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November 13th, 2009
12:53 pm


Outsiders #27 Cover

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November 9th, 2009
07:45 pm


Exciting DC News
Dido reveals what will be happening to some DC characters next year on Newsarama. Good news for Zatanna and Black Canary fans especially.

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July 11th, 2009
05:07 pm


Wednesday Comics #1
Warning: As those of you who've picked up an issue of Wednesday Comics know, these pages are HUGE. Those with slower connections should keep that in mind.

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June 11th, 2009
05:48 pm


The latest DC Nation

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May 1st, 2009
06:08 pm
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Dan Didio on the status of the New Gods, post-Final Crisis
From Newsarama: "The aspect of the New Gods and Darkseid have been removed from the DC Universe so that he is no longer a threat for, and they are no longer allies for the heroes in the DC Universe."

Darkseid is sad...

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April 27th, 2009
03:27 pm


Dan DiDio hated 52.
There's an interview with Mark Waid up at some website (http://www.aintitcool.com/node/40896). While he dresses it up in tact, he says some pretty damning stuff about current DC management.

Waid on his Legion reboot: But now we're back to what I was saying before--how liquid DC continuity was at the moment. While we were busting our asses to rebuild the franchise (and getting periodic fan notes from Paul Levitz, which were gold to me), a whole different editorial office was allowing Brad Meltzer to undo absolutely all our hard work for one of his JLA stories, which (he'd been told) could star the 1980s Legion, as if ours never existed. I don't blame Brad at all, but boy, was that mismanaged on all levels--because it was deliberately kept secret from us until it was on the verge of being printed. I would have JUMPED at the chance to play along somehow, thus strengthening a new Legion series that were on about issue four or five of, rather than sending a message that our Legion was just some sort of aberrant fan-fiction. (Yes, I'm still pissed.) Barry and I were dealt with in unbelievable bad faith, which I could have endured, but it wasn't just about Barry and me; it made DC as a whole just look stupid and uncoordinated, and I still love DC enough to hate when that happens.

Waid on 52: The biggest challenge was actually, wisely, kept from us by Steve [Wacker]. EIC Dan Didio, who first championed the concept, hated what we were doing. H-A-T-E-D 52. Would storm up and down the halls telling everyone how much he hated it. And Steve, God bless him, kept us out of the loop on that particular drama. Siglain, having less seniority, was less able to do so, and there's one issue of 52 near the end that was written almost totally by Dan and Keith Giffen because none of the writers could plot it to Dan's satisfaction. Which was and is his prerogative as EIC, but man, there's little more demoralizing than taking the ball down to the one-yard line and then being benched by the guy who kept referring to COUNTDOWN as "52 done right."

Dammit, what's wrong with DiDio? Seriously, it's incredibly obvious that pretty much any random fan would do a better job running the DC Universe than him.

Now, here's a link to the full first issue of Waid's Potter's Field mini-series, which BOOM! Studios has kindly made free online:

And for legality, because I now realize links no longer qualify (oops!), a cover from Countdown:

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