January 26th, 2020

[info]dixongardner in [info]modcooperative

I had to go through a lot of old journals to find one that had access here!

Anyway, I'm modding a small game. No real pb challenges or anything like that - first come, first served, etc.

But someone has applied for a character that, unknown to them, another person was considering. The person who applied (as far as I know, anyway) wasn't on the lines comm and didn't know the other player was talking about joining, they just set up their character and applied, then found out when they joined the lines comm.

Note: the character was not held by the first person - they were just discussing the face on the lines comm. I believe the discussions are still ongoing.

Now the second player knows about the other player, they've asked me what they should do.

My own instinct is to either say "go ahead" because if the first player wanted to use that particular face so badly they should have held the pb, or ask the players to deal with it themselves and if they can't to come to me - where I would likely rule in favor of the second player as they have the character set up. This would also include encouraging the first player to join with another face.

I've just never had this issue come up before, so would like some outside perspective that I'm handling it okay so far and that my instincts are heading in the right direction, or if I'm going the wrong way - either is certainly possible!