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Sep. 9th, 2012


everything stripped away

Who: Camber (and open)
Where: Cam's room and the game room
When: Mid-morning

all she wanted to do was relax )
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Sep. 8th, 2012


Why do bad things happen to good people?

Who: Lily and Open
When: Half past midnight.
Where: Her room on the second floor.

In which Lily has no words. )
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Live minimal, die unaffected

Who: Madison and Open
Where: Her room, and then the common room in the fourth floor
When: Mid-Morning

In which Madison realizes she'd be a lot more pissed if she'd had a normal life )
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Sep. 7th, 2012


don't look

Who: Nate and OPEN
Where: Kitchen
When: Day 12; early evening

The day passed slowly. )

Sep. 5th, 2012



DAY 12
January 12, 2013.


EVENTS: If you thought things were quiet before… the house is all but dead today. Spencer, Trix, Thad, Miles, Chris, Mattie, Mick, and Abel have all been removed. Their rooms are empty. However, for the first time today, the scientists have not announced the removals. They’re simply leaving people to find out on their own. Hmm, what’s different about these removals?

But of course, they’re not all that’s missing from the house. All mind-altering substances are still gone… and so is, perhaps, a sense of individuality?

Everyone’s got their own creature comforts. For some people, that’s drugs or alcohol. There’s chocoholics and caffeine fiends. But today, in addition to everything else, all make-up, jewelry, and ‘luxury’ clothing or beauty items have been removed. What is defined as a ‘luxury’? Apparently anything that’s not a solid-colored T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. For characters who down own one or the other, they have been provided.

Spa products, such as facial cleansers or bubble baths, have also been removed. Shampoos remain, but conditioners are gone.

Yikes. Have fun, guys.

Sep. 4th, 2012


Who: Michael and Open
What: Just doing some reading
When: Noon
Where: Library
Rating: TBD

Books are the doorway to other worlds )


Who: Bryce and Open
What: Bryce is relieving his frustrations
When: Day 11 1pm
Where: The gym
Rating: TBD?

A thought barrage of the nicotine quality. )
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Sep. 3rd, 2012


nothing worth taking

Who: Lark and open
When: Evening
Where: Second floor all outside Lark's room

While Lark knew the majority of her housemates were hurting from one withdrawal or another, it really wasn't as bad for Lark as it could have been. Sure, she missed caffeine and sugar, but she wasn't as dependent upon either of them as most seemed to be. It was a bummer, sure, but she'd never really been able to afford a lot of junk food, and she'd never really had much coffee until she'd started living at the homeless shelter. She did find it slightly amusing that the homeless shelter had offered free coffee, but they couldn't get it here.

She had decided it was a good day to keep her head down and stay out of peoples way, just in case. She had spent the majority of the day in the library, at first trying to find some sort of remedy for a caffeine headache. She'd gotten distracted by other things, and eventually had ended her day finding a diabetic cookbook. She'd actually managed to make something edible for dinner, and when she headed up to her room after eating she felt kind of triumphant. Until she saw that her door was open.

Lark slowly pushed her door the rest of the way open, her jaw falling open at the sight that awaited her. She felt a little bit like she'd just been kicked in the stomach. "Are you kidding me?"
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idle hands

Who: Nate (solo)
Where: The rooms of: Camber, Lark, Lily, Delaney, Bryce, and Michael
When: Late afternoon and throughout the evening.

His frustration, paired with the humiliating fact that he'd really done nothing Experiment B-worthy thus far, drove Nate to hatch up a plan that was a little half-baked and extremely risky, but something he went through with in full nonetheless, late that afternoon. )
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Sep. 2nd, 2012


Dance into the fire

Who: Madison and Open
Where: The billiards room
When: Afternoon

So. Apparently things had been going missing from several housemates - and the kitchen - all day. From what Madison had been reading in the journals it was medication, alcohol, caffeine, sugar...So mind altering stuff, she supposed. It was a good thing she refused to take any kind of medication then, even the one the doctors had told her several times she ought not to stop taking ever. When she had a headache she took it out on something or someone and then went to sleep if it didn't go away. And if she had a cold she just dealt with it like a champ.

Needless to say watching everyone suspecting everyone else of grand theft was quite amusing to Madison, but it had gotten boring eventually. She was also in a weird, quite indescribable mood, which had made her end up in the billiards room dancing to something she'd put on random on the jukebox. Maybe she was missing the pub she worked at, since this room had a feel quite like it - although not so much now with the bar shelves empty as they were.

