Jul. 30th, 2013


I'm in need of a co-mod as my last had to back out due to life issues which I totally understand. Hitched Mod is a next gen HP game based off the premise that their parents took part in the Marriage Reformation Program which matched Death Eater with Order members or other members of society that were in good standing. I have how the program works outlined in a screened post if you would like to see more.

What I need help with is, well, everything. I need someone who I can bounce ideas off and that can help me with coding and give me some feedback on the game as well.

Best way to get a hold of me atm is through comments.

Mar. 20th, 2011


I have recently opened a Marauder era game and in need of a Co-Mod as my last one had to bow out. I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas off of and to help me with approving application and holds. Any help I can get would be perfect. You can comment here, email me at rockabillyromance@gmail.com or aim me at radio freakshows if you'd like to help out!

Jan. 18th, 2010


Gay Superheroes

This LJ-based slash-friendly superhero RPG was originally created for me and a few of my friends. Unfortunately and, most annoyingly, said friends decided they didn't want to play about a week in. Combine that with the loss of our original mod and the game fell into a state of abandoned disrepair before it ever really got started up. Months and months later, those damn dirty friends of mine decided that they wanted to try again, and so despite having never modded a damn thing before I took up the modly duties, revamped the game completely, and re-launched it... only to have the players all jump ship yet again.

So here I am, even more months later, poking around for some sort of help. While still unfinished in a few sections, I spent a whole helluva lot of time putting the game together and to see it just stagnate as it is now is heartbreaking. I'd really like to find a co-mod ( or, hell, maybe even a replacement mod ) who would be interested in doing something with this game.

That, or I just need someone to tell me to let it go. There's always the possibility that the game is shitty and unsalvageable, and that I am just too blind to see it. I joined IJ just to come and beg for guidance, so. Guys. Help, please?

Dec. 26th, 2009


Due to certain circumstances I don't think I'll be able to make this a reality, so if anyone wants to take/use/adopt the idea then please feel free with my blessing!

Nov. 4th, 2009


A True Mystery Game

This is the mod journal for [info]rp_clue, a game centering around the board game Clue (or Cluedo, in Europe!). It includes full set up for the game, and would come with all of the character journals. A few months ago I tried unsuccessfully to get this game to start; we had applications, we cast people, we settled on a killer and all the details, I made one post as The Body, and then absolutely no one posted a single thing.

I'm really bummed, because I - not to sound snobby - and several other people thought this game had awesome potential. The way that it's organized, it doesn't necessarily have room for a moderating team, so I'm not looking for a co-mod. If there is anyone who has experience moderating other games and would like to give this one a try, I would very much like to hand over the reins; especially if it means a chance to apply to play myself. If you're interested, give me a poke - if you PM please comment too so I know to check this journal - and I'll send over the passwords and whatnot.