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Feb. 1st, 2020


Co-Mods, Interest Check?

So I have this idea I will be working on, it's a darker, kind of slice of life thing, but supernatural! If that doesn't scare you away, I'm looking for interest, possibly co-mods to work on it. There will be different types of animal shifters, each with its own lore, at least one will be based on Native American stories from my own tribe. While it will be a town and a slice of life kind of game, there will be darker plots, built around the created canons for people to get started. A few for each species and with enough information for people to make them their own, but with enough background to give some intrigue and backstory to the town and species that gives long term plottage! So far I'm planning on having the usual werewolves, but also bears, ravens, hawks, foxes. Possibly leopards as well and maybe vampires. There will of course be humans. Perhaps to join the ranks of the shifters depending on how you can do so, and yes everyone knows about the supernatural, there is no secret species really. I have some ideas for the different backgrounds of the main species for drama and connections.

About me, I am in my mid-forties, I role-play pretty much anything and am very open to ideas. I am working and in school so busy, but still able to be around online and do posts at least every other day! I love working with others, but my number one rule is that people have to be respectful, even if they disagree. If anyone is interested feel free to reply or PM me!

Nov. 27th, 2016


Looking potentially for a co-mod, definitely for players, for this game. I've tried once before to start it but it spluttered and died before it really had a life, so I'm trying again - it's been overhauled, revamped, and all those other good things. I've been hard at work making it look as lush as possible! Please give it a look if you have the time :)

May. 17th, 2016


mods? creative souls?

I posted this concept as an interest check on rpg-d, and got some great feedback, and I'm hoping to find abled beings who would like to help shape a rather extensive, magical world into game fruition once again.

I did this game is 2008 called Augury. It was about magical families coming together, with each family holding it's own head of house that was based on a magical school from Dungeons & Dragons. The journal was deleted, sadly. However, in 2008 my eighteen-year-old self posted an ad with the entire plot on ~wanna_rp, and for kicks, you can view it here.

In 2016 I'd like to reattempt said game, but give it a more Game of Thrones, political vibe, filled with witch hunters and backstabbers with some juicy character development. If you'd like, you can view my interest check here.

I'm looking for creative souls in hashing out surnames, family backgrounds for the houses, city locations, etc. I'm alone on this one, and I really need some brainstorming to really get the creative flowing. I'm also considering hosting the renewed game on jcink, versus journaling, and am hoping to find someone who is a chameleon in roleplaying platforms.

Dec. 22nd, 2015


Seeking Co-Mod(s)

Anyone interested in co-modding a game in the Mortal Instruments universe? With the show coming around the corner, I have a feeling there will be a lot of interest but I could be wrong. The universe will be canon, but I'm aiming to step away from playing canon characters in game--this of course could change.

Nov. 17th, 2015


I am looking for someone to bounce ideas off of about a Cthulhu Mythos/cosmic horror game - I keep getting lost in my ideas and need someone to kind of help sort out some kinks. (My original idea was for a panfandom boarding school game and I keep trying to go back to that but I'm not sure how.) Any up for plotting or just unraveling an idea?

(Also potentially looking for a co-mod? If it turns out to be a functional idea.)

Sep. 1st, 2015


Ugh I want to make a Pre-ouat/possibly neverland centric game. But I have the worst luck getting games off the ground,nor do I want to run it by myself. I have a half baked premise for it but....basically if I build it would anyone help run it, or show up?

Sep. 2nd, 2014


I'm looking for help getting a Mass Effect game off it's feet. It'd be a panfandom game, set during the events of the third game- specifically, the Reaper War. I'm open for a co mod or just an interested party to help me get things set up. I've got a lot of story and background stuff set up, but coding and visuals aren't a strength of mine, so help of any kind would be appreciated. I'm really enthusiastic about this concept, as I feel like the setting is perfect for a panfandom setting, and the Reaper War offers a real unique twist, and opportunities for fun missions for characters.

Comment here to get hold of me, even if its just to say you like the concept. Cheers!

Aug. 22nd, 2014


I am looking to revive a game I started to open—but regretfully let flop before it could. I am looking for a co-mod! And this is cross-posted! So tell your friends. Or just contact me, because you know this is a charming setting and you want in on it, too.

Thank you! (I'm also accepting applications mid-revival, so if you'd prefer just to write in the setting... Please apply!)

[info]circle_s—Go! Look! It's the most charming small town setting you'll ever find.

Aug. 15th, 2014


I'm trying to start a game based in the Hunger Games universe, and I'm looking for help. I have a lot of the foundation set, so what I'm looking for help with most is:

- New ideas / someone to bounce ideas off of.
- Day to day modding stuff and helping with big plots, like the next round of the Hunger Games.
- Someone to help me find players! This is the biggest one. I don't really know very many people and you can't really have a game without players.