Sep. 1st, 2012


Why is the rum gone?

Who: Lily and Open
Where: The kitchen
When: At around 10:30am

Today's breakfast had been a bit crap. Or a lot if you were the kind of person who had sweetened tea (with cream) and jam on toast for breakfast and found out that you were out of tea, sugar, honey and jam. All in the same day. Lily had ended up having a bowl of cereal instead, but it just wasn't the same. Not only was she used to the kick of caffeine black or green tea gave her in the morning, it made her feel that little bit less at home. As if she wasn't feeling that difference already, despite her not feeling that brilliant at home either.

Coming back to her room she had gone for her stash of Jaffa Cakes - only to find them gone too. All fifteen boxes that still remained. Either there was a shy and socially awkward housemate with a sweet tooth who wasn't interested in asking for things instead like a normal person, or there was a thief. She had already noticed a lipstick and a headband missing the day before, and this only made her feel more insecure.

A quick post on the blog/intranet messaging service thing later Lily was back downstairs sitting at the kitchen staring at the kettle with a forlorn look in her face. She wasn't even properly awake yet. There were thoughts in her head but they weren't really forming right - which was why she was sitting there staring at an appliance in the first place.
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Aug. 28th, 2012


Who: Camber and open
When: early afternoon
Where: Kitchen to start

Cam was TWITCHY. Figuring out that she hadn't misplaced her cigarettes or left them in a jacket, that she wasn't going crazy, that they were gone -- along with everything else not only in her room, but apparently in the entire house -- had done nothing but make this entire situation worse. She'd spent nearly 15 minutes having a very quiet panic attack, pacing frustratedly around her room and taking her clothes on and off before she found something comfortable.

That word 'need' pissed her off but it wasn't exactly untrue. )

Aug. 27th, 2012



Who: Ethan and Nate
When: one p.m.
Where: the kitchen

Ethan was not having the most fabulous day he'd ever had. It had started out less than terrific when he'd gotten up and headed out to the kitchen for coffee only to find that there was none. Not only was there no coffee, but there were no soft drinks, no sugar, nothing that was the least bit palatable to eat or drink. Even worse, it seemed that his Excedrin had been removed. After he'd checked the journals, he'd seen that others were missing things, as well. At least his blood pressure medication hadn't been touched, but then he could very well stroke out without it, so that made sense.

He was the sort of person who tried to roll with the punches, and he knew that he wasn't the only crabby person in the house today, but by lunch, he was definitely in a funk. A lot of that was due to the headache that was throbbing in his skull, and a small part was due to the discovery that the booze had been removed from the billiards room. When Ethan had nightmares, he depended on a shot of whiskey-- or whatever else he could get hold of-- to calm him down, and it wasn't making him happy to think of having to cope without it.

He was currently sitting on one of the stools at the island in the kitchen, a plate in front of him containing a ham sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato and mustard. Wheat bread. At least it wasn't rye. Grapes were a side dish instead of chips, and he had water to drink. The sandwich was untouched thus far as Ethan rubbed vigorously at one temple with the pads of his fingers. Healthy food and no caffeine, he thought balefully. Hell, he'd almost rather be water-boarded.
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Aug. 23rd, 2012


I believe we have a score to settle

Who: Damon and Daphne
When: Late morning
Where: Damon's room

Daphne knew she'd be hurting tonight. As someone who didn't really smoke (please, she valued her skin way too much) and only drank to drunkenness once in a while, she also knew that she would be one of the lucky ones. Still, the caffeine withdrawal was already annoying her. She was the sort of person who functioned on tea, and really wasn't awake until she'd had her morning latte. She was having a slow day today - the drag of which was only redeemed by the knowledge of how much other people were already suffering. Camber's reaction thus far was a little dose of Christmas.

