Aug. 25th, 2013


Seeking advice.

A friend and I are trying to get a community off the ground. It's a celeb game, adult themed but not entirely smut, for a niche area of celebrities rather than an "anything goes" type of community. We have advertised it a few places, but don't seem to be able to find the people who would be interested. Any advice on where to advertise/how to find the people we are looking for?

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Jan. 26th, 2012


Starting a new comm

I'm working on starting a celebrity smut comm because I think there's room on IJ for more than one or two that stick around for the long term.

I'm looking for general advice (if anyone has any) about modding. I've had some experience but let's face it, we can all use help.

Also interested in ways to keep the community from being DOA if there is anything I can do.

I'm also looking for a co-mod.