 2009


New Places

Characters: Harry, Faelan
Summary: The search goes on.

New places )

Mar. 5th, 2009


Lost and insecure

Characters: Harry, Faelan
Summary: Harry and Faelan scout a location that isn't for the magical creature refuge.

She had some kind of nerve, taking all he'd wanted )

Feb. 17th, 2009


Hide me!

Characters: Harry, Regulus, Gaius
Summary: Harry avoids his own home only to find more than he bargained for at Azoth House.

Feed me, too! )

Feb. 12th, 2009


A peck of owls

Characters: Oliver and Harry
Summary: Touching base

Or just the same one over and over )

Feb. 10th, 2009


Tell me why

Characters: Harry, Draco
Summary: Harry finally asks for answers.

Put it in writing )

Feb. 3rd, 2009


I bet you're wondering how I knew

Characters: Hermione, Harry
Status: complete

I heard it through the grapevine )

Jan. 29th, 2009


Tell me something....

Characters: Regulus, Harry
Summary: Harry seeks out Regulus for some perspective.

Something wise, something real )

Jan. 25th, 2009



Characters: Oliver and Harry
Summary: They had to meet up again sometime

This is awkward )

Jan. 13th, 2009


You can't fly away

Characters: Ron and Harry
Summary: Harry confides in his best friend.

with a heart of lead )

Dec. 30th, 2008


Ringing in another year

Characters: Oliver and Harry (references to Faelan)
Summary: New Years Eve at Haven's Loft

And good riddance to the last one )

Nov. 7th, 2008


You made me promises, promises

Characters: Ron, Harry, Hermione
Summary: Ron tries to atone

Knowing I'd believe )

Oct. 29th, 2008


Creepy and Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky - It's Halloween at the Leaky Cauldron

Characters: Anyone
Summary: It's Hallowe'en at the Leaky Cauldron!

Creepy and Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky - It's Halloween at the Leaky Cauldron )

Oct. 25th, 2008


He said our life was just a lie

Characters: Ron, Harry, Hermione
Summary: Harry and Hermione track down Ron after he trips the wards

And two faces have I )

Oct. 22nd, 2008


Pressure - that tears a building down

Characters: Harry, Hermione, Leila, Crookshanks
Status: complete

Splits a family in two )

Oct. 11th, 2008


A Modest Proposal

Characters: Harry, Oliver, McGonagall
Summary: Tea and tempting offers

A Modest Proposal )

Oct. 9th, 2008


As the bombshells of my daily fears explode

Characters: Hermione, Harry
Status: in progress

I try to trace them to my youth )

Oct. 8th, 2008


You made me

Characters: Harry and Leila
Summary: Leila's upset and Harry calms her, and gets some much needed information in the bargain

Promises, promises )


Owls to Harry Potter and Oliver Wood

Hogwarts needs you )

Oct. 7th, 2008


I hear you knocking

Characters: Ron, Harry, and Hermione
Summary: Harry and Hermione confront Ron about his strange behavior

But you can't come in )

Oct. 2nd, 2008


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Characters: Faelan, Harry, Hermione
Summary: Hermione comes to open up, Faelan takes advantage

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? )

Oct. 1st, 2008


Owl to Harry Potter

There's something going on... )

Sep. 21st, 2008


It's all about families

Characters: Harry, Regulus
Summary: Catching up and enjoying the quiet.

lately, huh? )

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