She watched on her computer for the better part of the morning, but finally convinced herself it was time to get up and do something. Still, she couldn't be bothered with dressing yet. The way she saw it, she had limited energy today. She could spend that precious energy on coordinating a proper outfit, or she could do something a bit more productive. Besides, in her silk and lace teal robe and with her hair up in a messy bun, she still looked better than any other girl in the house - even on their best day. She had things to do today. People would be teetering on the edge today, and she wanted to be the helping hand that nudged them over. She also wanted to check in with Rupert. But first, she probably needed to clear up her debt to Damon. She was annoyed at the conditions under which she had lost, but it wouldn't do to go back on her word so early in the year. She lazily tied the ribbon around her robe, and headed down to Damon's room. She thought about just letting herself in - if his door was unlocked, anyway - but in the end she decided to knock softly. God only knew what the crazy bugger was up to. Or who.


This shit ain't cute.

Who: Lina and open
When: 7AMish
Where: Kitchen

The heavy snow had persuaded Lina to forgo her outdoor morning run, and instead head down into the basement to use the treadmill. She liked running outside a lot more, but she couldn't deny that it was still a great step up from running anywhere at any time in Detroit. Since she didn't have the elements to contend with, she ran a little longer than she usually did. When she finally called it quits, all she had on her mind was food and a cup of coffee. Which probably explained why, after discovering the coffee wasn't where it had been the past ten days, she looked a little like she would have liked to punch somebody in the face. Goddammit, she had just gotten the hang of where everything was.

She headed into the massive pantry, and realized almost immediately that something was different. She wasn't really paying attention to what just yet, but it started to sink in right around the time she found six different brands of decaf, and a hell of a lot more caffeine-free varieties of tea than there had been yesterday. "Oh, oh, oh fuck to the no," she grunted, and then she really started digging around. Now that she was on alert, she realized one of the things that was very different about the pantry. There had always been a lot of soda in here. Towers of coke, mountain dew, and every other kind of pop known to man. Those were gone, too. Replaced with the decaffeinated variations, which she had always thought were kind of gross and pointless.

"This shit ain't cute," she mumbled, heading out of the pantry and basically slamming the door behind her. She hadn't meant to, but her morning coffee was being fucked with, and Lina wasn't the sort of person who responded well to any part of her morning rituals being borked. She headed to the fridge now, knowing just last night she'd seen a few of those bottled Starbucks drinks. They were gone now. In fact, the sight awaiting her in the fridge wasn't half as cheerful as it had been yesterday. It was all a lot less puddings and fruit juices, and a lot more veggies and old people food. "Oh, you dirty rotten motherfuckers..."



DAY 11
January 11, 2013.

WEATHER REPORT: Yesterday's dark skies = today's blizzard. It's extremely dark out there, and snowing so hard that visibility is reduced to just a few feet in front of you. Going outside is not advisable.

EVENTS: The house has been incredibly quiet since the party. No doubt our housemates are growing comfortable with their surroundings, and many may have developed some sense of security and daily routine. Well then, if that's the case, today probably isn't your day.

All mind-altering substances have been removed from the house.

This includes alcohol, cigarettes, street drugs, perscription and over-the-counter pain medication, and even caffeine and sugar. Yeah, deserts and snacks are pretty much non-existant in the house right now. These removals are not announced; your characters will have to find out for themselves. Considering they won't be able to find coffee or even have a nice jam on their breakfast toast, that's bound to happen pretty damn fast.

The only drugs in the house that were not removed were the various perscription medications needed to live. For example, if someone had asthma, their inhalers would not be removed. Antibiotics have not been removed, either. If you're unsure as to whether or not a medication of your character's would have been removed, please ask a mod.

Aug. 4th, 2012


take, not borrow

Who: Nate and OPEN
When: Day 10; early afternoon
Where: The Library

He didn't make a dash for a genre he thought he'd be more partial to, instead just walking through the stacks to drink in the atmosphere. )
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Jul. 22nd, 2012



DAY 10
January 10, 2013.

WEATHER REPORT: The clouds are rolling in, and things are pretty dark outside. No more snow, but it's gotta be on the way.

EVENTS: Sigh, more line-up changes. Joseph has been removed, but Thad has been added! So at least there's another new person.

Beyond that? Nothing going on today. Everyone can feel free to sleep off last night's party and go back to mingling freely. Hurray!

Jul. 20th, 2012


A Visit

Who: Damon and Spencer
Where: Spencer's room
When: late night
Warnings: R for language, innuendo

Damon was in the mood for company. )

Jun. 29th, 2012


Who: Bryce, Emily, Delaney, and Spencer
Where: Table Number 1!
When: 8:15pm

Bryce, Emily, Delaney, and Spencer oh my! )

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