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Aug. 5th, 2021



Day 70.

Jul. 15th, 2021



Day 69.

Jun. 27th, 2021


#6984RCO5 - 7:38AM

...guys? We have a new room in the barn!

There's sewing machines and fabric and paint and other stuff. I didn't hear a thing all night so how did that get there. That's so weird.

Jun. 24th, 2021



Day 68.


PM to Felix - 9:48PM


so how come you


what did I

hey. what shitty thing did I say to piss you off?

nothing like jumping right in

Jun. 1st, 2021


PM to Lennon - 10:35am

How tall are you?

May. 31st, 2021


10:25am - Filtered to Kiley, Lennon and Tobias

want to go catch stuff together? probably wouldn't need to go that far away from the house though we'll probably catch more away from everyone else.

May. 29th, 2021


Lucy<3: 10:15 am

Alright guys. I can't believe I'm saying this, but like I'm actually really excited about bugs. If nothing else, it makes the outside feel a little more normal, right?

But uh

I was thinking that the best way to make sure we can get all of these cool things is to break up into groups, and only focus on "your type" or bug.

So we have:

Team Ladybugs

Team Butterfly
  • Lucy Nash

    Team Firefly

    Team Shield Bug

    Team Crickets

    Lets do it. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • May. 28th, 2021


    Chase - 9:15am

    there's big sections from the tent we found in the barn now. we thought it might be good to put them over whatever we make for safe points just in case we need to go out when it's raining. there's more at lodge that we cut out that we weren't able to bring back. was getting late.

    if anybody goes there be careful. it's cold inside. like ice cold with actual ice. lost track of time too. like in a weird way. almost wasn't sure we'd be able to make it back before dark but we did. not sure what it's there for but it's definitely a trap. set an alarm or something if you go in so you know how long you're there for.

    saw we have a new person? hi, I'm Chase. I live on the second floor. the gray and white cat around the house is Minion. he's mine. he's friendly just make sure to introduce yourself to him a bit before you try picking him up or anything.

    May. 27th, 2021



    Day 67.


    i<3Fletcher: 7:04pm [Private to Chase]

    Here's my list of stuff I want from my agreed upon cut of the prize winnings from paintball!

    List! )
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    PM to TPTB - 9:41am

    Cashing in my babysitting money.

    King Kong (1933)
    The Life of Brian
    Indy and the Last Crusade
    Jurassic Park

    Fuctional handcuffs for our kinky girl
    Another tube of the most random Pringle you can find (something that's at last edible, please and thanks)

    However much realistic fake blood I can get with the rest in a resealable container.

    Thanks, gorgeous. <3

    May. 23rd, 2021


    Chase - 12:10pm

    [Inserted picture of tent at the lodge]

    Lucy and I made it to the lodge. this is new. not sure what it is. going to do a walk around the perimeter. any ideas?

    May. 15th, 2021


    PM to TPTB

    So can I request a hardware store? A decent one. And I want to be able to choose where it’s located. Basically close to the lodge and not a major pain in the ass to get to.

    May. 10th, 2021


    Edwin: 9:08am

    Just a heads up, there's some stuff in the stalls of the barn again, including new clothes and shoes, and what looks like bear traps? It's Zenith, you know how it is.

    There's also a new person here, who I've only been informed of and am on my way to go meet right now. I am personally more surprised that we still get new people than I am that there are bear traps waiting for us.

    May. 8th, 2021


    Lucy<3: 08:46 am

    Okay, Friends!

    I know we got a little ambitious during our meeting. I'm getting ready for my day, and I just want to know what everyone thinks we should do first.

    1- I know that Scotty and I volunteered to do the testing of the tents and the boxes. Have we ordered the things for that? Do we want to do that tonight? Because if the boxes and the tents work, and we think that the Solid-Snake-Effect works, then we can build sheds instead of platforms... otherwise it's back to plan one.

    2- That being said, do we want to wait to go check out the other lodge or do we want to go ahead and do that this morning? I have never built before, but I have to imagine that we might need different things if we build shed structures vs a platform structure.

    3- I forgot to mention it at the meeting, but has anyone else noticed the monster books around? I have sort of skimmed a few of them to see if I can match the monster pictures to the ones we have seen, but no luck yet. If you happen to see a new one, can you just leave them in a pile someone where. Maybe the living room space? It's probably just another thing to mess with us, but what if they are actually giving us some help?

    Just you know... let me know, yeah? I like to sort of plan my day.

    May. 6th, 2021



    Day 66.


    PM to Lila - 7:56pm

    You wouldn't happen to know a good recipe for fake blood, would you?

    Apr. 23rd, 2021


    i<3Fletcher: 8:55am

    Well, only two people got back to me about having a meeting this morning, so since no one really planned for that, I'd like to instead have a meeting at 3pm this afternoon, in the living room of the lodge. Please plan your day so you can be there! Thank you! See you this afternoon!

    Apr. 22nd, 2021



    Day 65.

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