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So...I hope this isn't weird, out of place, or redundant, but I jotted down a quick reference guide to Discord for someone in ~rpvents, and I figured why not share it? Now that AIM is dead, if you're looking for an alternative, Discord isn't a bad way to go. This doesn't cover everything of course, but it's a good start.

You can mute channels by right clicking, you can change your status (online/idle/do not disturb/invisible) by clicking the colored circle where your avatar goes. Gear icon for settings. In the mobile version, you click on that and then the box with a → in it to log out. (That one took me a while and a Google search to figure out.)

To quickly mute a channel, there's a bell icon at the top (at least, in the browser version) or you can right click/press and hold for channel options, where you can also mute. I don't believe you can mute DMs.

People can only DM you if 1) they share a server with you, 2) they are on your friends list, or 3) you're in a group DM with them. To add someone to a group DM, they should be on your friend list or someone else's in the group DM. You can change the name and avatar for a group DM.

You can mention someone with @[their Discord tag], such as @Jinx#3662. When you start to type that, it should pop up with name options you can click on. Mentioning someone this way will give them a notification even if they have that channel muted. If someone mentioned you in a comment, you can search for mentions of you by clicking the @ button on the screen (in mobile this is bottom left, in browser it's top right next to the search bar, idk about desktop app). Mentions and DMs both show up with a number in red as opposed to a red circle, which denotes regular channel messages.

Pinned messages are cool. In DMs, or channels where you have the permission for it, you can pin a message to quickly find it later. Mousing over a comment will show you a smiley face icon and a set of three vertical dots. Click on the dots for options, and you can pin from there. (This menu also allows you to edit and delete your comments, and the smiley face icon takes you to the list of emojis.) To find messages you have pinned, click on the thumb tack icon at the top of the screen.

Lefthand side of the screen shows you the servers you're in, represented by circular avatars. At the top of that list is an avatar with a three-person outline, clicking on which will take you to your list of DMs. Click on "friends" to see your friends list. (Note: if you send someone a friend request and they reject it, it will forever show up as pending.) If you close out a regular DM, I'm told you can go back to it with the log fully intact, though I've never tested this personally. If you X out of a group DM, you're out of the group DM and cannot go back in unless invited.

If you voice chat, clicking on the voice channel in a server will take you to that channel. Double clicking on another voice channel (if applicable) will switch you between channels. To disconnect, click on the icon that looks like a phone with an X, which appears when voice chatting. You can also voice and video chat in DMs and group DMs. Click on the video camera (I have not tried) or the phone icon. To mute yourself, click the microphone icon and a slash will appear over it; click again to unmute. Same with the headphones icon to deafen. If you need to adjust your voice settings, you can find that under the gear icon.

Also, you can upload files in Discord, up to 8MB I believe. Click on the icon to the left of the message bar, which looks like a plus sign in a circle.

Text formatting:
__*underline italics*__
__**underline bold**__
***bold italics***
__***underline bold italics***__

For some fun commands, type / for a prompt list to appear. You can do things like /shrug (hit enter) to get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. You can search Tenor and Giphy for gifs right from your message bar, in browser and in mobile app, by typing /giphy or /tenor followed by your search terms. Gifs will appear right above that in real time, and the number that show up in that bar depends on the size of your screen. I can usually see about 3-4 before they cut off, and you can't scroll side to side for more. So if you want different options, adjust your search terms or find the gif elsewhere.

There you have Jinx's crash course in Discord.


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