If anyone is interested, please have a look at what I've got on this journal so far and get in touch with me here or on the drop box! (And if you're just interested in playing but not the modding so much, holds are now open, wink wink nudge nudge.)

Jun. 27th, 2014


Seeking a Jack of All Trades Mod

Good Morning All! I currently own and run a large game on InsaneJournal and I am looking for a mod to help out with the game maintenance. Our membership has doubled in the last two months and we have been open for just about a year on IJ, and so we need the extra help. We are looking for someone with experience either running, owning, or modding a game, as well as someone whose comfortable with coding, making graphics, and dealing with people--a jack of all trades if you will. As we are looking for someone on the 'outside' there will be a trial period to benefit both parties--if you choose to back out before the trial period has ended that will be fine, but we would expect you to join the community first and see if you like it and vice versa. This also will allow you to get to know the members. We're a very accepting community and all the mods on staff are dedicated and hard workers. If you're interested, please comment to this thread, leave me a PM, or leave a message in my dropbox. Thanks again and looking forward to hearing from you.

May. 25th, 2014


I'd absolutely love to start a supernatural-fantasy based rp, entirely original, and would like to find one or two mods to make it with, i have a location decided and the general base of what creatures would/n't be allowed. If you're interested you can come here to talk.

Mar. 22nd, 2014


I have the vague idea for an original character sci-fi/outer space game, loosely based around a Citadel-type structure like in Mass Effect. But I figured I'd use this opportunity to ask around for a potential comod (and also gauge interest!).

So, anyone interested, in either co-modding or the idea in general?

Feb. 21st, 2014


co-mod wanted

With a new X-Men movie coming out next May, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in starting a movieverse X-Men game using some of the themes and suppositions I've seen online. I'd love to have someone to toss ideas around with and would like to work with someone who's big on helping to create/brainstorm game wide plots.

If you're good with graphics that's a bonus (since I most certainly am not). But, if not, there are lots of great tutorials and layouts out there we could use.

I'd like to include sort of darker apocalyptic element (given what I've seen written about the movie so far), but, really, I don't have any ideas I'm dead set on and not willing to change.

Feb. 2nd, 2014


Looking for a comod

I've got a ton of ideas for the game which will be located at this journal. I tend to love doing the coding, tables, and all the html that is needed, but would love to find someone I can bounce plot ideas off of and to just pretty much split modly duties with. Anyone out there looking for a game that is going to include superpowers, high school, and a town game all rolled into one? Please don't hesitate to message me here!

Dec. 29th, 2013



would anyone be interested in helping me co-mod this game? Tentative premise is . I advertised a few places a few months ago, but it stalled in the water. I think it would be fun, but I don't really want to do it alone.

Dec. 10th, 2013


Would anyone be interested in helping me mod a Glee comm?

Oct. 18th, 2013


Hello, I am looking for someone to help me run a game I have been wanting to start for a great deal of time now but didn't have the fortitude to do it alone. It is a fairy tale reincarnation game, loosely based on several games I have played in over the years concept wise. I have quite a bit of it figured out as well as some of the graphics and layout already done. I am excellent at starting things but not so great with the follow through so that is what I am looking for, a mod or two that will be more than happy to help me along in those areas.

I will be more than happy to show links to anyone interested.

Oct. 2nd, 2013


Hunger Games...

I'm thinking of starting a Hunger Games RPG. I'm in the market for a co-mod/co-conspirator. My husband and I were going to try and do it ourselves, but between work and our little one, we thought a third person would be for the best. The information is in this journal for anyone who is curious. It isn't finished completely.

Aug. 23rd, 2013


Hello! I'm looking for a co-mod. (Or two!) Someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to help maintain the game... etc. The mod journal is pretty set up at the moment, so please feel free to have a look and come at me with ideas! You can contact me at the drop box.

I would love further ideas, but I would like this game to be set in a small town. At the moment, I have a basic setting in mind and not much else. I plan on being very hands-on and available and active so I'd like for you to be as well! (Glance at the rules section, for example.)

Thanks for your interest! I'm really excited to get this up and running.

Jul. 30th, 2013


I'm in need of a co-mod as my last had to back out due to life issues which I totally understand. Hitched Mod is a next gen HP game based off the premise that their parents took part in the Marriage Reformation Program which matched Death Eater with Order members or other members of society that were in good standing. I have how the program works outlined in a screened post if you would like to see more.

What I need help with is, well, everything. I need someone who I can bounce ideas off and that can help me with coding and give me some feedback on the game as well.

Best way to get a hold of me atm is through comments.

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