Daily Scans - October 3rd, 2009

October 3rd, 2009

October 3rd, 2009
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So I hear you like some Lanterns...
Hey there, daily fans!

Lately, I've noticed something rather odd: there is a huge amount of fic out there for the Green Lantern fandom, but there is a tremendous lack of Lantern fan sharing. Clearly, this is a problem that must be rectified.

Fortunately, it has been! I humbly ask you all to toddle over to Lantern Fans. Hopefully, it'll be a second home for everyone who loves all things Lantern.

Want to debate on who's the best Lantern? This is your place!

Want to predict the events of upcoming titles? Come on by!

Want to wax philosophical about past storylines? You have found your comrades!

Feel the need to share your horrible Guy/Kyle yaoi doujinshi? Uhm... whatever floats your boat? ...Well, I'd probably get a kick out of it...

Everyone's welcome, and since the community is fledgling, the more, the merrier!

Have an enticing picture with butterfly-Lantern girls! )

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Iron Maiden (not the metal group nor the torture device)

Wally Wood's Iron Maiden was a freelance criminal who worked for various eeevyil masterminds and pulled a few schemes with her own gang in the Tower Comics' T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS starting back in 1965. We never learned anything about her past, she was just there in her armor, cloak and gun. "Rusty" had the typically bantering attraction/distrust relationship going on with Dynamo that so often happens between uptight super-heroes and attractive villains. Iron Maiden had a wry awareness about how unworkable an affair between them would be, but she found the big lug very sexy and enjoyed teasing him and trying to bring him over beyond the law. On his side, Dynamo was a bit more confused about his feelings; the fact that Iron Maiden had him framed for treason and put in other sticky spots was something he understandably held against her. Yet they also sometimes covered to let the other escape at the end of an adventure. It was a typical crazy mixed-up quasi-romance. (Comic fans will likely find Batman and Catwoman coming to mind as the classic example.)

I like the way Rusty is frequently shown with a cigarette. By the late 1960s, smoking was becoming rarer in comics except for a few tough-guy heroes at Marvel. It adds to her bad-girl image. She did go to jail a few times (her gang broke her out in one case). The original run of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS ended with her still up to her felonious tricks; since then, copyright ownership was disputed and a number of publishers did their own riffs on the series, but that's outside my area.

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Babs and Alfred: Tea and Sympathy. And Crime-Solving

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Sonic #200, or Robotnik is a mite bit unhinged...


Eight pages, under the cut! )

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LAST LAUGH #3: Dick and Babs discuss vigilante morality
Following up from the "What do Jason and Damian have in common" post.

Vigilante morality after the cut )

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Kat, mouse and pup regard the Moon
And each sees something different. Or do they? The silly profundity of KRAZY KAT, or maybe the profound silliness. This example is from February 23, 1941. As a kid reading books about the history of comics, I was baffled by the occasional samples of this darn Kat. It looked so crude and simple, it was just "off" in some way. What was supposed to be so great about it? But one day, a bit of perception clicked into place and I suddenly appreciated Harriman's genius.

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YouTubePoop coming into comics

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Phantom getting Syfy Channel reimagining.
I saw this on another LJ, and just had to share...

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We need some more awesome up in here!
Which, of course, means it's time for a Marvel Adventures: Avengers dump of...uh... roughly 20 pages or so from 14 issues. First off, we have the MA:A appearance of the ones, the onlies, the Agents of Atlas!

And now, some assorted bits.

And, finally, a little ditty I like to call "Defeat By Squishing!"

Whoopsie. )

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Make way for The Fat Fury!
Hello! First-time poster, some-time-previous lurker. I realized this community had a distinct lack of Herbie Popnecker, the most powerful being in the universe and favorite super-hero of Alan Moore. Allow me to rectify the situation.

Herbie is ... well, in the broadest sense a comedy/horror/superhero/supernatural/sci-fi book and in a more specific sense of one the weirdest things I've ever read. It was written/drawn in the late 1950s/early 1960s and so it has some occasional racism (none of which is in the following scans) and we can debate how fat-positive/fat-negative the character is, but aside from that it's just crazy fun about a chubby young kid, deemed a "fat little nothing" by his father, who gets his power from his magical lollipops.

Today I've posted an early story, "Herbie and the Spirits" from Forbidden Worlds #94 (four out of twelve pages posted, mods!). Not all of the Herbie character has been nailed down yet. (He talks more like Rorschach from Watchmen in the later stories.) But it's a good introduction to the character.

It's not so much a plot as it's a stream of consciousness ... something. )

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Vader Week: Star Wars Tales #1-2: Extinction

Another fine Darth Vader tale done by Ron Marz this time with art done by Claudio Castellini. For fans of his Maul vs Vader piece you might want to take a peak at this.


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A few pages from Sonic Universe 8 (spoilers)
kids and khaos )

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